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What is an ICO?

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What is an ICO?

In the blockchain world, we use a host of terminologies that can be really confusing to outsiders. It’s like a random person watching Bloomberg or trying to follow the happenings in Wall Street. That would probably not understand half the things being said because it’s usually full of economic jargon.

One of such “jargon” in the blockchain industry is ICO. ICO is short for Initial Coin Offering. It is what most cryptocurrency exchanges do when starting out. Let’s take Ethereum as an example: When Ethereum started, they sold a total of 3700 BTC within 12 hours as ICO. This happened in 2014. As at that time, this figure summed up to about $2 million.

what is an ico

Let’s break it down

To make this clearer, you can think of ICO as equity crowdfunding most startups resort to in their initial foray into the market. Equity crowdfunding is the practice of getting people to give capital to kickstart or support a venture, with the expectation of returns if the company or venture yields profit.

Now using the above example, we can say Initial Coin Offering is the process of selling tokens to people with the expectation of returns if the cryptocurrency exchange system yields profit. In essence, rather than give money or capital as is the case in crowdsourcing, you get the coin equivalent of your financial contribution, in the hope that the coin increases tremendously in value.

What are the odds?

To be honest, there is about a little less than 50% chance that the next ICO funded project will succeed. However, if we’re still being honest, the same statistic goes for other forms of startups. A business that started today is more likely to fail than succeed. Therefore, we would not be fair if we pin the likelihood of failure solely on startups funded by ICOs.

Ethereum, by the way, started as an ICO (they raised $18 million in 2014 by selling 50 million Ether tokens), as did Ripple, Stellar, and some other now-prominent cryptocurrency tokens.

What do you stand to gain?

If all goes well, an ICO investment is a win-win situation; both for the entrepreneur and the investor. The startup owner can retain full ownership of the business regardless of how much money is paid in exchange for the coins. Likewise, the investor will benefit immensely as the coin’s value increases.

Are there any risks?

Of course; same as any other investment opportunity, there are risks associated with ICOs. They greatest among the risks involved is the possibility that the coin could decrease in value. Another popular issue is that of credibility of the sellers or startup owners. Not to worry, governments are creating guidelines and regulations to solve the problem of credibility.

what is an ico

In conclusion, you should know that the risks involved in investing in an ICO are the same as investing in other forms of startup. However, the benefits are quite different. If you invest in a non-blockchain startup, whatever returns you will et is tied to how much profit the business owners declare. On the other hand, investing in an ICO holds possibilities of massive returns that are not limited by the startups profit margin. They are only determined by the coin’s value.

Interested in launching your own ICO? Read “Should You Launch An ICO?” to learn what’s involved.

Decentralized Applications (DApps): Chartering new Avenues

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Decentralized Applications (DApps): Chartering new Avenues

It is evident how much the internet impacts our daily life today. It allows us to buy, sell, send, receive and communicate in milliseconds. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. are all centralized apps with a single entity on the back-end server. But, centralized applications do have a few drawbacks and limitations. They are hack-able, less transparent, limited scalability, single point failure, and lack of bandwidth etc.

These are some reasons why companies are opting for decentralized applications. But what are DApps?

Decentralized Applications (DApps)

DApps are contemporary applications whose evolution is attributed to blockchain technology. Decentralized applications work on P2P networks rather than a single computer. These applications can’t be authorized or controlled by a single user or computer.

But what is their use specifically? Well, to fully understand their role and advantages over centralized software applications, we need to identify the differences between these two.

DApp Criteria

For any application to be labeled ‘decentralized’, it has to meet a set of conditions. For starters, any application will only certify a DApp, if it owns an open source. This means that the application’s source code must be publicly accessible to all. It must use blockchain-like cryptographic solutions. It should also have crypto tokens for sustainability. It must produce tokens along with a unified consensus working mechanism.

However, all DApps, don’t need to necessarily operate on blockchain networks. There are many blockchain apps such as Popcorn Time, Bit Torrent and BitMessage etc. that don’t operate on blockchains but rather, on a P2P network. The key thing to understand here is that blockchain is an unambiguous type of P2P network. We previously established that all decentralized applications must have an open source and be available, they also have an unlimited amount of individuals on both sides of the marketplace.

