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How To Use The Coinbase Exchange

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What Is Coinbase?

Among the many renowned cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe, Coinbase is one of them.  It was the highest funded bitcoin startup, launched in San Francisco In the year two thousand and twelve.  A year after the launch, it became the greatest crypocurency exchange throughout the world.  As per now, in thirty-two various countries across the globe, Coinbase attends to more than ten million traders.  This is the most secure online platform where you can buy, sell, transfer and even store your digital currency.

How to trade on Coinbase

 First, you have to create a Coinbase account. It is not as hard as you may think; as you only have to visit their website, fill in your personal information such as your name, email and the password you will be using for the same.  After that, you have to check your email, to find out the confirmation email, which then you shall confirm.

 The next step will be to tell Coinbase the type of account you want to create. Most likely, you will select between individual and business account.  Then set up the payment method f that I will be favorable for you, for instance, you can enable the two-factor authentication. 

 You will enable the 2-factor authentication by ensuring that you supply your phone contact, which will be followed by setting up a payment method.  Your payment method is up, and now it is time to get started with purchasing the cryptocurrency tokens. It is recommended to start by buying some Coinbase bundle.

What is a Coinbase Bundle?

Coinbase exchange is now offering five available cryptocurrencies namely litecoin, ethereum classic, bitcoin cash, and bitcoin.   This bundle of coins will give you an opportunity to split your investments into percentages as follows:  2.33% of litecoin, 15.58 of ethereum, 0.78% of etherum classic, 75.2% of bitcoin and 6.11% bitcoin cash.

Coinbase Fees and Transactions

The Coinbase fees will range from 1.49 to 3.99% based on the method of payment you will be using. It is worth noting that credit cards are quite faster, but they can incur higher charges as compared to bank transfers.

Depending on your location, you will have different transaction limits applying to your account, and you can check them on your screen.    Verified residents from Europe, can contract up to $30,000 weekly, while the U.S ones transact up to $50,000 weekly.

Coinbase Custody

Coinbase has a pioneering custody program, which is enjoyed by organizations which trade with them.  It only takes holding at least $ 10,000,000, and then set up which needs $ 100,000 and you can enjoy it too.

Coinbase Shift Card and UK Bank Purchases

The UK bank and shift card are two essential parts of Coinbase. They are necessary as you can use them, especially the visa debit, in doing some transactions in various stores that allow the use of visas.  If you are U.S resident, you can link your bank account to Cubase, and use it to purchase cryptocurrency tokens promptly.

Coinbase Pro

The pro-section used to be GDAX, and it is meant for the expert traders.  It automatically comes together with your Coinbase account and will help you at an advanced level.

Paradex Acquisition

Coinbase bought a cryptocurrency exchange known as Paradox and it is focused on the ERC20 tokens, which are the utility tokens in various ICOs.  Once they are fully merged with Paradex, Coinbase will integrate the option of purchasing ERC20 souvenirs recently acquired another cryptocurrency exchange called Paradex, which focuses on ERC20 tokens. You will perhaps recognise the ERC20 tokens as the utility tokens found in many ICOs. Coinbase plans to integrate the option of buying ERC20 tokens once they are fully merged with Paradex.

If you have investing needs, Coinbase is one of the best platforms to invest. If you are doing a lot of trading, this is also the way to go. Open your account today, and see the significant impact of Coinbase.

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Shift Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Shift Review

Shift is issued by Coinbase –an American cryptocurrency exchange firm. Since they are an exchange firm, they are always aware of the latest trends in the Cryptocurrency. This is a unique and helpful testament that you are in good hands. But this is not the only edge the company offers. There are various other benefits that come with the Shift Bitcoin debit card. The foremost benefit is that all monthly charges are waived for the card users. Another perk is that all the purchases instantly convert Bitcoin to USD in the Coinbase wallet.

Sounds interesting, no? Well, there are many other perks and only a few drawbacks of the Shift Bitcoin debit card so let’s get right into it.

shift review


  1. The Shift debit card is mastered with Visa. This makes it acceptable in 99% of the stores worldwide, making it quite popular and practical.
  2. Conversions are made in real-time as Coinbase instantly exchanges the currency. This is one of the many features that sets Shift apart from its competitors.
  3. There are zero converting fees when exchanging from USD to Bitcoin.
  4. The card is available in most parts of the US.
  5. Many believe that it is much easier to use the Coinbase wallet directly than an actual wallet.


