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How To Use The Coinbase Exchange

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What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The exchange was launched in San Francisco in 2012 and was the highest funded Bitcoin startup. Only one year later, Coinbase became the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Today it serves 12 million traders in 32 different countries across the globe.

How to trade on Coinbase

To create a Coinbase account, go to their website and enter your name, email, and a password. You’ll receive a confirmation email, and then Coinbase will ask you whether you want to create a business or individual account. You can enable 2-factor authentication by supplying your phone number and then set up a payment method (credit card or bank transfer) to get started. Once your payment method is set up, you can buy cryptocurrency tokens. A quick way to get started is to purchase a Coinbase Bundle.

What is a Coinbase Bundle?

The Coinbase exchange currently offers five tokens: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin. You will receive a bit of all give when you buy a Coinbase Bundle. The bundle can be any amount you want and will split your investment into 75.2% Bitcoin, 6.11% Bitcoin Cash, 15.58% Ethereum, 0.78% Ethereum Classic, and 2.33% Litecoin.

Coinbase Fees and Transactions

The fees on Coinbase are between 1.49-3.99% depending on which payment method you use. Credit cards incur higher charges than bank transfers but are also faster.

You can check your transaction limits on your account screen. Different transaction limits will apply to your account depending on where you are based. Verified US residents can make transactions worth $50,000 per week, while verified European residents can hold a maximum of $30,000 in their account.

Coinbase Custody

Institutions trading on Coinbase will also be able to enjoy their pioneering custody program. It costs $100,000 to set up, and requires you to hold at least $10,000,000. As you can see, this service is aimed at banks and other institutions that have large amounts of money at the disposal that they need insured.

Coinbase Shift Card and UK Bank Purchases

Two cool features of Coinbase is the Shift Card and the UK bank purchases.

The Shift Card is essentially a Visa debit card you can use to spend your Bitcoin in any US store that accepts Visa.

UK residents can link their bank accounts to Coinbase and buy cryptocurrency tokens instantly, avoiding the extra fees incurred by international bank transfers.

Coinbase Pro

Where Coinbase is for the average cryptocurrency consumer, the Pro section (formerly GDAX) is designed for the professional trader. Coinbase Pro comes automatically with your Coinbase account and will allow you to trade on a more advanced level.

Paradex Acquisition

Coinbase recently acquired another cryptocurrency exchange called Paradex, which focuses on ERC20 tokens. You will perhaps recognise the ERC20 tokens as the utility tokens found in many ICOs. Coinbase plans to integrate the option of buying ERC20 tokens once they are fully merged with Paradex.

Hope you enjoyed this short guide to Coinbase — head over to our main guide to read about more cryptocurrency exchanges!

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What is Litecoin?

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Litecoin is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies around and released in October 2011 as a fork of Bitcoin It shares a variety of the very same characteristics as Bitcoin, however, aims to be lighter and faster and as an outcome, shows much shorter block generation times of roughly 2.5 minutes. This permits both more quick deal clearance and in turn, lower deal charges than Bitcoin.


Litecoin vs. Bitcoin

LTC has concentrated on being faster and more effective than Bitcoin. It has concentrated on being the coin of choice for suppliers and merchants. Litecoin uses the Lightning Network and Segregated Witness (SegWit) to ensure that users can depend on the network. LTC can manage a high volume of transactions at small costs and high speeds. Bitcoin is viewed as the excellent store of worth, and the total; supply of Bitcoin is capped at 21 million coins. LTC is topped at around 84 million coins, and its lower price makes it better to getting low-cost goods or services.

How valuable is Litecoin?

LTC is a bit behind BTC when it comes to popularity and adoption. In comparison, LTC only has a market cap of 3 billion USD and trades at one percent of Bitcoin’s rate.

Who made Litecoin?

LTC was established by Charlie Lee, a former Coinbase employee who gave up operating at the exchange in the summertime of 2017 to focus on LTC full-time. Lee pictured creating a currency that would be complementary to Bitcoin and work as digital silver to Bitcoin’s digital gold.

