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SKYFCHAIN - The First Business to Robot Operating Platform

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SKYFchain Review

Blockchain technology is set to change the way we do things. It started with the financial industry; you know Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Blockchain based platforms that are changing the way we store our money, move funds, and make transactions. Moving on to the latest victim of the Blockchain disruption, the Cargo Robot sector. SKYFchain is the first global Blockchain-based B2R (Business-to-Robot) platform that applies to all cargo robotic sectors.

SKYFchain is owned by SKYF, the first ever-heavy industrial freight drone that can take off and land vertically. The SKYF heavy cargo drone has many use cases, but the most common ones are emergency relief distribution, logistics, and agriculture. SKYFchain seeks to create a platform where all the data relating to drone operation can be stored, verified, and shared. The platform, launched with ICO, will be used to finance the cargo robot industry.

SKYFchain Goals

The SKYFchain Blockchain has a number of objectives, but most importantly, the platform will be targeting the integration of all critical information for all players in the market. This platform will have distributed records shared on the platform and will be the source of verified data relating to drone operations. Some the drone data that will be available on the SKYFchain platform include drone routes, mission plans, operation license info, pilot data, maintenance history, and drone specs.


The ledger will also be used to verify details such as the route and the permissions to operate the drone before it takes off to ensure safety compliance. Therefore, the SKYFchain platform will also be used to make the drone cargo industry safer, that qualifies as one of the company’s objectives too. When it comes to SKYF drones, SKYFchain reserves the rights for operations and support, verification, and mission planning.


SKYFchain Components

The SKYFchain platform uses the SKYFT token, the platform’s inbuilt Cryptocurrency, for all transactions within the network. The amount of SKYFT tokens is fixed, and all token holders are entitled to 70 percent of the earnings made on the platform. SKYFchain uses a smart contracts system to provide comprehensive information and substantive control over the assets to users i.e. people and institutions.

One of SKYFchain’s most important component is Blockchain. The Blockchain provides an inbuilt smart contract system that provides necessary data and gives the users a reasonable level of control of their investment. The platform wants to create a new airborne cargo drone industry and after that, introduce seaborne and ground-borne cargo robots into the platform. If successful, the SKYFchain platform will eliminate man as the intermediary in drone cargo industry.


SKYFchain looks promising. It will revolutionize the airborne drone cargo industry and open it up for everyone. There are a lot of reasons for investing in this blockchain. For starters, it’s unique. One of a kind. The SKYF drone is already making it big in the industry, and it can only get bigger.

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The U.S. Examines Cryptocurrencies And ICO Markets

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According to emerging news, on 14th March 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee of Finance Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities and investments initiated a process of formulating regulations for the Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets. Official reports confirm that this is the first among a series of hearings that the U.S. is holding to deliberate on policy formulation to regulate, reorient and realign the market that is taking the world by storm from October 2017.

This meeting was a culmination of the summit held in early March 2018. James Sullivan, the Deputy President Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration portfolio was the presenter at the summit. He had called for concerted efforts from all quotas in policy formulation to regulate and streamline the already robust ICO Markets and the cryptocurrencies growing popularity. The sitting aims to formulate a set of laws and regulations dubbed “The ICO White Paper.” The white paper will address the following issues affecting the cryptocurrencies and the ICO Markets:
• Current regulatory frameworks that regulate these ventures
• Economic efficiencies of ICO Markets as a source of capital for startups
• Approaches to protecting investors’ interests in ICO ventures.

Submissions To The Session

The sitting received testimonial submissions from various experts on economic and financial matters. These professionals are advising the session on factors to consider in managing the cryptocurrency and ICOs markets.

