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What Is Ripple?

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what is ripple

The world of digital money is so diverse and changeable that it is hardly possible to physically embrace and illuminate all the cryptocurrencies that represent it. Often, you just notice somewhere in the depths of consciousness the emergence of a new representative of this large pleiad and safely forget about it, until you accidentally come across information that somehow catches your attention. You start digging deeper and it turns out that the coin that you betrayed to oblivion is rapidly developing, approaching the first lines of various ratings.

what is ripple

Brief story

The beginning of the subject of our conversation was laid back in 2004 by Canadian programmer Ryan Fugger. He then worked on the Ripplepay payment system, which he launched in 2005. The development of the company took place at a moderate pace, but steadily, and after 6 years it was decided to create a decentralized network without mining, but with a higher speed than the cue ball. At this stage, the team added another member – Chris Larsen, who eventually led Ripple Labs. In 2012, a subsidiary of Ripplepay, the company OpenCoins, appeared. Its activity was focused on payment functionality and its improvement.

How to become the owner of Ripple?

In the distinctive features of the new cryptocurrency, we figured out, now let’s talk about how there are ways to get it into the property.

Well, the easiest way is to go to some specialized exchange or exchanger where Ripple is represented and buy coins. It is easier to do this through the exchange office. There is no need for registration, it is enough to pay for the purchase with funds from a bank card and coins will be transferred to your wallet.

The process of buying through a stock exchange is somewhat more complicated. You will need to register for an American specialized service and replenish the balance there. That is, you must have some kind of cryptocurrency (cue, lightcoin, etc.), which you will pay Rippl. However, there is nothing difficult in this process either, the standard procedure.

Cryptocurrency Ripple and its features

One of the features of this crypt, which can be seen “with the naked eye”, is the total mass of coins on the market – there are 100 billion of them. All this set has already been mined by Ripple Labs, that is, it is impossible to mine this digital currency. The company is engaged in the free distribution of its product. A little later we will focus on this process in more detail, but for now, let us return to the features.

There is only one serious feature left, which, perhaps, will plunge many into shock (so that we should leave the faint-hearted to retire). The fact is that in the process of conducting monetary transactions, the currency is destroyed. Well, are you already in shock? Jokes are jokes, but this really happens and this is how – the commission for each transaction, amounting to 0.00001 dollars, does not get to the miners, as in the PTS network, but is simply destroyed. On the one hand, this is, of course, a trifle, but, on the other hand, after each transaction, the money in circulation becomes, if not much, but less.

Why such oddities? All for the sole purpose of avoiding scam attacks. Now an attacker who creates hundreds, thousands, or even millions of mini-transactions aimed at hindering the normal functioning of the network becomes unprofitable such as “subversive” activity. In the event of an attack, the commission will increase to a level that is guaranteed to make an attempt by fraudsters to be unprofitable. For a normal user, the loss of a tiny commission does not make “weather”, but for a spammer with millions of operations, the loss can result in a significant amount.

what is ripple

Is it worth investing in Ripple?

Of course, everyone gives the answer to this question to himself. But good to know and expert opinion. And they, besides those listed above, mark several other points in favor of Rippl.

To begin with, the support of the market value of the coin is due to its potential growth in the eyes of large financial organizations and institutional depositors. The company is protected from problems with regulatory bodies, because its work is carried out in accordance with the law, and the board of directors consists of quite influential and well-known people who, if something happens, can influence the situation.

What is Dash?

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what is dash

This cryptocurrency was created on January 18, 2014, by developer Evan Duffield, who took Litecoin / Bitcoin code as a basis. It was originally released under the name XCoin, and ten days later, on January 28, 2014, it was renamed Darkcoin (“dark coin”) to emphasize its purpose for secret payments. Finally, in March 2015, it was re-branded again and assigned the name “Dash, friendly to regulators,” an acronym for the phrase Digital cash.

what is dash

Why Dash is better?

Dashcoin cryptocurrency is a lot like Bitcoin, but at the same time, it has a lot of advantages. One of the first key differences is to call the unique X11 Algo algorithm written by Duffield, which is a two-tier structure that provides high anonymity and excellent payment protection. At the time when transactions through Bitcoin can be traced using the appropriate key points and algorithms, in Dash, all links between payments and account are erased, excluding the possibility of any manipulations.