Decentralized Applications Categories

Whenever people talk about cryptocurrencies, they always inquire what a decentralized application exactly is. DApps are classified into three main categories:

  1. Type I DApps: Type I DApps have a blockchain their own. Bitcoin is a prime Example of that.
  2. Type II DApps: These are protocols which need tokens to function. Omni Protocol is one of the most renowned Type II DApp.
  3. Type III DApps: Type III DApps use protocols of the Type II DApps. SafeCoin uses Type II protocols to issue SafeCoins.

Working Mechanism of Decentralized Applications

The working of decentralized applications relies on the execution of all the requirements that differentiate them from other apps. These are platforms with an open-source software application implemented on decentralized blockchains. For a detailed overview, do give this article about DApps a thorough read.

Final Words

Decentralization has seen a boom in the last few decades. Credited to this flourishing milieu, DApps are a promising technology, one that will surpass many of the world’s most crucial centralized apps. Their network assessment, user base, and potential energy will answer the question of what exactly is a decentralized application.

Amon Bitcoin Debit Card Review (Updated 2019)

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Amon Bitcoin Debit Card Review

The main problem that cryptocurrencies are facing in the path to be used by the majority as day to day currency is conversion in real time of tokens to normal money. It is a real dream for users to be able to pay with their tokens in daily transactions since it will liquify their token funds and make them more practically usable. Presenting Amon – an AI protocol powered crypto debit card exchange platform that makes all the mentioned before possible.

What tokens does Amon support?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and Lumens are a few of the tokens that the app presents to cardholders. Nevertheless, in the preliminary beta variation that is being tested, users will have the ability to use it for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum purchases. It’s essential to keep in mind that Amon’s own coin is called AMN.

Amon Bitcoin Debit Card Review

AI-powered crypto card

Cardholders will be able to use and instantly transfer their funds in almost all of popular tokens like: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS, AMN, and XLM. At the time technology is very new and it is being tested on major tokens like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum so for test period payment can be made only by those coins. Also it is important to mention that AMN is token created by same company managing Amon Card and industry is waiting to see much more featured coin.

Payments in real time

Real time payment feature makes possible to exchange users coins on best rate since it will instantly update information on coin value and will provide value calculation in real time. So the user who is paying on market with their crypto card may be sure that their exchange rates are converted  in their best interest.

amon bitcoin debit card review

The Amon wallet

Amon has it is own crypto wallet, where users can make transactions using Visa or Mastercard since all transactions are secured and hack-proof. Also Amons payments are supported by the cyber security architecture of the SABSA.

What are the fees with Amon?

Amon earns similarly to other platforms and generates profit from commission fees, so their card and delivery is absolutely free for users. And if users will prefer to use AMN coins there are even more bonuses like decreased commission rate  also a 0.5% cashback in AMN if monthly spending exceeds 100 coins.

How to use the Bittrex exchange?

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What is Bittrex?

Bittrex is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and it has a tremendous trading volume.

As of now, Bittrex has the largest 24-hour trading volume right after Bitfinex and Bithumb.

Bittrex is well known for its high level of security. There are several cases where many popular cryptocurrency exchanges were hacked,  but the Almighty Bittrex has never suffered such.

That is never a coincidence because ever since Bittrex was launched in 2014, the CEO Bill Shihara has always been keen on creating one of the most secure trading platforms in the world, and that is the main key to the high level of security you find in Bittrex today.

It would interest you to know that Shihara has spent several years in building security for the Blackberry operating system and the Amazon platform, and it would be an understatement to say the CEO himself is well versed in security.

Another thing that distinguishes Bittrex from others is the speed at which verifications and withdrawals can be made.  Trade fees are furthermore capped at 0.25%, making it a very affordable option for traders.

Finally, Bittrex also has a huge variety of altcoins and tokens listed on its platform.

How to start trading on Bittrex

Bittrex only accepts Bitcoin or Ether tokens, it doesn’t accept deposits made with fiat money, meaning that you must have some Bitcoin or Ether tokens to get started.