  1. Users who are token enthusiasts might find Shift Bitcoin debit card limiting as it only offers Bitcoin as the primary cryptocurrency.
  2. The debit card is available in 46 of the 50 US states. However, the exchange firm confirms that they are working on distribution channels to make it available throughout the USA soon.
  3. The debit card comes with a Coinbase wallet only. This is a disadvantage for all those who like to keep a separate wallet.

Shift Bitcoin Debit Card Charges

  • The physical card costs $20 to issue. There isn’t any hidden currency exchange fee when converting from Bitcoin to USD.
  • There are free domestic transactions as a bonus for a limited amount of time.
  • ATM withdrawals domestically cost $2.50.
  • International ATM withdrawals cost a standard $3.50. There is a 3% transaction fee on an international transaction.
  • One of the biggest perks of Shift Bitcoin Debit card is that there are no monthly maintenance fees involved.


  • Physical card: Yes
  • Virtual card: Yes
  • Card type: Visa
  • Mobile app: Yes
  • Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Supported fiat currencies: USD
  • Anonymous: No

shift review

Final Word

Fans of the exchange Coinbase love the Shift Bitcoin debit card for its solid product. Customers who trade on Coinbase can apply for a shift debit card at any time they want. It makes money management easier, all thanks to its Coinbase wallet. There are also no monthly charges as a maintenance fee, unlike most of the other debit cards in the market. One downside, however, is that the card is only available in the US. This means that the rest of the world can’t benefit from its exceptional services at the moment. Even in the USA, it only caters to 46 states yet, making it slightly impractical for users in the remaining states. And lastly, it only supports one cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin. Fans who deal in multiple other cryptocurrencies are disappointed with this limitation.

security token

Security Token Exchanges

Security Tokens

Many financial analysts criticize cryptocurrencies due to the lack of their intrinsic value. To counter this criticism, many exchange firms introduced stable coins. Stable coins are nothing but tokens with some value attached to it. The asset for the cryptocurrency token can be anything such as diamonds, land or even gold. The value of the asset is what makes these tokens secure and stable –thus stable coins. The value of the asset guarantees its security. Any individual with a security token can be referred to as the owner of the asset.

security token

Security Token Exchanges

Every owner of the cryptocurrency, be it Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, or Ethereum has made a trade at least once. The trade happens on any one of the many exchanges. Sadly, there still aren’t many trades dealing in security tokens.

But there are few and in this article, we shall briefly review some prominent and upcoming security token exchanges.

BankToTheFuture (BTF)

This is a security token investment policy currently open for professional traders only. In order to become a member of the BTF, the individual must earn over $200,000 per annum. The individual must also invest $1,000 upon joining,


It is the company that makes cryptocurrency exchanges thinkable. It is behind the Smart Token protocol which leads the way for the trading of security tokens. It also has its very own BNT token cryptocurrency.


This platform is owned and operated by Overstock. The company is also partners with Polymath, ensuring its customers of a legal framework. The company has also introduced its TZRO cryptocurrency tokes.

Gibraltar Stock Exchange

GSX for short, it is a systematic stock exchange firm on Gibraltar. It is expected that the company will launch its Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange this year. It will allow users to trade security tokens.

Australian Securities Exchange

Short for ASX, it plans to introduce a security token platform soon like Gibraltar Stock Exchange. As per officials, the platform will not be ready until 2021.

London Stock Exchange

This exchange firm will also be joining the security token space in 2019. The company is collaborating with multiple other fintech firms such as the Nivaru and 20|30 along with the Financial Conduct Authority.


Templum is also a US-based exchange firm. To facilitate security token trade, they have acquired Liquid M. Capital. It is expected that the company will join the security token market in the next year.

security token


It is expected that Coinbase will also be joining the security token market in the mid of 2019. It is a US-based exchange firm and a favorite among the masses. To trade in security tokens, the company bought three other firms –Keystone Capital Corp, Venovate Marketplace Inc., and Digital Wealth LLC.