Loyal following

The first thing that made the creators of Dash – branded Bitcoin and Litecoin label “pseudo-anonymous.” Since the data on all transactions (amount, time, addresses of the sender and recipient) are stored in the public blockchain, financial transactions can be monitored and compared through special software. For example, if a person decides to purchase an air ticket for BTC, then the passport data left by him can be linked to the Bitcoin address and see his entire financial history.


If it’s not privacy that matters, but speed, then another method is available for “digital cash” transfers in Dash – InstantSend. When using it, it is not miners who check transactions that are produced, but 6–10 randomly selected masters, powerful and smoothly running servers. As a result, the transfer of crypto money from one address to another occurs almost instantly.


According to the developers, the Dash management model is superior to the Bitcoin model. While Bitcoin development is dependent on community input, the Dash network is funded by the transaction fees it generates.

what is dash

Low cost

High-speed translation using InstantSend on the Dash network costs a few pence. It is cheaper than Western Union or PayPal. And the fee for the usual transfer, which will last about 2.5 minutes, will be scanty $ 0.001.

How to buy Dash

You have two main ways to buy Dash: exchange Bitcoin for Dash or buy it directly through fiat. The easiest way to buy Dash is if you already have Bitcoin. Bitfinex, Kraken, ShapeShift and Bittrex are several popular exchanges that allow you to trade Dash. Buying Dash through fiat is a little more difficult because there are not so many platforms. The sites that offer fiat-to-Dash are BitPanda and Kraken.

Dash wallets

Wallet Dash is based on a Bitcoin wallet for a Bitcoin currency called Bitcoin Core QT wallet and is equipped with the Darksend service for the fastest and most anonymous transactions. Also, the wallet is equipped with special functionality – PrivateSend, and InstantSend.

The wallet program can be downloaded from the official Dash website. After installation, it will take some time to synchronize, but after going through all the necessary procedures, you get a much faster and safer product than a competitor.

Should you invest in Dash?

Currently, Dash has strong support from well-known venture capital companies, namely Venture 51 and Core Innovation Capital. In general, the prospects for Dash in 2018 seem to be very bright. In addition, Dash is now working with TenX and issuing its own debit cards. As a result, there are even more options for using Dash currency in the real economy. In this regard, the growth of Dash in the near future is even more likely.

Ethereum Scalability

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Can Ethereum Scale?

The Ethereum platform was launched in 2015 in order to simplify the creation of decentralized online services, as well as to facilitate the process of implementing the blockchain technology. Unlike the Bitcoin network, Ethereum provides for the use of smart contracts – self-executing algorithms designed to enter into and maintain commercial contracts in the blockchain technology. In this connection, the Ethereum network in the shortest possible time has become the second most popular platform on the cryptographic market not only among startups wishing to conduct an ICO, but also the largest software developers such as Microsoft, IBM, and Acronis.

But, as in the case of the Bitcoin network, with the growing popularity of Ethereum, problems of its scalability became obvious. Recall that at the end of 2017, because of the launch of the CryptoKitties game, the Ethereum blockchain encountered significant difficulties due to network congestion and the inability to process transactions. Therefore, Ethereum developers proposed several solutions.

Raiden Network

In December 2017, Ethereum developers launched the Raiden Network project in their network — an off-line technology that, like the Lightning Network solution for the Bitcoin network, allows instant transactions on the Ethereum network with minimal fees. Thus, the main idea of the technology is to scale the blockchain through the use of payment channels that allow you to safely conduct transactions outside the network. With the help of the Raiden Network, according to the developers, the throughput of Ethereum and the derivatives of it tokens can grow from 25 to 1 million operations per second.


Sharding is another of the proposed solutions to the Ethereum scalability problem, the development of which has become one of the top priorities in the funding program launched in January of this year. The idea is based on the traditional scaling technique – “database sharding”, in which the database is divided into parts, and each of them is stored on a separate server.