What is the Litecoin Foundation?

Lee also established the Litecoin Foundation, which is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore. The Litecoin Foundation strives to advance LTC for the good of society by developing and promoting sophisticated blockchain innovations.

Benefits of Litecoin

LTC operates on open-source software. That suggests it’s open to independent confirmation of binaries and their matching source code. LTC also seeks to execute technological advances that allow it to maintain its position as a leading cryptocurrency.


How does the Litecoin blockchain work?

The LTC blockchain is customized to handle a high volume of transactions when compared to Bitcoin. The LTC network supports high volume deals without needing to modify the software in the future. Using Script assists to help in the mining of LTC without using the ASIC-based mining hardware needed to mine coins utilizing the SHA-256 algorithm. The LTC network is has a cap of 84 million tokens. That’s four times the number of Bitcoins that will be produced.


Bibox Review

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What is Bibox?

Bibox is among the most recent cryptocurrency exchanges, and it is brought by part of the group behind HuoBi and OKCoin, which are two of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in China. Most individuals would be doubtful about trying new crypto exchanges provided that exchanges such as BitFinex, Binanace, CoinBase, and more are controlling the market. However what makes Bibox worth a try? In this article, we have created a full Bibox evaluation for you. If it is the best exchange for you, read on to the end and see. Just like any cryptocurrency exchange, the features that make the exchange simple to use for beginners, as well as professional traders, take center stage.


Trading fees on Bibox

Bibox gives users access to many coins, market, orders, and limit with a 0.1% trading fee that uses to all traders. When you pay with BIX when you trade the readily available tokens on the platform, you are responsible for getting a 50% discount on transaction charges. With that stated the withdrawal fees differ from one coin to another and you can get the complete cost structure here.

Bibox customer support

The site can be read in numerous languages including, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and English. With that stated, users get 24/7 customer support on the platform, and all you need to do is check out the FAQs or open a ticket on the Support section of the site. They also provide consumer support through social networks platforms consisting of Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.

What technology does Bibox use?

The exchange uses AI-based modules amongst other smart trading tools that assist in trade automation. The exchange also permits API integration with other trading services as well as offering Mac and PC desktop customer apps. They also have a mobile app that is available to both iOS and Android gadget users.


How well does Bibox work?

The exchange utilizes a web-based trading platform with a smooth and instinctive interface. It comes loaded with a broad variety of functions such as an order book, responsive charts, trading history. Users will likewise get to choose in between a full or fundamental screen depending on your trading expertise. Experienced traders will also find the technical analysis of the different coin sets valuable in making informed trading choices.

Bibox security

Features aside, the question is whether Bibox is a legitimate and safe cryptocurrency exchange. There have been no reports to suggest that the exchange has had security breaches given that its launch in 2017. The exchange uses 2-factor authentication for your account and set a different password for withdrawals. Other than this, the exchange has no trade hold-ups, no trading platform delays.


In spite of being a brand-new entrant in the cryptocurrency exchange, it is one of the most excellent platforms to make your trades. The platform caters to a global market and with the 24/7 client support, you can anticipate an exceptional user experience. We are confident that the information in this Bibox evaluation will help you make the ideal decision.

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How To Sell Ethereum

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You might be wondering how to sell Ethereum. We’ve previously covered how to get your hands on some Ether tokens. Now we’re going to cover how you get rid of your Ether tokens. The channels you can utilize to sell Ethereum through are the same as the ones you used to buy it with. It’s most likely you’ll have used some of the channels explained in our previous article if you’re presently holding Ethereum. You can sell Ethereum in the following methods:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Ethereum ATMs
  • Peer-to-peer trading platforms
  • Cash
  • Ether meetup groups

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Purchase Ethereum on cryptocurrency exchanges

Provided Ethereum’s status as the second most popular cryptocurrency, a lot of exchanges enable you to trade in Ether. The majority of exchanges will have little various costs; most are the same. Here are a few of the exchanges that note Ether as a tradeable token:

Buy Ethereum from Ethereum ATMs

The different ATMs allow you to both buy and sell Ethereum. To sell your Ether, you just need to bring along your Ether wallet and scan the QR code on the ATM.