SharesPost is another prominent shares and trading firm which deals in digital private equity secondaries. They have a wide network of investors and companies and are planning to introduce a security token platform.

SIX Swiss Exchange

It is one of the most prominent stock exchanges with its headquarters based in Switzerland. The company has announced that they shall soon be launching their security tokens by the name of SIX Digital Exchange.

Malta Stock Exchange

Known as the blockchain island, Malta’s Stock Exchange is all set to get into the security token space. It has partnered with Neufund to introduce its own security token for trading in the next year.

Get Listed! Things That You Need To Know To Get Your Token Listed

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Many digital tokens are released every year. However, despite the growing number of currencies, only a few have succeeded. As part of an ICO team, it is very important that you take into consideration the factors influencing the success of these ICOs. One of the ways that you can distinguish yourself in the industry is to make sure that your tokens make it to the Token List on Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

The Token List

Every exchange has a token list. This token list contains all the coins traded in every exchange. You can also see other circulating cryptocurrencies.

Why get your token on the token list exchange?

Once your ICO is finished, the next step that you need to do is give value to your currency. This step is very important because this will add monetary value to your currency. It will not just keep your project afloat but will also make your investors happy.

In order to keep money coming, you need to add more utility to your currency. If your digital currency makes it to the list of token exchanges, more opportunities will definitely come your way.

ICO token listing sites that you should check out

One of the advantages of getting your token listed is that it adds more credibility and value to your currency. To get to this listing, your marketing team should explore some of the sites below.

•    ICO Alert

•     ListICO

•    ICO Hot List

•    The Tokener

•    Top ICO List

•    ICO Map

•     BestCoins

•    ICO Watchlist

•    CoinMarketPlus

•    Coin Schedule

 Where to get listed

As of this time, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies circulating in the market. It makes you wonder how and where you should start. However, there are some sites that will guide you on getting on the token list. You can check out The Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Aside from this guide, check out the other top exchanges for your token listing.

•    Kraken

•    Coinbase

•    CEX.IO

•    HitBTC

•    Bittrex

•    KuCoin

•     Binance

Things that you need to do to get listed

Each cryptocurrency exchange has its own terms and conditions. It’s a gamble on which exchange you wish to get your digital currency listed. However, you need to always remember that exchanges will always check the quality of every ICO project and their software. It is very important that you give them complete details on your digital token. It is vital that you equip your marketing team with the tools for marketing your digital token on the platform. You can also post your source code in Github. In fact, some platforms require you to post the source code there. Aside from that, make sure that your digital currency passes the Howey Test.

Applicable Fees

Most people usually think that getting their digital currency listed won’t cost them a penny. In reality, however, you need to shell out money for that. Crypto Exchanges have a list of fees in their platform. The fees depend on the popularity of your currency in the market. Some exchanges even charge 1,000,000 BTC just to get the token in the list.  Once you submit your ICO token for evaluation, it will take some time before you can get the results.

Listing services for Crypto Exchanges

Another way to get your currency is listed is to check crypto agencies that offer this service. It can mean less hassle on your end and can be very helpful. Although it can cost you a certain amount, these agencies’ platforms can help you market your currency. However, you need to take note that even if you get your listing, it is still not a guarantee for your currency to succeed.

If you wish to get the services of a crypto agency, make sure that you prepare the following information:

  • The details your company and the owner/s
  • The name and description of your token and your logo,
  • Name of your blockchain platform
  • The date of your ICO launch
  • YourGithub link
  • Listing fee (Note: The listing fee vary from site to site)

An ICO token listing is usually competitive. However, the tips listed above might just help you get the listing that you wanted.

bitcoin chart

Bitcoin Charts Explained

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The cryptocurrency market also works in the same way as the world stock exchange. On the chart, you will see exactly the same price fluctuations as on securities or Forex, although there is a distinct feature. To know how to read cryptocurrency charts, you first need to master the understanding of what “Сandlestick chart” or “Line chart” are and how technical analysis models are built on them. Market charts make it possible to smooth out the behavior of the crowd on the stock exchange, to understand which forces, to which they distribute their positions.