The purpose of sharding on the blockchain is to eliminate full nodes due to load sharing between nodes. Instead of saving each transaction and the current state of the entire network, the node stores a subset – only a part – of this data and confirms only those transactions for which it is responsible. If the node wants to get information about transactions or blocks that it does not store, it can refer to other nodes. Although the sharding technology is still under development, members of the Ethereum community are already proposing changes at the protocol level that will be possible due to sharding.

Payment channels State Channels

On April 10, a team of researchers at the University of Warsaw published a white paper titled “Fundamentals of the State Channel Networks”, describing Perun, a protocol that operates on the “state channels” principle, that essentially transfers the Lightning idea implemented in the second-level protocol for the Bitcoin network to smart Ethereum contracts, but providing enhanced safety features.

Explained: How to Buy a Bitcoin

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buy bitcoin

First of all, you need to register a wallet where you will store Bitcoins. After registration, you need to set up a security system for your wallet, linking mail and a phone number to it. In this case, even if someone steals your password, he most likely will not be able to get into the wallet: to enter, he will need to follow the link in the email and/or enter the code received via SMS. Wallets are of different types, here are some:

buy bitcoin

You can purchase Bitcoin immediately

Now we have a Bitcoin wallet, and we also have a certain amount of money to buy cryptocurrency. The logical question is: where to get bitcoins? Our readers may consider the following ways to buy bitcoin:

  • Exchange online services;
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Terminals and ATMs;
  • Exchange with other people for Fiat gift vouchers.

You can purchase Bitcoin on an exchange

So we moved to the second method of buying BTC – through cryptocurrency exchanges. Exchange – a platform for trade. That is, the course on them is “pure”, formed by the market supply. The most famous service for tracking cryptocurrency trading exchanges is Coinmarketcap. It contains information about the volume of trading on each site, as well as the current rate. When buying a better focus on the exchange with the lowest rate. After all, we can get BTC at the best price. Among the most popular exchanges include:

  • Binance
  • BitMart
  • Livecoin

You can purchase Bitcoin with PayPal

On the Internet, there are niche services that facilitate the exchange of money for cryptocurrency online. The exchange service is notable for supporting a large number of payment systems for depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as popular Internet banking services. There are over a hundred exchangers, and they bring great profits to those who own them.

Here are the most popular ones:

You can purchase Bitcoin with cash

In big cities, you can buy bitcoins through ground exchange points for cash. Also, there are special ATMs and terminals, using which you can easily get hold of digital coins. And let these ground points to buy cryptocurrency is not so much, but their number is constantly growing. A few of the most popular P2P exchanges are:

Bitcoin ATMs

ATMs and terminals with the possibility of buying Bitcoin – are not yet very common. In the big cities, there are only a few of them, but the situation is changing quite quickly: there is a list of ATMs on the CoinATMRadar website. Such devices are easy to use – quite a few operations with the card and the ATM itself and the cryptocurrency will be credited to your wallet. Terminals work with bills.

buy bitcoin

You can purchase Bitcoin anonymously

In countries such as Austria, South Korea, Mexico, and several other countries, there is an interesting option for buying BTC – through gift cards. You just need to replenish them at par and then enter the code on a specialized website. The “sellers” of such cards profit from commissions reaching 3-8%. However, the method is still in demand because of its simplicity and anonymity.

The best place to buy Bitcoin

Another lesson in cryptocurrency literacy has come to an end. Now you know how and where to buy Bitcoin for Fiat. The main thing to remember is that there is no ideal and universal place to buy Bitcoin. For each person the best place and unique. There is nothing difficult in this – there would be a desire and means to buy. Whether you should do this is up to you.

Centra Bitcoin Debit Card Review

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Centra Bitcoin Debit Card

Card Review: Centra Bitcoin Debit

The debit card for Bitcoin is the trend of the last few years. Such means for storing cryptocurrencies are not very popular, but some users, nevertheless, prefer to keep their digital coins on their usual piece of plastic. In this article, we will talk about one exact bitcoin debit card that we think is worthy.

The bitcoin debit card issued by the Centra exchange currently supports most popular cryptocurrencies and among them Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ERC20, Ripple, and Dash. The Centra card allows users to spend their money in real time with a 0% exchange. Centra Tech has individual licenses in 38 states: Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and other states.