There are some other exchanges that allow for money deposits, so contact them, or better still purchase some BTC tokens using the Local Bitcoin.

Sign up for Bittrex

Upon doing that, you can proceed to the official Bittrex website and create an account with them. The registration process will require your name, email, and enable two-factor authentication. So get prepared.

Verify your identity

The next step after signing up is to verify your identity. You can do this by providing Bittrex with some of your personal details and a copy of your ID.

Why should you verify your account? This is an extra security measure by Bittrex to prevent your account from abuse. Unverified accounts are limited, as they can only withdraw 3 BTC/day, unlike verified accounts that can withdraw 100 BTC/day.

How to deposit money on Bittrex

Making a  deposit on Bittrex is quite easy. Just log in to your account click on ‘Wallets’ in the upper right-hand corner, and find the appropriate wallet (ie. BTC or ETH).

Click on the green arrow next to the wallet and generate a new address. Send the coins to the address, and they’ll be credited in a jiffy.

Choosing a market on Bittrex

Since you now have an account and tokens to trade with, choosing a market is the next thing.

You have three markets to choose from, and they include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. Go to the Bitcoin market if you deposited Bitcoin.

Creating orders on Bittrex

Finished choosing a market? It’s time to place an order! You have a  variety of options to make, such as the number of units (tokens) you want to buy, the price you intend paying per unit, and whether or not you want to create a Limit or Conditional order.

With limited orders, you will only buy the selected token if it’s equal to or lower than the price you intended paying for it.

Conditional orders are specifically designed for more advanced users and are only integrated into the order book once certain conditions are met.

Happy trading!


Bits Blockchain Review (Updated 2019)

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Bits Blockchain Review

Platform Review – Bits Blockchain

Bits BlockchainDespite being very new exchange platform that was founded in 2017, Chinese Bits Blockchain attracted big user base all over the globe providing trade and transaction services. Also even if it is Chine based platform it welcomes all investors including investors from United States, so it may become you final destination if you are searching for platform to trade.

What is Bits Blockchain?

Platform is founded not in mainland China but in Macau where regulations differ, so it allows to platform to grow fast an enter top 30 exchange platforms on daily trading volume in such short time. It gained its users by accepting both coin and normal money trade, platform accepts USD and EUR making it much easier for people who are just starting trading.

Bits Blockchain Review

What can you trade on Bits Blockchain?

Platform has its own token called ATM Coin, this token was created by managing company of Bits Blockchain. The estimated overall cash value of ATM will reach 2.3 billion USD if prices of tokens will rise to the 10 USD limit. Except its own token, platform also allows trading of many popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum and some altcoins like Ripple, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

How safe is Bits Blockchain?

Security is always the main point when subject is money transactions and even most advanced cryptocurrency platforms can nit guaranty you funds will be secure due to rising hacker attacks. So safety of users wallet is always up to them, users should consider to take all necessary steps to secure their accounts and play by rules of their exchange platforms. To create account on Bits Blockchain only email is needed however platform provides three step validation, which makes it more safer tham any two step verified platforms. Exchange platform provides a cryptowallet service so it is in users interest to use those multistep authentications.Bits Blockchain uses SSL approved website and its security rated by Mozila as D- which is average among exchanges and enough to be considered trustworthy, reliable and dependable.

Bits Blockchain Review

What are the fees on Bits Blockchain?

As always in choosing trading platform to sell or buy cryptocurrencies the commission fees are one of the most important criteria to think about. The trade commission is charged on both seller and buyer on same rate of 0.5%, it involves both coin to coin and coin to money trade. Users of this platform should considers its benefits and compare it with other platforms since charges are higher that market average of 0.25%. On the other hand Bits Blockchain offers much attractive withdrawal rates of 0.005 ETH, 0.004 BTC, 1 percent ATMC and it is considered lower that market average and makes platform better compared to other exchanges.

How safe is Bits Blockchain?