An experienced trader will spend a little time looking at the chart for a BTC, ETH or other asset, and a beginner is at great risk for money. Exchange schedules are the most important tool of market analysis, as they present price information in a graphical, visual version, which is the easiest for a general understanding of the market situation than textual or digital information. They allow you to see the mass behavior of the crowd, as well as to assess the balance of power between sellers and buyers, which ultimately makes it possible to understand the potential profitability of transactions.

bitcoin chart

Understanding Bitcoin charts

Types of Bitcoin charts

There are three types of charts: a line chart, a histogram and a chart called “candlestick chart”

Line chart

This is the basic schedule that a trader has to deal with – it is simply a change in the parameter of a cryptocurrency over time. A chart can track various cryptocurrency parameters, for example, its price or market share. Using such a chart, one can judge the profitability of a coin on the horizon of a month, week, day, or even the last hour.

Candlestick chart

A candlestick chart, or candlestick chart, is also used to describe the price movements of securities, currencies or derivatives; usually, each candle is one day. Among cryptocurrency traders, such charts are the most popular. They are intended for advanced traders, but it is not difficult to understand them. Each “candle” on the chart shows the opening price, the lowest and highest price for a given period of time, as well as the closing price.

Where to find Bitcoin charts

It is a very useful and necessary tool for traders so most of the wallets and exchanges have some sort of charts in their interfaces, but there are also dedicated platforms solely for charts:

How to understand Bitcoin charts

Each chart has its own properties and after we found out how to find chart platforms, now it is time to learn how to read them.

Line charts

In the linear chart, everything is simple and intuitive, everything is as you see. The upper point of the vertical line here is the highest, and the lower – the lowest price for a certain period of time. The left bar shows the opening price, and the right bar – the close.

Candlestick charts

The size and color of the body of the candle, as well as the length of the shade or wick, are very important because they demonstrate current trends, as well as indicate reversals and future price movements. The candlestick color indicates whether the closing price was higher than the opening price (usually in this case green is used) or lower (usually red). Wicks or shadows, that is, the thin lines that come out of the body of the candle up or down, show the lowest and highest price for the selected period.

bitcoin chart

Holding and margin trading

Now that you can read charts, you can follow trends every day. Diagrams are very helpful in this because they allow us to estimate the dynamics and not just the current price value.


However, price analysis is only part of the task, because it is equally important to understand the causes of sudden highs and lows. So do not forget to follow the news that may affect the state of the cryptocurrency market – if something significant happens, no graphs will help to predict the subsequent price jump.


Introduction to Litecoin

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Litecoin is the No. 2 digital currency in terms of turnover and No. 5 in terms of the market value of its assets (capitalization). Like Bitcoin, it integrates workstations into a network, between which electronic money is exchanged. It also has such features as anonymity and the absence of a single control authority (decentralization), as in the most popular cryptocurrency. Essentially, it is one of the most famous forts of Bitcoin (Bitcoin). The actual developer and founder of this cryptocurrency is Charlie Lee. He took as a basis the idea of a decentralized Bitcoin network, slightly changed the mining process, the protocol, as well as the source code of the network itself. Based on these changes, the developer has launched its own network.


Litecoin vs. Bitcoin

Brief history of Litecoin

This cryptocurrency was developed in the likeness of Bitcoin, and the creator’s identity, unlike the creator of the most popular cryptocurrency, is known to all – Charles Li, an employee of Coinbase, who previously worked at Google. He launched Litecoin on 10/13/2011, but success was achieved only in 2013 when the capitalization of this virtual currency increased sharply.

The sharp rise was followed by a gradual decline in interest in Litecoin, since the sizes of the blocks added to the blockchain became too large, and the structural units themselves became too complex. This led to a fall in the rate and loss of interest from the miners.

Who made Litecoin?

Differences of Litecoin and Bitcoin

One of the well-known drawbacks of Bitcoin is the low speed of generating a chain of blocks, which is why network users have many hours of transaction freezing. In Litecoin, this parameter is at least 4 times higher, which allows processing a greater number of transactions during the same time period. In addition, due to the high generation rate of the unit, additional protection against double waste is provided. The number of coins that can be mined also compares favorably.