Wallet of card

Of course, the debit card comes with its own crypto wallet called Centra Smart Wallet. Wallet allows not only to store whatever cryptocurrency user may have but also allows its users to register for Centra debit cards.

You can also use the application to perform normal banking functions – for example, turn on and off your card, for this you do not even have to spend your precious time going to the bank. Or you can use the app to send money in more than 5 currencies in more than 100 countries without any fees. There are no fluctuations in interbank exchange rates or excessive fees. All funds stored in your Centra wallet are safe, protected and protected against theft, hackers and scammers.

Centra Bitcoin Debit Card

Transaction fees

As many other cards on the market Centera card has some fee that company charges for different reasons. The cost of card activation is $ 20. The annual fee for each card varies from $50 in the CTR for the Blue version to $500 in the CTR for the Black version. Also, a fee of $2.50 is charged when withdrawing USD from ATMs and $1.00% + $3.00 for withdrawing other currencies. Commissions for making purchases and exchange operations for all three cards are 0%.

Mobile app

In bundle with the wallet Centra’s ecosystem contains a mobile where users can find many useful information and functions. First and the main function is checking the balance online and sending and receiving funds. Also, it has some security features for example in case of loss of card itself users can disable the card from the mobile app.

Centra Bitcoin Debit Card

Types of cards

Unlike other cards, the company decided to issue one regular (blue cards) and two premium cards (gold and black). You do not need anything special for getting blue, but premium cards are available only to the company’s investors. If you are a holder of a Centra Black or Gold card, then these restrictions increase.

Centra Black has a spending limit of $ 100,000 per day, for example, a cash withdrawal limit of $ 5,000 and a 2% reward for a token for each purchase.

The gold card has a spending limit of $ 50,000, a cash withdrawal limit of $ 2,000, and 1.25% remuneration for each purchase.

Shift Bitcoin Debit Card Review

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Shift Review

Shift is issued by Coinbase –an American cryptocurrency exchange firm. Since they are an exchange firm, they are always aware of the latest trends in the Cryptocurrency. This is a unique and helpful testament that you are in good hands. But this is not the only edge the company offers. There are various other benefits that come with the Shift Bitcoin debit card. The foremost benefit is that all monthly charges are waived for the card users. Another perk is that all the purchases instantly convert Bitcoin to USD in the Coinbase wallet.

Sounds interesting, no? Well, there are many other perks and only a few drawbacks of the Shift Bitcoin debit card so let’s get right into it.

shift review


  1. The Shift debit card is mastered with Visa. This makes it acceptable in 99% of the stores worldwide, making it quite popular and practical.
  2. Conversions are made in real-time as Coinbase instantly exchanges the currency. This is one of the many features that sets Shift apart from its competitors.
  3. There are zero converting fees when exchanging from USD to Bitcoin.
  4. The card is available in most parts of the US.
  5. Many believe that it is much easier to use the Coinbase wallet directly than an actual wallet.


  1. Users who are token enthusiasts might find Shift Bitcoin debit card limiting as it only offers Bitcoin as the primary cryptocurrency.
  2. The debit card is available in 46 of the 50 US states. However, the exchange firm confirms that they are working on distribution channels to make it available throughout the USA soon.
  3. The debit card comes with a Coinbase wallet only. This is a disadvantage for all those who like to keep a separate wallet.

Shift Bitcoin Debit Card Charges

  • The physical card costs $20 to issue. There isn’t any hidden currency exchange fee when converting from Bitcoin to USD.
  • There are free domestic transactions as a bonus for a limited amount of time.
  • ATM withdrawals domestically cost $2.50.
  • International ATM withdrawals cost a standard $3.50. There is a 3% transaction fee on an international transaction.
  • One of the biggest perks of Shift Bitcoin Debit card is that there are no monthly maintenance fees involved.