Chris Brummer testimonial. He is a professor of securities law and international trade regulation at Georgetown University Law Centre. The professor of the law pointed out fraud and misrepresentation as the main shortcoming bedeviling the ICO markets. The solution to this problem is disclosure. The professor presented a list of resolutions to curb non-disclosure and align the ICO and Cryptocurrency markets into law-abiding and financially secure investment ventures. According to him, these disclosures have to focus on:
•Promoter’s Location and Contact Information
• Industry Risk Factors
• Problem and Proposed
• Description of Token Technology Solution
• Problem and Proposed Description of Token
• Qualifications of Technical Team
• Promoter’s Location and Contact Information
The professor, further recommends that it should be mandatory for firms offering ICOs to file all the disclosure with the SEC

Mike Lempress testimonial. He is the Chief Legal and Risk officer at Coinbase Inc. His testimonial acknowledged the importance of the cryptocurrencies and ICOs market on the U.S. economy and the world at large. Mike testified that the Federal government has institutions in place that could streamline the errant markets. The testimonial pointed out disharmony among the federal regulatory institutions as the primary challenge following the exercise. According to the affidavit, the U.S. was advised to support this artistic innovation as a new investment tool in the capital markets. Summarily, this testimonial called for the SEC, CFTC, IRS, and FinCEN regulatory bodies to harmonize their approach towards ICOs markets and provide clear regulations.

Peter Van Valkenburg, a director at Coin base, presented a testimonial from a public policy and research on blockchains perspective. This testimonial called for a change of attitude on the policymakers’ part of emerging technologies. According to the findings of his work, the issue at hand has everything to do with the federal regulators applying old laws and assumptions on entirely new technology. The testimonial encouraged the regulators to remodify the understanding of ICO markets and Blockchains to eliminate the confusion in the markets.

ImmVRse - Content Sharing Platform for Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality came out a few years ago. Back then, most people didn’t take it seriously, many actually never thought of it as more than just a cool toy for children to play with. But VR technology has morphed into something else, and it’s now making inroads in the Blockchain. It’s a whole new level of content creation, and the demand for 360˚ Virtual Reality content has skyrocketed. ImmVRse wants to fill the gap left by the massive lack of high-quality VR content in the advertising, gaming, viewing markets.

ImmVRse is a Blockchain-driven VR platform where advertisers, viewers, and content creators can share, trade, and distribute VR content using the IMV token. There are several blockchain-based VR platforms at the moment, but none of them can measure up to what ImmVRse is promising to deliver for Virtual Reality Content creators. All the available platforms provide content in 2D/180, and that doesn’t do much to stimulate or encourage growth in the industry. ImmVRse wants to create a whole new ecosystem for VR consumers as well as content creators.

ImmVRse Goal

ImmVRse seeks to solve some of the biggest problems associated with VR industry at the moment. For instance, there’s general lack of high-quality content in the Virtual Reality World. Tech companies such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. have gone ahead to create some quality VR devices but these gadgets remain underutilized since there is not enough quality content to match their capabilities. In fact, most of these devices are only restricted to a few gaming platforms.

ImmVRse intends to solve this problem by creating a platform for Virtual Reality content creators to market and trade their handiwork. All transactions will be made via the IMV token, and content creators can collaborate to create good quality content. The platform is decentralized, meaning that brands, advertisers, and creators will all be allowed to share VR content. ImmVRse is the marketplace for the trading of VR content and is also the distribution platform for content creators. There are no geographical or regulatory limitations in the ImmVRse platform, which makes cross-border transactions easier and a lot cheaper.

ImmVRse Features

ImmVRse is a distributed, decentralized VR platform that allows advertisers, brands, and content creators in different parts of the globe to come together and create the best quality VR content. It’s the first of its kind, at the moment; no other VR platform offers these features. This platform is scalable and as such, allows other types of media production such as 3D animation. However, the platform’s primary focus is Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality /Mixed reality. ImmVRse users will use the blockchain inbuilt Cryptocurrency known as IVR to facilitate transactions.


Two of the most disruptive technologies of the 21st century are Blockchains and Virtual Reality. ImmVRse combines these two technologies to facilitate the creation and distribution high-quality VR media productions and at the same time, creates direct employment of a large number of content creators. ImmVRse platform users really get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Crypto-Assets: The 2018 G20 Summits calls on Global Financial Institutions to Devise Policies to Regulate Crypto-Assets by July 2018

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In the 13th G20 Summit held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the G20 has called for further actions to regulate the Cryptocurrencies by July 2018. The world’s most influential Economics and, Financial Institution was expected by some quarters to draft an array of regulations, but they have instead passed over the task to the relevant global institutions.

