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Live ICOs

IAT - Revolutionizing Real Estate

IAT ICO Review Few industries are as profitable as real estate. Transfer of ownership is far from an easy process, however. Stacks of legal paperwork has to be read and signed, and numerous intermediaries want a slice of the pie. It takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money to trade in… Keep Reading

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BITBOSE - The Future of Crypto-Trading

Bitbose ICO Review Trading is not easy. Whether it is fiat money, cryptocurrency, assets, commodities, or real estate, there is a lot of red tape and expenses involved. Today’s market features a lot of transaction fees, paperwork, and intermediaries who all want a slice of the pie. This not only makes trading more difficult but… Keep Reading

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LENDSBAY - Lend Money to Only Approved Borrowers

Lendsbay ICO Review Lendsbay is a digital lending platform for the informal lending market. The informal lending market is a market in which friends, relatives, acquaintances, and other individuals lend money to each other. Banks, credit card issues, mortgage lenders, and leasing providers are not a part of this market. These entities make up the… Keep Reading

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INSCOIN - Insurance Policies on the Blockchain

InsCoin ICO Review For many people, the insurance industry can be a minefield to navigate. Although there are many legitimate insurance companies that do have their customers best interests at heart, there are also some bad apples. Horror stories of how customers have had their claims rejected due to a technicality are widespread. One the… Keep Reading

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VIVA NETWORK - Revolutionizing Mortgage Lending

Viva Network Review Anyone who has ever had a meeting with their bank about a mortgage loan will know that the process is not only long and arduous but also does not always have a very high rate of success depending one’s location and financial situation. In the bigger cities especially, it has become almost… Keep Reading

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UHIVE - Social Media Meets Virtual Reality

UHIVE Review This ICO is an incredibly innovative project, that adds adds virtual and augmented reality to the social media experience. Imagine if Facebook, Twitter or Instagram were physical spaces that allowed you to walk around and interact with people and objects. This is the vision laid out by the team behind UHIVE. Whilst the… Keep Reading

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eCOINOMIC - Loans Backed by Cryptocurrencies

eCoinomic Review One of the main criticisms that have been leveled against cryptocurrencies by the likes of Warren Buffett is that they have no intrinsic value or utility. They are essentially seen as symbols rather than assets. One of the symptoms of this lack of intrinsic value is the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Many… Keep Reading

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HOWDOO μDoo - Get Paid to See Ads

Howdoo Review Social media platforms like Facebook, which has over 2 billion users worldwide, are raking in a lot of money in advertisements for other companies. It seems like a good deal for everyone involved. Users have a social media platform where they can connect with their friends and family for free. Advertisers have access… Keep Reading

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IAGON - The Cloud Technology of the Future

Iagon Review Since the emergence of cloud technology, businesses and private persons alike are storing their data remotely and using SaaS applications. The cloud space is currently dominated by the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, as these giants have the capacity to host large amounts of data. Just like the banks, however, their… Keep Reading

Live ICOs

SKYFCHAIN - The First Business to Robot Operating Platform

SKYFchain Review Blockchain technology is set to change the way we do things. It started with the financial industry; you know Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Blockchain based platforms that are changing the way we store our money, move funds, and make transactions. Moving on to the latest victim of the Blockchain disruption, the Cargo Robot… Keep Reading

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