Buy Ethereum with money

When it comes to peer-to-peer trading, LocalEthereum is the go-to location. On this platform, you can link directly with interested purchasers and negotiate a market price. The technique of payment you agree with the purchaser on depends on your preference. You can ask for money, bank transfer, charge card transfer, PayPal, and other cryptocurrencies as payment.

Sign up with an Ethereum meetup group

You can also meet like-minded people in your area. has a section entirely committed to Ethereum-related groups. The meetup groups make it easier to find both buyers and sellers of Ethereum.

Ways to sell Ethereum

Much like there are numerous channels you can sell your Ether through, there are also various ways to set about it. You might want to look at some of the trading strategies if you’re offering Ether for profit.

sell ethereum


Because you have to hold on to your Ether until the time is ideal to offer. The benefit of this technique is that you don’t have to remain up to date on the minutiae of the cryptocurrency market.

Margin trading

You might think about margin trading if perseverance is not your strong point. The worth of Ether can shift during a day. By monitoring the cost fluctuations closely, you can offer Ether at the right time and sell when the price goes up.

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How To Buy Ethereum

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The whole job runs on Ether, which is the native cryptocurrency tokens (Read “What Is Ether?”). Ether has lots of usages, consisting of assistance the creation of dapps and system updates. How do you get your hands on some Ether?

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Get an Ethereum wallet

You will need a wallet to keep you Ether before you can purchase any. There is no lack of Ether wallets. You can likewise download one of the numerous complimentary wallet apps for your phone.

Buy Ethereum  on cryptocurrency exchanges

The vast majority of cryptocurrency exchanges will permit you to offer and buy Ethereum. Even Bitcoin purists like Coinbase have warmed to Ether. It’s worth searching for the very best rates. However, it’s hard to go incorrect with the most prominent exchanges. Here are some of the exchanges offering Ether:

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How to purchase Ether anonymously

The simplest way to obtain Ether is online; there can be reasons to buy it anonymously. Numerous users are fretted about security and data defense. Many online exchange services need you to reveal personal information to trade. If that’s not your cup of tea, there are some ways to get around it.

Buy Ether from Ethereum ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are ending up being progressively popular. However, they’re by no means the only crypto-ATMs out there. Ethereum ATMs are likewise ending up being a more typical sight in bigger cities. Once you’ve located the nearest Ethereum ATM, you scan your wallet’s QR code with the ATM’s cam.

Buy Ether with money

For every Bitcoin platform, there appears to be an Ethereum equivalent. It is a platform where interested celebrations can get in touch to trade Ether.

Sign up with an Ether meetup group

Not everyone feels comfortable trading with a stranger on the Internet. Luckily, there are a variety of Ethereum meetup groups. Here, you can satisfy fellow Ether lovers face to face, go over the most recent advancements in the neighborhood, and trade tokens.

Stay safe

When you make an Ether deal, it’s permanent. There is no method to recall the loan in case you made a mistake — usage two-factor authentication to secure your Ether wallet.

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Understanding Bitcoin Charts

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How do you read Bitcoin charts? Whether you’re in the business of trading stocks, forex, or products, then you’ll be used to taking a look at Bitcoin charts. The world of cryptocurrency is no various from any other sort of trading.

How the charts look for any given currency is influenced by the actions of other traders. When the rate dips, people start selling. When people begin trading, the price drops even further. The opposite is also true; increasing costs attract more buyers, which in turn pushes the price upwards.

Skilled traders will stay up to date with the news surrounding cryptocurrency to see which way the marketplace is headed. But what if you’re not a knowledgeable trader and are just trying to wrap your head around it all? Well, continue reading.

bitcoin chart

Understanding Bitcoin charts

There are a couple of Bitcoin charts you need to be familiar with to make any predictions.