Litecoin Capitalization

Both the exchange rate and capitalization of the currency have a pronounced positive trend. For example, the first indicator in April of the current year was only about $ 9, and the second – 443 million dollars. By capitalization, this currency at the end of 2017 occupied the 5th place in the world. Her course was about $ 54. During the year, it rose to $ 70, the maximum rate was $ 90. Exchanges that support Litecoin more than Bitcoin.



Litecoins Advantages

Since litecoin is essentially a slightly modified bitcoin, it is also mined. For mining Bitcoin, the SHA-256 algorithm is used, which uses a processor. Litecoin uses the script algorithm, which requires more memory. Like in the original Bitcoin, the issue of emission is limited and amounts to 84 million coins. In bitcoin 4 times less: 21 million coins. At the moment, only a quarter of this amount is already mined, so it will mine even more. At first, the miners for each new block received 50 LTC, but approximately every 4 years or 840 thousand blocks the amount of remuneration is halved. This is justified by the fact that the rate is growing, and the remuneration remains essentially the same. Now the reward for one new unit is 25 LTC, approximately in 2019, it will decrease by another 2 times and amount to 12.5 LTC.

buy ethereum

How To Buy Ethereum

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Ethereum is a blockchain platform with smart contract range of capabilities and purpose. Vitalk Buterin invented Ethereum as an underlying platform for developers in 2013 to develop decentralised apps. The platform’s popularity acquired tremendous fame, and so its currency Ether.

The whole process runs on Ether which is the necessary cryptocurrency tokens. Read the article Facts We Need To Know About Ether. Ether has lots of functions including consisting of assistance in the development of dapps and system updates. So, how do you acquire on some Ether?

How To Purchase Ethereum?

Here are the simple steps and guide on how to purchase an Ethereum online.

Get An Ethereum wallet

It’s apparent that you would require an Ethereum wallet to keep your Ether. The wallet is a requirement before you can purchase any Ether. There’s no lack of Ether wallets. You can find several numerous complimentary wallet apps for your phone to download the Ether wallets.

buy ethereum

Get an Ethereum wallet

Purchase Ethereum On Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The vast majority of cryptocurrency exchanges will allow you to offer and purchase Ethereum. And even the Bitcoin perfectionists such as Coinbase have warmed to Ether. You’ll find it’s worth looking for the best rates there is.

What’s more, it’s difficult to go wrong with the most outstanding exchanges. Here are some of the transactions that offer Ether:

How To Buy Ether Anonymously

The easiest way to purchasing Ether is online; So, there are ways to buy it anonymously. Several users worry about security and data defence. It’s because some of the online exchange services require you to provide personal information to trade. And for some, it’s not their cup of tea.

buy ethereum


Purchasing Ether From Ethereum ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs turned out to be more and more popular. But, they’re by no means the only crypto-ATMs in the market at present. Ethereum ATMs also end up being more visible in bigger cities. When you’re able to locate the nearest Ethereum ATM, you can scan your wallet’s QR code with the machine’s cam.

Buying Ether With Money

An Ethereum equivalent appears in every Bitcoin platform. The platform gathers interested parties to transact and trade Ether.

Sign Up With An Ether Meetup Group

Are you one of those who feels uncomfortable trading with a stranger on the internet? You’re not alone. The good news is, there are several Ethereum meetup groups. The meetup groups answer fellow Ether lovers with their questions, meet face to face with fellow Ether admirers, talk and discuss over the most recent updates in the neighbourhood, and also trade tokens.

Staying Safe

How to purchase Ethereum and to make a deal are permanent. And there’s no process to recall the loan in case you made an error. So, stay safe and secure your Ether wallet by using two-factor authentication.

sell ethereum

How To Sell Ethereum

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There will come a time when you will decide how to sell your Ethereum once you’ve collected some Ether through buying tokens or mining them. At present, there is a minimal number of industries that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment so Ether can only be beneficial to pay for stuff on the Ethereum network. Also, most of the businesses that accept cryptocurrencies as payment just welcome Bitcoin.

If you don’t have the intention of being an operating user of Ethereum, that means you bought Ether as an investment but with the plan to progress it at some point soon. This guide will include several ways of selling Ether and mention some trading points.

How To Sell Ethereum

When you have accumulated several Ether coins, you might be asking yourself now on how to sell Ethereum. On recent articles, we revealed how to acquire some Ether coins. So, now we will include how to get rid of your Ether coins and earn.