TSecurity is always the main point when subject is money transactions and even most advanced cryptocurrency platforms can nit guaranty you funds will be secure due to rising hacker attacks. So safety of users wallet is always up to them, users should consider to take all necessary steps to secure their accounts and play by rules of their exchange platforms. To create account on Bits Blockchain only email is needed however platform provides three step validation, which makes it more safer tham any two step verified platforms. Exchange platform provides a cryptowallet service so it is in users interest to use those multistep authentications.Bits Blockchain uses SSL approved website and its security rated by Mozila as D- which is average among exchanges and enough to be considered trustworthy, reliable and dependable.

Bitstamp Exchange Review

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Platform Review – Bitstamp

Bitstamp had become one of the biggest crypto exchange platforms since 2011 when it was founded, by growing first domestically and to other regions. It has users all over the world who buy and sell different types of cryptocurrencies both with real money or coins.

Introduction to Bitstamp

Users need to open up an account on Bitstamp to be able to trade coins on the platform. To do that users have to follow to the main page of the platform and go to Produce section. Bitstamp requires two-step verification to ensure the security of accounts for all users. Similar to other significant exchange platforms Bitstamp validates each account and only after official verification user will be able to manage transactions.

One of the main reasons for the rapid growth of Bitstamp was the function of supporting real money and coins since it made all transactions much easier. The exchange platform accepts most popular currencies and supports most used coins like USD and EURO as well as Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum.


Depositing Options

Bitstamp makes everything to make entry to the platform as convenient as possible; it provides many different types of deposit methods. Namely, platform accepts debit and credit cards, bank and wire transfers as well as crypto coin transfers from different wallets.

Commissions on Bitstamp

Much like most of the other exchanges, Bitstamp produces its earnings from the fees it charges its consumers. The larger your trading volume is, the more you will save on paying fees. A few of the fees offered on this exchange include.

Bitstamps profit model is very similar to business models of other platforms; they generate revenue out of commission fees they charge users. As in classic commission system as larger your transactions as less you pay a fee. Platform charges fees on the following steps:

Trading Commissions

The platform allows transactions with the value of at least 5 USD. Users new to the platform or those who have low monthly transactions pay the highest percentage commission fee on a platform which is 0.25%. Commission fee does decrease with the increase in monthly trade value, and the least point is 0.1% for monthly transactions over 20 million USD.

Deposit and Withdrawal Commissions

Depositing on the platform starts at 7.5 USD and more. Users can deposit from a credit card with 5% commission fee and from wire deposit with 0.05% commission fee. If users deposit with coins or SEPA from any other wallet, they will not be charged any fee.

Withdrawals on platforms start with the least amount of 50 USD, and rate for withdrawal to the card is 10 USD for withdrawals under 1,000 USD and 2% for more than 1,000 USD. Other charged options are SEPA withdrawals with 0.9 EUR and for wire 0.09%. Similar to depositing cryptocurrency withdrawals to any other wallet are not charged.

Security Measures

Some countries like Canada and South Korea are trying to become the crypto capitals of the world by providing more secure crypto industry, similarly, most exchange platforms are following the same path. As mentioned before platform requires two-step validation and official approval of the platform to accept a new user. That makes Bitstamp one of the most reliable and secure platforms for coin transactions.


Review Recap

The exchange is among the most dependable cryptocurrency exchanges, especially amongst experienced crypto traders. Provided the widespread availability of the exchange internationally, it assists in the trading of various coins in lots of areas. When you wish to handle an exchange that has been around for long and has preserved great credibility, you must go no even more.

Shortly if you are looking for a trust-worthy, reliable platform with lots of different coins, look no more because Bitstamp is one of the oldest platforms with huge international user base giving a very wide range of traded coin types. Also, this platform is preferred by more experienced professional traders with big transaction values.

CryptoPay Review (Updated 2019)

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CryptoPay Review

Cryptopay is a payment platform and wallet that was invented in 2013, and it serves as a link between the seller and the buyer. The Cryptopay company has upgraded its system of operation and proceed to issue Bitcoin debit cards owned by the company; this development met reasonable achievement until Visa halts its operation with WaveCrest in January 2017. At present, the issuance of the Bitcoin debit card is only available in the Russian Federation. Negotiations are on-going with some other new card company, and will soon be in collaboration with Visa as soon as possible. The master plan and foresight behind this negotiation is to get the debit cards used all around Europe and America so that non-Russian users will as well benefit from the virtual debit card, and serve a transactional purpose by shopping online.