The G20 has concluded that Cryptocurrencies are assets rather than currencies and they seek to have a concise framework to regulate this new technology in financial markets. But the group is cautious of the process and has asked for a risk assessment into drafting the set of regulations. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Financial Stability Board (FSB)-institutions that assess financial systems worldwide- will present the risks posed by this process of drafting regulatory polices by April 2018.

Pundits explain such a move as an outcome of FSB Chairman’s Mark Corney, who advised the G20 not to impose regulations on Cryptocurrency just yet as they account for less than 1% of the Global GDP. Mr. Mark further explained in his letter to the G20 on the eve of the summit that even if all the Cryptocurrencies prices surged to their maximum potential, they would not, most probably, exceed 1% of Global GDP. This emerging development does not warrant, immediate action, he advised.

The G20 summit asked the Framework Working Group (FWG) to develop various approaches for consideration. The global leaders pointed out that the body should focus on taxes, competition, data and public expenditure aspects of the Cryptocurrencies. The findings would then inform their next agenda for the year in regards to Crypto-Assets. The FWG have to ensure that their results are specific to different countries economic environments.

In addressing the issue that ICO Markets abet money laundering, the IMF is expected to give a detailed report of capital flows across borders. This request shows that the G20 is demonstrating a particular concern to the allegations from many quarters that ICO Markets are used for money laundering activities and tax evasion. The IMF findings and recommendation will form the basis of G20’s policy formulation agenda in their October 2018 summit. The IMF has a deadline of July 2018 to present the findings and recommendations.

The G20 summit also called on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to present a code of liberalization on capital movements. In collaboration with the IMF, the OECD is expected to show how transparent the capital transfers have been in the wake of ICOs.

Finally, the Sustainable Finance Study Group (SFSG) is expected to give a full report on the options available for all G20 members in regards to Capital Ventures in regards to crypto-assets. It is clear that the G20 is alive to the shortcomings in ICO Markets ventures and seeks to protect private investments, develop capital formations and ensure sustainability of ICO Market ventures.

What To Expect

We expect the regulations development process to start from July 2018 presentation of findings by various bodies. The policy framework for ICO Markets and Cryptocurrencies are likely to be in place latest by next year. This gradual and systematic policy formulation process is attributed to the FSB letter to the G2O which pointed out that Crypto-Assets and ICO Markets do not pause any immediate threat to the Global Economy.

GAMBLICA - Blockchain Based Gambling Platform Developed By Players For Players

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Gamblica is a Blockchain-driven platform that focusses gambling. It’s a gaming platform that supports online gambling internationally. Gamblica gives people from all over the world an opportunity to gamble, irrespective of where they are from or how much they earn. Gamblica introduces a unique ecosystem with the aim of revolutionizing online gambling by making it scalable, transparent, and safe than we’ve ever imagined.

Gamblica creators have promised fair pay-outs, distribution of funds, betting slips odd calculation, card distribution, and random number generation. There are many reasons for investing in Gamblica by purchasing GMBC tokens. For starters, the online gambling market is ever-growing, no signs of slowing down in the near future. All payments within the platform are made with GMBC tokens only, which allows the token to grow faster.

Gamblica’s Main Aim

Built by a group of gambling enthusiasts, Gamblica’s main aim is to introduce convenience, safety, and increase transparency in the world of online gambling while eliminating fraud as well as location and income barriers. Gamblica wants to make it possible for all age appropriate and willing gambling enthusiasts to be able to do so conveniently and in a more pleasant environment.


Gamblica intends to eliminate gambling fraud, which has become a global problem, by providing an opportunity for each player to check and confirm casino algorithm. This project, unlike others in the same field, is under the leadership of seasoned gamblers. All they want it to improve the online gambling scene by getting rid of all the negative aspects associated with it.

Gamblica’s Components

Gamblica is based on a decentralized smart contract system that integrates innovative IT solutions. When gaming on the platform, the casino cannot block your withdrawals or user account. The system allows low transaction costs and fast transactions irrespective of where you are in the globe. When it comes to making transactions, you will only be limited by the Ethereum transaction throughput, no other limits.