The good news is the channels where you purchased your Ethereum are the same channels you can take advantage of the best way to sell Ethereum. So, when you have experienced the benefits of purchasing Ethereum on these channels, here are the several methods you can also sell them:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Ethereum ATMs
  • Peer-to-peer trading platforms
  • Cash
  • Ether Meetup Groups
sell ethereum

Purchase Ethereum on cryptocurrency exchanges

There are several tradings available for you to trade in Ether as Ethereum’s status is the second most popular cryptocurrency. Most of the exchanges will have, but most are similar. Here are again the few of the transactions that note Ether as a tradeable token.

These different ATMs grant you to both purchase and sell Ethereum. Bring along your Ether wallet and scan the QR code on the ATM to sell your Ether.

Selling Ethereum With Money

Local Ethereum is the go-to spot when it comes to peer-to-peer trading. As an Ether owner, you can link directly with interested buyers on this platform. Moreover, you can also negotiate a market price. As a seller, you can ask for cash, bank transfer, charge card transfer, PayPal, and other cryptocurrencies as payment for you Ether selling.

Signing Up With AN Ethereum Meetup Group

As an Ether holder, you can also meet like-minded people in your local area. has an entire section devoted to Ethereum-related groups. These meetup groups make it simpler to search for both sellers and buyers of Ethereum.

Methods To Sell Ethereum

There are a lot of different ways to sell Ethereum as much as there are numerous channels to set it about. So, when you’re offering Ether for profit, you might want to search at some of the trading strategies on how to do it.

Holding And Keeping Your Ether

The best recommendation is to stay and keep your Ether until the time is ideal for selling. One of its benefits is that you don’t have to maintain up-to-date on the minute about the cryptocurrency market.

Margin Trading

You might also consider margin trading on how to sell Ethereum especially when perseverance is not a strong point for you. It’s crucial to note that the value of Ether can change during a day. So, you can offer and sell Ether at the right time when the price goes up by checking and monitoring the cost fluctuations closely.

Buy ICO Tokens

How To Buy ICO Tokens

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How To Buy ICO Tokens

In recent years, there has been a real boom in ICO projects – almost every startup seeks to raise funds for its needs by offering coin. However, this sphere is not regulated by anyone and generates numerous HYIPs with clearly fraudulent intentions. Many of them even successfully disguise themselves as a serious start-up, for some time they lead the public with enticing promises, and then simply evaporate. Depending on the dynamics of development and economic strategy, a specific cryptocurrency network can combine different types of tokens. For example, many ICO projects issuing their coins (altcoins) today use several categories, and the classic Bitcoin only one.

What you need to know about ICOs

It is also important to know that some ICO startups accept donations in the form of fiat money. Others take only bitcoins as payment or the cryptocurrency on which they are going to build their own blockchain. Most often, investors pay esters. How much ETH is worth paying and how many tokens to buy – you decide. However, at the initial stage, ICO tokens cost a penny, so you can recruit a lot.

Buy ICO Tokens

How long before you get ROI?

ICO-projects have recently become very popular because they allow you to make new profits or any valuable service using the blockchain technology and existing cryptocurrency systems. It is convenient for both developers and investors: some quickly find money for their project, others – profits. The release of ICO’s own tokens allows investors to rely on earnings in the future, provided that the project is proven and reliable, and not just another scam, which, unfortunately, are many in the market.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are still the best bets

It is easy to buy coins on one of the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges for example in Coinbase – you can also make a wallet in the same place. Connect your bank account or credit card, buy a currency, but keep in mind that this must be done at least a week before the ICO since it takes several days to conduct such transactions involving traditional banks. Also note that at Coinbase, the credit card fee is higher than the bank transfer (3.99% and 1.49%, respectively). If you plan to store purchased Bitcoins (Bitcoin) or ethers (ETH / USD) here, move them to the storage. We do not recommend using two-factor authentication via SMS.