Advantages of the CryptoPay Bitcoin debit card

The Cryptopay debit card has a reasonable degree of openness and easy accessibility; there is affordability in the fees incurred to get their service, which gives them an edge over some other business rivals. In addition to their merits, the company makes provision for some other well-known cryptocurrencies, i.e. all other altcoins are also involved not limited to only Bitcoins.

For the easy accessibility, you will be able to access Crypto without going through a rigorous verification process, but for security purpose, you won’t have the chance of accessing the card without any proof of identity.

Disadvantages of the CryptoPay Bitcoin debit card

As efficient and innovative CryptoPay is, it also has some disadvantages to its effect. Currently, the issuance of the physical card is limited to only Russia, as other people outside Russia does not benefit from its efficiency.

Compare to some other card providers available in the market, CryptoPay is more expensive. There are limitations on the certain amount of withdrawal you can make per day through ATMs. Only verified users have the chance of withdrawing up to $2000 in a day.

The issue on whether issuance of the card is also available for unverified users is still vague. It’s what the CryptoPay company have done in the past, but since the requirements and verification process has changed things have been a little complicated for unverified users.

CryptoPay Bitcoin debit card fees

The CryptoPay makes its charges based on the type of transaction you intend making.

To convert Bitcoin to Fiat money, 1% of charges are made, the same thing is applicable for converting Fiat money to Bitcoin.

Foreign transaction attracts 3% charges.

Irrespective of the card you choose, $1 is the charges applied to the monthly service.

For the issuance of the plastic card, $15 charges are being made. For some other people in different part of the world, Express delivery attracts $70 charges, about other cards, domestically ATM withdrawal attracts a flat rate of $2.50, while it attracts $3.50 internationally.

Summary of the CryptoPay Bitcoin debit card

  • Virtual card: Yes
  • Card type: Visa
  • Physical card: Yes
  • Mobile app: Yes
  • Support fiat currencies: GBP, EUR, and USD
  • Cryptocurrencies support include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.


CryptoPay company as a reputation to reckon with internationally and also work efficiently in Russia. People outside Russia who are willing to benefit from this great innovation will have to exercise patience for CryptoPay to relaunch the physical card. The customer support is ever ready to see to your request, talking about the Wave crest and Visa issue, CryptoPay is not the only company that suffer their cause. Hopefully, CryptoPay and the Debit card are coming back powerfully into Europe and the United States.

crypto pay

Bitcoin Facebook Groups (Updated 2019)

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Frequently, it tends to be difficult to come all through data about Bitcoin that is not from a similar 4 or 5 Bitcoin forums that consistently distribute brief posts of the same subjects. A great elective data expert for Bitcoin is Facebook gatherings

Bitcoin – Civic League

This gathering is possibly the biggest Bitcoin cluster on Facebook. You can see short articles, fresh out of the box new things, questions, and recommendations regarding numerous matters from the Bitcoin people group here.

NYC – Bitcoin’s Midpoint

You’ll find posts from the distinguished NYC Bitcoin Center, reporting their most present speakers. Essentially, the Bitcoin NYC assembly is a fantastic area to go to meet new people with identical interests, all through New York.

Bitcoin – Miami International

This developing network of Bitcoin’s routinely post engrossing brief articles, not always related to Miami, though you can catch up with what’s happening in the Bitcoin group.

Bitcoin – Argentina

This gathering has a large number of posts and is another excellent source of data concerning cryptocurrency in Spanish. This great community is ready to deal with any of its affiliate’s issue. Their technique is grassroots.

Bitcoin – Brazil

This huge gathering is effectively taking part in providing new subjects of discussion related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Most of the communications occur in Portuguese, huge numbers of the posts released on the page stay in English. You can see both worldwide and national details associated with cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin – Mexico

This Spanish-speaking group has extraordinary neighbourhood involvement, and a great source of Bitcoin details for any Spanish-speaking crypto-fan, not just Mexicans.