Line chart

The most common chart you’ll encounter is a line prices chart. It’s a basic chart that shows you the changes in value over time, compared to a standard currency like EUR or USD. The period can be anywhere from the past hour to the start of time. Many line charts consist of 1 hour, 12 hours, 24 hours, one week, one month, one year, etc

Candlestick chart

The candlestick chart is the experienced trader’s favorite tool. As the name suggests, it looks like candle light. The candlestick shows the cost, the market cap, and the trading volume of Bitcoin. You’ll be able to see the greatest and lowest prices in a given period, as well as the opening and closing cost.

Where to discover Bitcoin charts

You’ll see line charts on every exchange and most wallet providers. There are, likewise, several other sites dedicated to keeping you informed on the price fluctuations.

How to check out Bitcoin charts

You know what the charts look like and where to discover them. But how do you make sense of them?

Line charts

The line chart is quite straightforward. You can see how the cost has changed over time and can see the basic pattern. The table will reveal the present stability of Bitcoin, and offer you a sign of what’s to come.

Candlestick charts

The candlestick chart can be green for bullish markets, which means the price went up. It can also be red for bearish markets, which means the rate went down. This kind of table will offer you more in-depth info than you could obtain from a line chart.

bitcoin chart

Holding and margin trading

You need to bear your trading method in mind when utilizing Bitcoin rate charts. There will be a massive difference between fast margin trading and the slow holder trading.

What to do now

Play around with some of the charts offered on the internet. The more you take a look at them and acquaint yourself with Bitcoin’s motion, there more it’ll make good sense. The line and candlestick charts are not your only choices. There are a wealth of various charts and charts to work with. Explore the different options to discover the one that matches your trading style.


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5 Ways To Buy Bitcoin

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How do you buy Bitcoin? You need to get a Bitcoin wallet, for starters. Do not worry if you do not have one yet. Many platforms include a wallet when you develop an account on them. There are several ways you can get a Bitcoin wallet:

buy bitcoin

You can purchase Bitcoin immediately

There are many methods you can buy Bitcoin in the blink of an eye. These consist of:

How to buy Bitcoins with credit card

You can buy Bitcoins with a credit card using one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges. A few of the most public exchanges are:

However, there are also some Bitcoin debit card companies that let you buy Bitcoin with a card. TenX, CryptoPay, and Wirex are among them:

Lastly, you can head over to and buy Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from their site:

Buy Bitcoin using PayPal

PayPal has been open-minded when it pertains to Bitcoin and has not enforced any regulations on it. Some sites, brokers, and exchanges permit you to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal. Take a look at a few of them here:

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How to buy Bitcoins with cash

It’s still possible to buy Bitcoin with cash and anonymously. It is always more risky to buy anything with fiat money. You might choose this technique for personal privacy purposes. Luckily, there are some methods you can trade cash for some Bitcoin. Peer-to-peer exchanges permit you to buy directly from other Bitcoin users. A few of the most popular P2P exchanges are:

Bitcoin ATMs

Another way to buy Bitcoin with cash is to use Bitcoin ATMs. These will be stationed around cities. There will likely be a lot of ATMs if you’re in a huge city like New York or London. Suburban and countryside areas are unfortunately sparsely populated with them. Among the very best tools for finding a Bitcoin ATM is Coin ATM Radar:

How to purchase Bitcoins anonymously

Privacy is among the significant benefits. Bitcoin users have over others. However, as the marketplace has actually developed and grown, more business have actually ramped up their security. Stronger security steps mean a more powerful concentrate on confirmation of user identities. As an outcome, the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges will need you to supply them with official ID. Evidence of address will likewise in some cases be needed. The very best ways to purchase Bitcoins anonymously are these two approaches explained previously:

What is the very best place to buy Bitcoin?

