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Social media platforms like Facebook, which has over 2 billion users worldwide, are raking in a lot of money in advertisements for other companies.

It seems like a good deal for everyone involved.

Users have a social media platform where they can connect with their friends and family for free. Advertisers have access to their target audience and can spend their ad budgets more wisely. Facebook facilitates these advertisements and takes a slice of the pie.

But what there was an even better deal? What if you, as a social media user, not only could decide how many advertisements you are exposed to, but also get paid for it?

Howdoo μDoo is an ICO that will attempt to make social media a better deal for users, and reward them for engaging with the platform.

What is Howdoo μDoo exactly?

In the face of it, Howdoo μDoo could be considered just another social media platform on which users can message each other, share photos, leave comments, and so on.

And it does have all those capabilities. It is a place where content creators, merchants, artists, news media, and other groups can connect with each other.

However, the platform is built on the blockchain. And, like many other ICOs, the platform is using the popular Ethereum blockchain.

There are also some other key differences between Howdoo μDoo and other social media platforms.

The platform will put users in control of their digital footprint, so they know what their data is being used for and by whom.

Users will also be able to choose how many adverts they see, and from whom. More importantly, they will receive compensation for the ads they see.

Rather than having one company police content on the platform, Howdoo μDoo aims to put the user community in charge of regulating anti-social content.

How does it work?

As a Howdoo μDoo user, you will be in complete control of the advertisements you are exposed to. You can select maximum ads for maximum revenue, or no ads for no revenue.

As a content creator, you are in an even better position to earn money. By uploading content, you will receive compensation proportionate to how popular and shared your content is.
As an advertiser, you will have much more control over where your advertisements are displayed, and to whom.

The currency being used on the platform to facilitate all the transactions between users, content creators and advertisers will be the µDoo token.

Who is the team behind it?

Howdoo μDoo was founded last year by David Brierley, who has worked as a Director of Business Analytics at SAP, as well as being Senior Vice President of Pyramid Analytics.

In addition to Brierly, who is also Chief Initiator, Neil Harper is the Chief Storyteller, Nakul Shah heads Research & Development, Mark Perring is Chief Engagement Officer, James Farlow works as a Senior Technical Architect, Tony Loan heads the Invention department, and Beth Lawton works in Development.

What do you think about the concept of getting paid to engage with ads on social media, and being able to choose how much and when? Leave your comments below!

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