Any player can use the blockchain record and casino’s public key to validate RNG. Another essential feature of the platform is its scalable universal system that allows cross-regional modification of the program. All these features are meant to increase fairness and transparency in online gambling. The Gamblica Blockchain supports a wide range of online gambling and gaming activities including online poker, sports betting, and casino games.


The online gambling world is facing a lot of problems. From poor personal data protection to problems with deposits and withdrawals, scalability, and high transaction costs, there’s no shortage of flaws in the online gambling scene. Gamblica wants to remove all these inadequacies and make online gambling safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Is it a good idea to invest in Gamblica? Well, the company is led by a group of managers with a lot of experience in online gambling. This has resulted in a lot of investor confidence. It’s had to say for sure, but Gamblica seems to be headed in the right direction.

Market Jitters amid U.S. Government Concerns on ICOs

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Initial Coin Offering Regulation Concerns

Following Google’s ban on Cryptocurrency’s advertisements effective June 2018, the Initial Coin Offerings are starting to experience bearish trends characterized by significant value shed offs on Cryptocurrencies, the unit of account in ICOs. These trends come in the wake of the U.S. lawmakers’ concerns about ICOs: Advocating for unexplained policy formulations to guide the ICOs. Washington, on 7th March 2018, raised these concerns about ICOs during the DC Block Chain summit presentation posing a set of concerns about the ICO offerings, currently on offer in many developed financial markets.

James Sullivan, the Deputy President Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration portfolio was the presenter at the summit. He demonstrated that the U.S government was in full support of Blockchains’ role in raising finances for start-up organizations in stock exchanges. He was, however, of the idea that all stakeholders should collaborate in streamlining the trade. His allusions were premised on the U.S. Securities and exchange commission report “Statement on Potentially Unlawful Online Platforms for Trading Digital Assets” that warns investors of fraudster platforms characterized by unregulated activity.

In the summit themed “Examining Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets,” Republican Bill Huizenga and Democrat Brad Sherman, in a rare show of unity, raised concerns on lack of concrete policies and regulations on ICOs. Unlike the IPOs that were guided by a series of market regulations, requirements and restrictions, ICOs were just operating on self-regulation. Brad Sharman pointed out that ICOs will enable terrorists and outlaws to launder money across borders and affect national securities of America and various nations. On enforcing this sentiment, Bill Huzeinga called for intensive oversight on ICOs and the entire Cryptocurrencies operation.

Reading Between The Lines

The markets did not react to these concerns. Instead, the Cryptocurrency markets were bullish amid increased activity in ICO offering across the globe. Pundits were of the opinion that the Washington concerns had evoked growing investor confidence in ICOs as a real investment option solely by the U.S. government’s recognition. They forecasted that the future trends are likely to be bullish as investors anticipate a highly lucrative and regulated market in the foreseeable future.

Additionally, the Pundits pointed out that the U.S administration was exhibiting clear commitment in collaborating with the market players in policy formulation. The effort was evident as Jihan Wu, Co-Founder of Bitcoin, made a presentation that neutralized the anti-ICOs atmosphere following SEC report of possible fraud. Jihan’s acknowledgment that ICOs were crucial in creating capital for startups and mid-level firms whose money was in the form of Cryptocurrencies resonated with James Sullivan’s assortment that the entire Blockchain has to be improved through concerted efforts.

What to expect

The ICOs will be regulated in the near feature as the U.S. has recognized the role they play in business capital creation. The financial markets will react positively to policies that will be formulated by the administration to streamline and regulate the operations. More investors will be interested in ICOS. The summit will result in a series of discussions that will see U.S. institutions that regulate the financial sectors and legal spheres develop a set of regulations. Most importantly, it is evident that the Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets will not be declared illegal as the U.S. government is exhibiting positive intentions of regulating and developing these ventures.

Improvement In Cryptocurrency Share Prices Assure ICO Investors Of Better Days To Come

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The dominant Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, registered signs of improvement in the financial markets on Thursday’s, 15th March 2018, afternoon trading session. Interestingly, this improvement is not precipitated by Google or Facebook withdrawing their ban notices on ICO trades: They have not withdrawn the ban. As Thursday’s trade session nears closure, the Bitcoin is trading at $8,241.52 having achieved a high of $8,788.00 and a low of $7,682.00 in the second half session. Other Cryptocurrencies such as Ether, Bitcoin, Zcash, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, etc. just to mention a few are following suit and registering improvements in the second session: Having shed-off value in the morning session following damaging publicity earlier this week.