There is no best location to buy Bitcoin. Many places will declare to be the very best location. And there is a list of the worst places to purchase Bitcoin, so it can settle to search for affordable rates. The buy and sell rate for Bitcoin will differ from one exchange to another. Some platforms will likewise charge you additional charges for moving, exchanging, and withdrawing Bitcoins. The very best location to buy Bitcoins depends on what is most convenient for you.

bitcoin transactions

Inside Bitcoin Transactions: How It All Works

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Are you considering buying Bitcoin or accept them as payment? Then it’s a good idea to understand a bit about how Bitcoin transactions work. Before we enter the technicalities of Bitcoin transactions, it’s worth knowing what precisely a Bitcoin is. According to the Bitcoin white paper, a Bitcoin is nothing more than a record of a transaction. Bitcoins are IOUs, and that’s alright. The money in your wallet is no different. A coin or note is nothing more than a record of financial obligation, which you can redeem for goods or services. With that clarified, let’s take a look at what takes place during a Bitcoin transaction.

bitcoin transactions

How Bitcoin transactions work

A Bitcoin transaction has three components. The first is a transaction output, which is the sender’s Bitcoin wallet address. The receiver’s Bitcoin wallet address is the transaction input. Finally, there’s the amount. Your Bitcoin wallet address creates a transaction output when you send out Bitcoin to another wallet address. The transaction output includes the receiver’s Bitcoin wallet address as a reference to where to Bitcoin went.

The receiving wallet address will, in turn, produce an input when your Bitcoin has been received. The input includes your Bitcoin wallet address as a referral to where the Bitcoin came from. If the individual you sent Bitcoin to decide to send it on to another person, an output with the new owner’s wallet address is developed. The wallet address you sent the money to initially will, in turn, become the transaction input.

bitcoin transactions

Irreversible and immutable transactions

Simply put, a Bitcoin transaction is a record of where the Bitcoin originated from, where it went, and the transaction quantity. All these transaction records are kept in blocks of information. The blocks of data are what makes up the blockchain.

The blockchain is an irreversible and immutable record of every single Bitcoin ever made. Most significantly, you can trace the journey of a Bitcoin to see the number of times it had changed hands from when it was first created.

The difference between public and private keys

You may have heard these terms being bandied around in the cryptocurrency space and question what they mean. To make everything a bit more complicated, your Bitcoin wallet is not a wallet at all. It doesn’t keep your Bitcoin, nor does it save any records. These are all collected on the Bitcoin blockchain.

A wallet is a collection of keys to the blockchain. A public key is a string of characters, much like a bank account number. It allows people to send you Bitcoins. A private key is also a string of characters, but more like a PIN-number for your card. It will enable you to access your Bitcoins.

what is bitcoin

What is Bitcoin: Understanding The Basics

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What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first, most valuable, and most well-known cryptocurrency. Some would claim that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency and that all other tokens are ‘altcoins.’ Bitcoin is not so much an alternative currency, but rather a record of a transaction between two parties.

what is bitcoin

Who created Bitcoin?

The creator of Bitcoin is a programmer (or team of programmers) known as Satoshi Nakamoto. The true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has never been discovered. There has been a lot of speculation as to who could be the founder, but no one has found the answer.

How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin uses blockchain technology, which is a digital ledger of transaction records. Individual transactions are stored in a block of data, which in turn forms a chain of blocks. Hence the name blockchain. The blockchain is a completely decentralized system governed by no single person or institution.

How do you store Bitcoin?

To store Bitcoin requires a Bitcoin wallet. Although it is called a wallet, it works very differently from a conventional wallet for your cash. Rather than storing the Bitcoin tokens themselves, the wallet stores what is called a private key. The private key allows accessing your Bitcoins, which are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain. You can receive Bitcoins to your wallet via a public key, which is also known as a Bitcoin wallet address.

How do you buy Bitcoin?

There are several ways in which you can acquire Bitcoin tokens. The most popular method is to purchase them via cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchanges allow you to trade fiat money (such as USD or EUR) and other cryptocurrencies in exchange for Bitcoin. Another option is to purchase directly with buyers and sellers on a peer-to-peer exchange platform such as LocalBitcoins. Larger cities will also have some Bitcoin ATMs that allow you to buy and sell Bitcoin. Finally, you can meet people in person and trade Bitcoin for cash.