Bitcoin – Thailand

The Bitcoin Thai club incorporates data generally in Thai. Be that as it may, Facebook licenses perusers of some other language to know the product.

Bitcoin – Singapore

Unmistakably Singapore is an essential area for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Singapore gather gives insights regarding Bitcoin comprising of forthcoming gatherings and the position of Bitcoin in Singapore. It may be a marvellous idea to continue advancement from this area of the planet.

Bitcoin – Hong Kong

Hong Kong is another Bitcoin signal in Asia. Circles on this site are chiefly in English, and it has a great diversity of information.  You can go here to be educated on both standards and chronicled episodes associating with Bitcoin and data about gatherings, Bitcoin festivities, and the start-up administration.

Bitcoin – Philippines

The Philippines offered birth to this large FB group and materials information about Bitcoin important to that area, and the entire world. Here, you can discover how individuals are utilizing Bitcoin in the Philippines and also immediately equate posts using Facebook.

Bitcoin – South Africa

This enthusiastic Bitcoin bunch items keen posts and data in English. You will see data about the current blockchain-related endeavours out of the mainland.

Bitcoin – Germany

This community is a little network of German crypto fans that supply data from about Bitcoin from various German news sources. Since viewpoint, it is a few from loads of gatherings, whose short articles portray posts made up in English.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – U.K and Ireland

Here, you can exclusively discover data about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the UK and Ireland.  You will see open talks, which will offer information with respect to how that zone of the world perceives Bitcoin.

Bitcoin – Italy

Many of the posts released remain in English, the majority of jobs are in Italian. Upon visiting this page, you will see that the Italian Bitcoin neighbourhood is well informed and analytical, as the Italian people are widely known for.

Bitcoin – Netherlands

You require to visit this page to see that the Netherlands is a considerable Bitcoin capital. Additionally, you’ll discover insights regarding the current Bitcoin gatherings similarly going on in the zone. You can also see that there are loads of Bitcoin web journals and news sites situated in the zone.

Bitcoin – Valencia

This community joins with people of Europe and items intriguing information and articles in both English and Spanish to those keen on discovering about cryptocurrency. After visiting this gathering, you will find that they are tuned in to what is happening with Bitcoin in America.

Who Are The Unbanked?

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Who are the unbanked?

The unbanked are grown-ups who don’t have a record at an office, for example, a bank. That’s why they are not able to use money related bank features, for example, credit, ledger, and advance exchanges and need to rely upon family or friends for these.

How much population is unbanked?

As per recent reports, there are over 2 billion adults who don’t have any access to formal monetary services. Most of them are in the developing economies of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, East Asia, and the Pacific region

What is the issue with unbanked?

Having numerous people cut off from universal capital introduces a major botched chance both for those individuals and for the worldwide neighbourhood. The countries with the highest rate of unbanked people tend to have the quickest developing economies. That improvement, though obstructed, is still extremely blocked by nonattendance of access to official economic offerings. People needing to start their own organization are not ready to get credit or a store account, individually. Without banks, cash exchanges are avoided, generally requiring the physical presence of both counterparties – an uneasiness that is smoothed to a degree by mobile instalment administrations.

How can unbanked people problem be solved?

There are for the most part signs of mind-blowing money related development, and it’s as of now not benefit from. Africa is a landmass brimming with potential buyers, and the absence of suitable money related framework is among the truly couple of perspectives that keeps the development rates from exploding. Whoever finds the alternative to this issue is set to make enormous income empowering a large number of individuals to improve their lives at the same time.

What is the present situation of unbanked?

The improvement of business foundation in the remote region is a steady procedure. There is space for development. Social and physical offices of the city are gradually improving year-by-year, consequently is the presence of keeping money administrations. In any case, both the present situation of formal money related to institutional and the rates of its improvement are not so good in Africa. Banks seem, by all accounts, to be excessively unbending and powerless to stay aware of the quick development of different ventures. It may be a good choice possibly they are just sticking around for their opportunity, looking out for a time of genuine exponential development to bet everything. The result is as yet the equivalent, all things considered: colossal markets are available for anyone for progressively deft organizations trying to give ideal worth to explicit client groups.