  • Physical card: Yes
  • Virtual card: Yes
  • Card type: Visa
  • Mobile app: Yes
  • Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Supported fiat currencies: USD
  • Anonymous: No

shift review

Final Word

Fans of the exchange Coinbase love the Shift Bitcoin debit card for its solid product. Customers who trade on Coinbase can apply for a shift debit card at any time they want. It makes money management easier, all thanks to its Coinbase wallet. There are also no monthly charges as a maintenance fee, unlike most of the other debit cards in the market. One downside, however, is that the card is only available in the US. This means that the rest of the world can’t benefit from its exceptional services at the moment. Even in the USA, it only caters to 46 states yet, making it slightly impractical for users in the remaining states. And lastly, it only supports one cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin. Fans who deal in multiple other cryptocurrencies are disappointed with this limitation.

The Ultimate Guide To Launching An ICO

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The ultimate guide to launching an ICO

The ICO industry today is full of various offers. Investors can sort out for a long time, but as a result, they invest their own money in “young” projects, ensuring profit for themselves and developers. Newcomers to the cryptocurrency world are inspired by the success of their experienced teammates, often not understanding the required scale of efforts to successfully reach heights and not too difficult to find an answer to the question: “How to conduct ICO for your project?” The popularization of ICO makes startups more often choose ICO as a means of collecting investments. However, when faced with initial coin placement campaigns, many newbies do not know what plan to take to prepare and launch ICO. In addition, this area is still young, and therefore it is almost impossible to find a definite answer to the question of how to launch your ICO.

How to create a token?

Before you figure out how to hold an ICO in a company and start creating a coin, take the trouble to write White Paper. The need for this is obvious: this document defines the concept of the project in full. Another important point in the description of the ICO exit algorithm for dummies is obviously the technology of creating a digital coin – a token. A variant for beginners is the development of coins based on current cryptocurrencies. The simplest solution is to work with the waves.

What is behind the concept of “digital coin”?

Before selling tokens to crypto investors within the framework of the initial offer, it is worth deciding what this term means. It implies an asset similar to classic stocks, created to attract investment. An investor, after the start-up transition to the Work stage, which occurs after an ICO, can receive a profit from each token or sell them on a cryptocurrency exchange. The token assumes a certain function, which means it represents a certain obligation of the company to its owner. The implementation of obligations is carried out by providing the investor with certain benefits in return for fiat or cryptocurrency funds invested by him earlier in the project.

ICO Legal Status

As is known, IPO is regulated by law. For example, in the United States to participate in the public auction, the company must have a certain form of ownership – a joint stock company. In this case, registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected.

Obviously, such an approach greatly complicates the procedure for projects requiring investments. ICO is much easier. At the same time, the process cannot be called either legal or illegal. There are no approved rules in any country according to which it should pass. Therefore, in each case, it is necessary to adapt the company’s actions to the legislative rules that exist in the country in which the enterprise will be registered.

Team for ICO

Any investor is guided not only by the genius of the idea and the relevance of the project but also by the team that deals with it. Therefore, one of the first steps is to compile a list of company members. It is necessary to specify all the data: not only the full name but also provide photos, achievements, profiles in social networks and other information.

At the same time, it is important not only to assemble a productive team but also to ensure its cohesion. It is necessary to exclude the care of specialists, otherwise, it may cause a deterioration in reputation, a drop in confidence and a decrease in the effectiveness of ICO.

Development of website for ICO

For beginners, it’s enough to create a landing page, which must contain the following information:

  • project information;
  • data about the developer;
  • tab with white paper.

On the site, you can also create an office investor. Particular attention should be paid to writing White Paper. Many already know this term. This document is a full-fledged presentation, which should highlight all the strengths of the project, tell the potential investor about its essence and prospects, as well as practical applicability.


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What is Ethereum Classic?

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what is ethereum classic

What is Ethereum Classic?

It all started with the largest ICO in history, which was conducted by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This is a venture fund based on Ethereum, which raised $ 150 million. After that, an anonymous attacker took advantage of a previously unknown vulnerability in a smart contract and withdrew $ 55 million from the fund.

To correct the problem, representatives of Ethereum held a hard fork, which divided the currency into two versions, each of which had its own blockchain. In the new version of Ethereum, the funds stolen by the attacker were returned to the owners. As a result, a group of stubborn enthusiasts decided to save and use the old version of Ethereum, which they renamed and made their own currency. This is how Ethereum Classic appeared.

what is ethereum classic

What is more important decentralization or scalability?