How do you mine Bitcoin?

Bitcoin mining is the practice of verifying Bitcoin transactions using a powerful computer. Such a machine is referred to as a ‘node’ and is the driving force behind the Bitcoin network. Once a Bitcoin transaction is made, Bitcoin miners will compete to crunch the transaction data down into a ‘hash.’ A hash is a string of code that contains all the information relating to the transaction. Once a miner generates a hash, he or she is rewarded with Bitcoin for their efforts.

what is bitcoin

Advantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been praised for how safe it is to store, and how cheap it is to transfer. The decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency makes it extremely difficult to hack. All transactions are verified using a consensus from the various nodes on the network. If one node is corrupted or manipulated, the mistake will be rectified by the rest of the system.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

The single biggest issue facing the Bitcoin network is the lack of scalability. Although Bitcoin works fine for most users, there is a massive gap between Bitcoin and the likes of Visa and MasterCard. The Bitcoin network can handle seven transactions per second, compared to Visa’s 40,000 transactions per second. Scalability and decentralization are at odds with each other, which has led the community to scramble for a solution.

bitcoin pos

The Best Bitcoin POS Terminals For Your Business

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Bitcoin POS terminals are a fast way to accept Bitcoin payments. If you’re a small company considering whether to accept Bitcoin, then this is for you. We’ve had a look at the best Bitcoin POS terminals so you can find out which one is the best one for your company.

bitcoin pos


BitXATM is, as their name suggests, best known for their Bitcoin ATMs. Now they’re branching out and have incorporated POS functions for their ATMs. It can accept any fiat currency and can dispense any cryptocurrency.


Coinify uses POS terminals for both online and physical stores. You can receive your payments in the initial Bitcoin format, or transformed into fiat cash. You’re also able to mix and match cryptocurrency and fiat payments if you want to. The terminal features an app for iOS and Android.

Revel Systems

Revel Systems is already a popular name in the POS market. Their POS terminals come bundled with an iPad, a scanner, and a cash register. Revel Systems have recently included the option of accepting Bitcoin payments.


XBTerminal is a more flexible POS terminal than the others. Clients can pay by scanning a QR code, however, can likewise pay using NFC or Bluetooth. Bitcoin can be converted into fiat cash instantly when a sale is made.


BitPay is a well-known name when it concerns processing payments for organizations and charities. In addition to using POS terminals for merchants, BitPay likewise has an API that can deal with any other terminal. You can also integrate it with QuickBooks for simple accounting.

bitcoin pos


If you’re not comfortable investing in a POS system, you can also experiment with CoinBox. It’s a Bitcoin wallet app explicitly created for merchants. CoinBox works very similar to regular mobile apps that can receive payments, like the PayPal Business app. Merely key in quantity to be paid, and the app creates a distinct QR code the client can scan to pay in Bitcoin.

Blockchain Merchant

Blockchain Merchant is an essential and user-friendly app for merchants who wish to accept Bitcoin. Their selling points include 0% transaction fees and immediate payments.


CoinKite provides a Bitcoin POS terminal that looks like the ones you’re used to. Their POS terminals look precisely like the credit card terminals you see in the shops. The terminal comes with a Bitcoin debit card (also by CoinKite), and doubles as a Bitcoin and Litecoin ATM. You can get your payments in the original Bitcoin format, or converted into fiat money.

Coin of Sale

Coin of Sale, taking their name from Point-of-Sale, is a new start-up that brings new technology. Merchants can register and get an Electrum wallet. The app creates distinct QR codes the customer scans and sends payments to your wallet address.


PayStand is another US-centric POS terminal provider that covers cards, cheques, and Bitcoin payments. The company likewise boasts a 0% transaction fee for merchants.


The cryptocurrency exchange likewise offers POS terminals for merchants in the United States. CoinBase is particularly proficient at working with e-commerce shops. They offer HTML codes for custom sites and incorporates with WordPress, WooCommerce, and similar apps.

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