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Bitfinex Review

What is Bitfinex? Millions of people today rely on cryptocurrency exchanges when trading digital currencies. When it comes to providing exceptional cryptocurrency … Keep Reading




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AdvCash Bitcoin Debit Card Review

AdvCash Review Short for Advance Cash, AdvCash is a Belize-based firm which issues Bitcoin debit cards. The parent company behind the AdvCash is Wave Crest Holdings Limited –a well-renowned name in the cryptocurrency market. You will be surprised to know that the company helped many debit card issuers to partner with Visa but it itself… Keep Reading

xapo card
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XAPO Bitcoin Debit Card Review

XAPO Review This claims to the pioneer Bitcoin debit card in the market today. But it isn’t true. It was Bitwala who first offered the debit card service for the general public. However, XAPO was the first to link their card with Bitcoin. It is no secret that being the innovator has its pros and… Keep Reading

bitcoin pos
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The Best Bitcoin POS Terminals For Your Business

Best POS Treminals to Integrate Into Business One way to integrate and popularize usage of cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions in physical stores of small businesses is POS Bitcoin terminals. In this article, we reviewed the top 10 bitcoin terminals that are available on the market for you to consider. BitXATM Most experienced traders know BitXATM… Keep Reading

what is bitcoin
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What is Bitcoin: Understanding The Basics

The basic understanding of anything begins with a definition; so what is Bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin is the pioneer of cryptocurrencies. It is the most valuable and renowned one among the entire cryptocurrency world. Though there are some controversies which says that the only existing cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and others are the tokens called Altcoins. However,… Keep Reading

bitcoin benefits
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8 Reasons to Choose Bitcoin

Any means of payment, be it gold or fiat money, simultaneously plays the role of a repository of values. In theory, money is what measures the value of a product in exchange. Bitcoin for many years has been the foremost cryptocurrency in the whole world, and it also has the status of a pioneer. But… Keep Reading

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Uquid Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Uquid Review Uquid is a UK-based firm known for its issuance of cryptocurrency debit cards. For those who don’t know, Quid is slang for GBP. Uquid offers both physical and virtual debit cards. The debit card’s wallet can hold 3 fiat currencies as well as over 80 tokens. This feature alone makes it one of… Keep Reading

shakepay bitcoin debit card
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Shakepay Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Card Review: Shakepay Bitcoin Debit The ShakePay card is one of the first among the growing offer of debit cards with Dash support. This is an optimized, simple map that works surprisingly well in its simple form. Shakepay is an easy-to-use debit card with a more traditional approach. In addition to Ethereum support, it allows… Keep Reading

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What Determines The Bitcoin Price?

What Determines The Bitcoin Price? Many are closely watching the price of Bitcoin, but few know how it is determined. Bitcoin is very different from traditional assets, such as stocks and commodities, so the calculation of its quotes is associated with some features. We will tell about them in more detail. What does Bitcoin price… Keep Reading

bitcoin mining pool
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Bitcoin Mining Pools: Collective Mining Power

Demonstration to Bitcoin Mining Pool Bitcoin mining is a transaction verification process done by computerization on a decentralized network. Mining a pool is another approach of power contribution used to smooth the mining process. Bitcoin mining can maximize the cost and sometimes it is not even lucrative because of the energy expenses. It is an… Keep Reading

buy bitcoin
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Explained: How to Buy a Bitcoin

First of all, you need to register a wallet where you will store Bitcoins. After registration, you need to set up a security system for your wallet, linking mail and a phone number to it. In this case, even if someone steals your password, he most likely will not be able to get into the… Keep Reading

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