Buy ICO Tokens

Research the ICOs and register with one

It is easy to buy coins on one of the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges for example in Coinbase – you can also make a wallet in the same place. Connect your bank account or credit card, buy a currency, but keep in mind that this must be done at least a week before the ICO since it takes several days to conduct such transactions involving traditional banks. Also note that at Coinbase, the credit card fee is higher than the bank transfer (3.99% and 1.49%, respectively). If you plan to store purchased Bitcoins (Bitcoin) or ethers (ETH / USD) here, move them to the storage. We do not recommend using two-factor authentication via SMS.

Send your contribution to the ICO team

Register on a cryptocurrency exchange (for example, Coinbase) and have a wallet on it. Then buy some coins bitcoin or ether. Most often, ICO startups use the ETH trick, since they are based on the Ethereum ecosystem. However, to participate in the ICO will not work, using only an account on the exchange. With a purse on a resource, you do not have private keys, so all tokens will come to the address of the exchange, and not to your own. MyEtherWallet should be tied to it if ethers are used, or your software wallet for bitcoins. As an option – a wallet on the service Send your cryptocurrency to the address of the organizers. Make sure that the address is correct and is not fake. Often fraudsters exploit this vulnerability and quietly steal the output bitcoins and ethers.

How to store your ICO tokens

In the process of transferring and storing tokens are similar to cryptocurrencies. To do this, use special applications-wallets that implement the storage and processing of keys, as well as the formation and signing of transactions. Typically, these applications are part of the tokenization framework infrastructure.


How to Use Binance Exchange?

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What is Binance?

Binance is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges on the market right now. It was created by Changpeng Zao in China in 2017.

Zao funded the launch of Binance by creating a very successful ICO that generated $15 million by allowing investors to purchase the native Binance Coin (BNB) tokens which are based on the Ethereum network.

The exchange has today been relocated to the blockchain haven of Malta and is turning over $1 million every day in trades. Not only is Binance the largest alt-coin exchange, but also one of the fastest growing.

Why use Binance?

As the number one cryptocurrency exchange for alt-coins, you can be sure to find a huge selection of these tokens on Binance. There are currently over 100 different tokens that can be traded on the exchange. This is a lot of different cryptocurrencies compared to Coinbase, which only lists four.

Binance also has some of the lowest fees in cryptocurrency trading. The exchange only charges 0.1% for each transaction. This fee is further cut in half if you trade using Binance Coin. Depositing money on Binance is free of charge, as opposed to other exchanges where traders are charged.
Traders on Binance will also be delighted to know that there is the opportunity to win prizes. These prizes include everything from new cryptocurrency tokens to cool cars like a Maserati.
The trading volume on an exchange determines how hard it is to buy and sell a given cryptocurrency token. Binance is able to process almost 1.5 million transactions per second, which is another reason why it is so popular.

Finally, Binance is also known for taking security very seriously. The exchange offers users two-factor authentication in order to protect their account and their assets. The Binance website is also protected by the industry-standard CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

How do you open a Binance account?

In order to open a Binance account, you simply need to visit the website and register your email address. Once you’ve done this you’ll receive a confirmation email. Logging in for the first time prompts you to set up two-factor authentication with your mobile number.

How do you deposit funds into your Binance account?

Unfortunately, Binance does not accept traditional payment methods such as bank transfers and payment cards. In fact, you can’t use fiat money at all.

The only way to deposit money into your Binance account is to do it with cryptocurrency. If you don’t already have any tokens, then you can buy them with fiat money from other exchanges.

To deposit fund, simply click on the Funds button, and the Deposits. Then click Select Deposits Coin, and type in the code for the cryptocurrency token you’d like to deposit (ie. ETH for Ethereum). This shows you the deposit address unique to that cryptocurrency.

Click Copy Address, then go to your wallet and transfer the tokens to the deposit address. The deposit will be made within 10 minutes and you can view it by clicking on Balance.

How do you trade on Binance?

In order to make your first trade, click on the Exchange button and then select Basic. Select the token you deposited from the Favorite screen, then search for the token you’d like to trade your deposited tokens for.

Once you’ve selected what you want to trade for and with, you will see the current market rates. Either select Market for trading at that rate or Limit to set a limit for when you want to make the trade. Finally, select the number of tokens you want to trade, and confirm the trade.

Good luck in the trading game, and keep an eye out for more cryptocurrency exchange guides on our site!

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