Ethereum platform has become a real breakthrough in the cryptocurrency industry. If before this, the blockchain and cryptocurrency were perceived only as a decentralized and anonymous method of making transactions, then thanks to the development of Vitalik Buterin the possibilities of the blockchain were significantly expanded. It was thanks to Ethereum that many projects were developed and financed, which are now successfully developing.

In the future, the platform will be transferred to the algorithm of PoS, which will improve the protection mechanism and will eliminate the possibility of a powerful hacker attack, in which 51% of the computing power of the network is retained by one communication node.

Differences between soft and hard forks

Hardfork is a radical protocol change that helps  to make any older transactions do work or the opposite way and requires all users to update their software to the level after hardfork is done. Sometimes you can hear such a thing as softfork.

It means Ethereum Classic is…

The controversial proposal caused a split, which led to the emergence of two different types of the ethereum – two variations of the same old ETH network. Ethereum, which is more popular today, includes the majority of users and leaders of the sphere (including Buterin): they accepted a modified transaction history. A minority that did not accepted the canges created the Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum Classic did not even came close to the success of The Ethtereum, but still exists and feels good. Hardfork showed to the market that ethereum is generally quite stable. Having finished the review of history, let us round the article up with short summary.

what is ethereum classic

What is more important decentralization or scalability?

Ethereum platform has become a real breakthrough in the cryptocurrency industry. If before this, the blockchain and cryptocurrency were perceived only as a decentralized and anonymous method of making transactions, then thanks to the development of Vitalik Buterin the possibilities of the blockchain were significantly expanded. It was thanks to Ethereum that many projects were developed and financed, which are now successfully developing.

In the future, the platform will be transferred to the algorithm of PoS, which will improve the protection mechanism and will eliminate the possibility of a powerful hacker attack, in which 51% of the computing power of the network is retained by one communication node.

Differences between soft and hard forks

Hardfork is a radical protocol change that helps  to make any older transactions do work or the opposite way and requires all users to update their software to the level after hardfork is done. Sometimes you can hear such a thing as softfork.

It means Ethereum Classic is…

The controversial proposal caused a split, which led to the emergence of two different types of the ethereum – two variations of the same old ETH network. Ethereum, which is more popular today, includes the majority of users and leaders of the sphere (including Buterin): they accepted a modified transaction history. A minority that did not accepted the canges created the Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum Classic did not even came close to the success of The Ethtereum, but still exists and feels good. Hardfork showed to the market that ethereum is generally quite stable. Having finished the review of history, let us round the article up with short summary.

Reliable Bitcoin News Sources

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Reliable Bitcoin News Sources

If you are interested in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, then you just need this list. In it, we have collected the most reliable, proven over the years, media resources.

Publications on key cryptocurrency issues

ICOFriends – reviews, news, analytics and opinions of experts on cryptocurrency.

CryptMarketCap – capitalization of cryptocurrency and information about its change in percentage. The total amount of coins emitted.

CoinWarz – online calculators for calculating the profit of cryptocurrency.

Market Analytics

The flagship among the analytical resources was the project Bitcoin Wisdom. Users get access to a convenient price chart with the display in the form of Japanese candles. Parallel data collection from several exchanges is carried out, which allows analyzing the market in real time.


The latest news is published on the pages of authoritative information resources. Inside originates at the site of ICOFriends, used by other sites as a primary source.

Users who need technical data will find the ICOFriends project interesting. One of the first publishes important news site ICOFriends.

Financial and trading

Most useful information about any currency is about its value. And to learn everything about the financial aspect of cryptocurrencies we could recommend to look at special articles on our blog and also for more detailed information you can refer to:

  • Bitcoin-Qt is a client serving as the backbone of the network. It is characterized by a high degree of security, guarantees anonymity and functions without failures. The disadvantage is the lack of options.
  • Bitcoin Armory – is based on the previous wallet platform and has additional features: cold storage of information, data encryption, and file backup.
  • Electrum – based on the use of remote service data for processing complex operations. You can restore access to the system using a password.

The holy of holies of the world cryptocurrency – exchange for speculative operations. BTC China platform is in second place in terms of trading volumes and level of capitalization. The disadvantage is the Chinese interface.


