Blockchain Events in July

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It is not secret that things are moving pretty fast in the cryptocurrency space. It can sometimes be hard to keep up — unless you are an avid reader of this blog of course. Like with any other industry, however, there are a number of events and seminars that it would be wise to attend if you want to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in the crypto-space. Events are the places where you can network with like minded professionals and enthusiasts, and where you can learn about new innovations before they go mainstream. We have compiled a list of some of the events you might want to keep an eye on in the last week of July.

Blockchain Visionary Summit

The Blockchain Visionary Summit is, as the name implies, for the visionaries within the blockchain space. The conference features a string of experts in the field, who are working for reputable companies, and will be presenting interesting facts and ideas. The topics that will be covered at the Blockchain Visionary Summit include how to source skilled developers for your blockchain project, how to train your team members so that they are up to speed, how blockchain technology as a whole will affect existing businesses and industries, how to solve some of the recurring problems in the world of cryptocurrency, how blockchain will best be integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT), when and how cryptocurrency will become mainstream, how potential investors assess new projects before funding them, and how to market your project.

NIFTY Conference + Hackathon

The NIFTY Conference + Hackathon is a two-in-one event. Half of it will concentrate on how the gaming industry will be changed with the emergence of blockchain-based platforms. The second half of the event will revolve around the ERC721 standards, and how they affect the gaming industry as well. Overall, the gaming industry will not only see massive changes as a result of blockchain integration, but the huge active audience in the industry will also help propel new blockchain ventures in return.

Crypto Sydney - SWIPECrypto, Edenchain

Crypto Sydney is hosted by BLOCKLabs Incubator, and is a recurring conference series that concentrate on the latest development in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Seen as one of the most popular event of its kind, Crypto Sydney brings together some of the brightest talent in the crypto-sphere. Every month, these bright minds gather at Crypto Sydney to give their opinion on various news stories, and many discussions are sparked around the latest innovations in blockchain technology.

Blockchain Conference 2018

If you are a decision maker in business, then the Blockchain Conference 2018 is the place for you to be. The format of this event is a no-nonsense approach to the cryptocurrency space, where both the positive as well as the negative aspects of it are covered. Any negative aspects are brought up in discussion in order to identify possible solutions to them. A number of experts will be present to give talks on some of the new breakthroughs in the business side of cryptocurrency and blockchain.