How can cryptocurrencies be helpful to unbank?

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum may give incredible opportunities to upgrade the monetary expansion in unbanked and underbanked territories. Digital forms of money offer an essential method for moving worth. They can be transferred anywhere at a little cost. You needn’t bother with an ID or managing account offices to use them: all you need is a cell phone with web access to transfer cash over the mainland and the world. Significantly more engaging than the digital forms of money they are the different undertakings based over them. While digital forms of money themselves are useful, they have a few disadvantages, for example, mind-boggling expense instability, regularly unintuitive interface and non-appearance of focus on the specific necessities of unbanked neighbourhoods, for example, the nonattendance of paper IDs and deficient physical framework. All these can be managed by creating focused on alternatives dependent on the advancements of Blockchain and digital forms of money.

Why Use Blockchain Technology?

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The Excitement of Blockchain Technology!

Blockchain technology and the digital world go hand in hand.  Blockchain technology is one of the most important platforms for keeping up with digital assets.  Since blockchain technology is becoming an exciting part of the digital world, it is important to understand why using blockchain technology is so crucial.

With blockchain technology being all the hype, it is important to understand why this type of technology is becoming popular and the answer lies in the exploration and revolution of blockchain technology.  Blockchain can offer better security than a conventional database can offer and with improved security, this type of technology could benefit countries and nations that have problems with censorship.

Blockchains are also valuable beyond just security, but they offer practical uses such as a payment portal, communication links, data recording and other distributed ideas, across different nations.  Blockchain offers ways for people to transfer money and to inventory financial business with many different industries.  Check out for more information on the value of blockchain technology.

Why is Blockchain Technology Useful?

There are many different reasons why people and companies are choosing to use blockchains over conventional databases and these include peace of mind, reduction of costs, transparency, and quicker transactions.

Peace of Mind

Having protection is one of the most important factors when conducting business.  With blockchain technology, there is more protection of data information than that of conventional databases.

Hacking seems to happen everywhere, but with blockchain technology, there is much less chance that transactions and information can be hacked and that targeting a blockchain will cause the blockchain to decline the transaction before any potential harm can be done.  When a network is full of nodes, the network will be more secure and will be safer for the user.

One exciting blockchain that most people know about is bitcoin and this is one blockchain that is considered to be secure and reliable.  IBM talks about how blockchains provide better security and is a better place to make transactions that are both recorded, encrypted and approved so that information is difficult for hackers to retrieve. Read more.

Reduction of Costs

The DevOps system can be maintained if blockchain technology is being run over different nodes and this will help to reduce costs because it will cut down on the additional staff that is needed to maintain the program.

When companies are small, savings are important and by using blockchain technology, small companies can take out the middle man for both jobs and financial services.


Blockchain technology can be changed to fit the company that is utilizing it.  With different organizations, the need for transparent business transactions is important and with blockchain technology, this is possible.

With the different network nodes, blockchain technology can be modified to fit the information that the company is looking to save.  Modifying blockchain technology is possible for any company.

Blockchains are simple and can keep perfect records of data both securely and easily.  Find out more about this here.

Quicker Transactions

Banks and other financial institutions can take days or even weeks to completely make a settlement or transaction.  This happens because the bank uses software applications that have advanced protocols and since the banks are only open during regular business hours, the transferring only takes place during these times.

When organizations are in different time zones, transactions can become more complicated and that is where blockchain technology really comes in handy.

Blockchain technology works around the clock, 24 hours a day and seven days a week and so the transactions take much less time than a regular bank transaction does.  Blockchain users can make transactions on the internet without having to use a bank or other third parties and this helps transactions to work in real time.  More can be found on


Even though there are certainly limits to using blockchain technology, most studies have proven that blockchain can be very beneficial compared to contemporary databases and that it can provide better technology and better quality for our busy and innovative lives.

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