What This Means For Initial Coin Offerings

From the Investors perspective, 15th March 2018 afternoon trading session recovery is a promising indicator of future surges in Cryptocurrency coins and token prices. Appreciation of Cryptocurrency values signals investors to participate in ICO trade in financial markets, as the value of tokens/coins will increase leading to higher returns on investment.

Firms who are offering initial coin offering are skeptical about the future of their biddings. With the growing descent from quotas criticizing all Cryptocurrency related activities and many governments deliberating on the way forward in regards to policy formulation, the market is likely to experience more shocks. However, the resilience of the market is quite evident and more firms will consider this factor. Firms like Basic attention, Aragon, and Status Um have raised around $35 million; $30 million and 270 million in record times will inspire more firms to seek funds on ICOs. Most notably, FileCoin, a startup company raised $200 million through an ICO and similar success stores will encourage most forms to issue ICOs.

Additionally, the markets will experience more significant precautionary measure as investors become more aggressive in interrogating the firms’ business ventures to determine their viability. Investors will not only be attracted to the possibilities of Cryptocurrency price surges in the future but also the businesses’ structures. Internal organization, goals, mission, vision, budgets, location, targeted markets, and legal factors will complement the expectations in interest payouts as a factor to consider when investing in ICOs.

The firms will streamline their mode of operations to appeal to prospective investors. Just like the firms that bid their stocks in stock exchanges, these firms offering ICOs will formulate a code of conduct for themselves in anticipation of enactment of regulation laws by governments. These firms will be readily accessible to the public, and they will adopt a culture of openness.

What This Price Increase Means To Regulation Authorities, Google, Facebook, And The Service Industry

The matter of fact is that Google and Facebook services are dominant across regions and have billions of users globally subscribing to them. ICO market analysts had allayed fears that with the damaging bans, the prices of the crypto coins would crash leading to the collapse of ICOs. Investors, Business entities, business developers and financial analyst can now conclude that it is only the policymakers in governments who can directly determine the performance of ICOs in the coming days. Pundits purport that it is difficult to foresee the level of increase in trade volumes in ICO Markets, following intense public outcry for regulations, but one outcome is expected-increased activities albeit depressed.

OMNITUDE - A Blockchain Middleware Layer

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Omnitude Initial Coin Offering and its ECOM token link the current eCommerce platforms and enterprise systems to the Blockchain technologies. One of the pressing demands in the technology space is the interoperability that exists between the Blockchain technology and the networks of disparate software systems. A number of software solutions operate in disparate information verticals.

eCommerce websites and other enterprises can easily apply the use of Omnitude without changing the existing system to create a data ecosystem that is more transparent and efficient. As an open-source project, Omnitude has solid solutions that can also be used by a myriad of application developers.

The Value Proposition of Omnitude

Omnitude has been designed around standard APIs and a series of connectors that assists in shuttling data between various Blockchains and software platforms.

It gives the users an opportunity to develop data flows and integrations as a script or just an application.

The eCommerce industry is the main target market for Omnitude even though the use cases of ERP are in limitless in theory.

Omnitude has been created to help in the eradication of the several issues that are faced in the world of eCommerce. These include supply chain inefficiencies, customer onboarding by individual traders, and both seller and buyer fraud.

Omnitude had created three mechanisms that will assist the traders to lower identity theft, and these are the Omnitude Proof-of-Interaction, Single Reputation, and the Omnitude’s Single Identity. Omnitude has plans of launching the ECOM token on its upcoming Omnilayer platform.

Functions of the ECOM Token

The ECOM Token {ERC20} is basically a method of settlement that various parties can apply to access an ecosystem resource. Here are the main functions of the token.

ECOM gives the traders an opportunity to make payments in the ecosystem and subsequently access features such as:
• Omnitude ID
• Delivery Cycle Data
• Shared Product Data and a host of other needs.


It also makes it easy to make payments using Cryptocurrencies, FIAT, or the ECOM token. They can also be rewarded by other ECOM tokens when they take part in loyalty programs and other reviews.