The exchange of views between market participants takes place on forums, and the MMGP project has become a leader here. The site collects people interested in earnings on the Internet, and there is a large subsection on cryptocurrency. The forum has official pages in social networks.

There is an interesting forum on, here the whole site is dedicated to cryptocurrencies and has a clear structure:

  • news;
  • cryptocurrency courses;
  • useful articles.

The blockchain, along with Bitcoin, details the Bitnovosti resource. Clear structure, news feed, cryptocurrency courses, information about the nearest ICO. The creators post information about mining and tutorials in the form of films and books.

Check out Bitcoin news in different languages

Also make sure to look at our website in different languages if you are more comfortable with Japanese, Spanish or Portuguese instead of English. We are going to add many more localizations with time and integrate them into the web site. So it means more and more people with different language backgrounds will be able to reach the latest news and top quality materials.

ICO Marketing 101: A Checklist for Successful ICO Marketing

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If you are all set to launch your own ICO company, it is time to decide on how you will market it. ICO marketing takes a vital role in making your ICO company grow. It helps you gain more investors to help fund your project. But how do you really market an ICO company?

Basically, marketing plays a big part in making your ICO venture successful. Without it, you won’t be able to successfully put your ICO tokens in the market. It helps you get people to invest in your product. Down below is a checklist that you can use to help you start in ICO marketing.

Plan out your strategies

Firstly, you need a marketing strategy. You need to plan out the budget and the procedure on how you want your business to operate. It’s easier to proceed when you have a plan in hand.

ICO Company

Before you start marketing your product, make sure that you are done with Phase 1 of your ICO. Make sure that your website is ready. Aside from that, make sure that your ICO product is also ready.

ICO Website and Blog Networks

Guest posting and blogging can help boost your ICO’s visibility. You should consider writing articles in crypto communities like Steemit. In this way, you will be able to build your reputation and market your website at the same time.

Media and Press Release

Before you start on your campaign, prepare your ICO press release. You can hire a PR agency to assist you. However, you can save on expenses if you prefer to do the press release yourself.

Social Media and Social Media Community

News can easily spread in social media and cryptocurrency communities. Build your reputation and rapport with other members by interacting and joining social media sites and communities. These people can actually become a part of your ICO company or possible investors. You can try these social media and community networks:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Telegram
  • Bitcoin Talk
  • Quora
  • Reddit

Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)

 Many platforms do not allow PPCs for ICO websites. However, you can use this to promote your website. Google and other platforms do not have strict rules regarding PPCs.

SEO Marketing

Another way to boost your website is SEO marketing. To do so, your website and blog channels should be SEO-friendly. To start off, you need to have a good set of keywords and backlinks. This method will help you top search engines, making it more accessible to the public.

Marketing via E-mail

Aside from SEO and social media marketing, E-mail marketing is considered one of the best marketing strategies. It is very important that you take time to make sure that your email will not be tagged as SPAM. Check out this out to know how.

Airdrop and Bounty Program

You can also market your company by running a bounty program. The bounty program can be expensive because of the extra hands. These people will manage the physical campaign of your product. Aside from that, you can also airdrop coins. Airdropping is usually done by many ICOs. If you plan on doing this, make sure that you have specific strategies for the program.

ICO Listing Site

ICO listing is one of the best ways to put your digital currency on top. You can check out websites like List ICO, ICOfriends, and ICObench. These websites will help you jump start your listing on top.

Crypto-Community and Blockchain Events

Attending blockchain and cryptocurrency events is another way of marketing. It helps you interact, build rapport, and impress investors. You can even host your own blockchain event. It can be quite expensive but is a good investment in marketing your product.

ICO Marketing

ICO marketing doesn’t just stop there. Once everything is settled, make sure that your website and social media platforms are up to date. Make sure that you keep the hype of your cryptocurrency going. In this way, more and more people will invest in your digital coin.

ICO marketing services

ICO marketing is really easy. However, if you think you can’t do it on your own, you can hire an ICO marketing agency. This marketing firm will help you market your ICOs while you are preparing for everything else. ICO marketing agencies can be expensive. Make sure that you set a budget for this.

These are just some of the important things that you need to add in your ICO Marketing Checklist. Have you started checking your list?

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