Omnitude works as an incentive for merchants in this space to operate and secure the ecosystem. Its Blockchain has been fully secured by a peer-to-peer, and distributed network of validating nodes that manage the client application of the Omnibus Core. The nodes that will be able to apply the consensus algorithm will be able to get a share of the ECOM block.

The Team

The current CEO of Omnitude is its founder, Chris Painter. Before joining Omnitude, Mr Painter had earlier spent nine years as the managing director for Pixel by Pixel. The senior advisor is one of its co-founders, Robert Belgrave, who also founded Wirehive, a cloud services company.

The Department of Operations is headed by Ben Bennet who has worked in six various firms as the Sales Director.

The Final Verdict

The Omnitude ICO comes with a creative approach that tends to address some of the major problems faced in the world of enterprise system management. It brings some of the most innovative implementations that are needed in this industry.

DAV - Blockchain Transportation Platform

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DAV is a transportation platform that works on the Blockchain technology. As an open-source software platform, DAV enables any individual to either purchase or sell services of autonomous transportation in a market that is fully decentralized.

DAV has been designed to consolidate in any kind of autonomous vehicles such as a car, ship or even a drone. This, in turn, gives these vehicles an opportunity to communicate, discover, and carry out business with one another using DAV as the digital currency.

The DAV Network ICO invites merchants who want to be part of a network of autonomous vehicles, which will definitely form the future of transportation.

The DAV Technology

As earlier indicated, DAV is a framework of a free, decentralized marketplace, open-source hardware, and an open-source software where any person can choose to either purchase or sell the autonomous transportation services using the DAV token.

The technology has been made up of three main components, which are listed here:

• Decentralized Discovery – DAV enables these uncontrolled vehicles to discover themselves, and even other clients and service providers that are close to them. Using a peer-to-peer protocol that does not operate with any kind of central server, DAV utilizes a decentralized node discovery. The nodes are instead listed in a distributed hash table that can be accessed more easily.

• Communication Protocol – This is the second component that makes up the DAV technology. For different transportation needs, DAV identifies a list of assimilated communication protocols. The communication is further subdivided into two main groups; off-blockchain communication that is carried out on P2P through the DAV Network’s protocols.

The other one is the on-blockchain communication that is carried out by calling smart contracts via the events they have emitted.

• Trustless Cooperation Tools – This is the last component of the DAV Network. Through using an assortment of specialized smart contracts, DAV is able to achieve trustless cooperation between transportation service traders. These smart contracts allow multi-party contracts that exist between the seller, buyer and even at times, the insurer, and arbitrator. They are connected directly to the DAV token. Thus, they assure great financial resolution for the transactions that are done between different parties without the need of a pre-determined trust.

The Team

DAV Network is managed by a team of professionals. It is currently headed by Dr. Alan Messer who is the current Automotive Advisor. Before joining DAV, Dr. Messer was the General Motors’ CTO. The Aerospace advisor is Dr. Scott Horowitz, who worked as an associate administrator at NASA and a space shuttle astronaut.


In the end, DAV Network seeks to offer a fully decentralized system that is not under the control of any financial organization, company or government. This would be the best payment standard that can be used between automobiles and their supporting infrastructure.

DAV also enables an easy-to-verify ledger that contains historical data regarding the autonomous vehicles, their users as well as other service providers. It can even assist other service providers as insurers.

It also comes with a built-in smart mission contract that allows trustless cooperation between service providers and a number of vehicles.

COTI - Unlocking the Full Potential of Global Commerce

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Coti strongly believes that in the near future, digital currencies will take the place that is currently taken up by cash, coins, cheques, and other payment cards. COTI’s main aim is to work as the Internet’s best digital currency that can be used by various customers across the universe.

At the moment, several payment platforms have failed to offer effective commerce transactions, leading to increased fees and reduced rates of approval. COTI introduces a payment system that is created to solve the payment challenges witnessed today and give the consumers greater peace of mind.

Powered by XCT as its native currency, COTI seeks to blend the best of the current processes of payments and blockchain technologies to provide not only the most effective but also a means that is trusted, fastest and easiest to pay with.

The COTI’s Crowd & Token Sale

The creation of COTI was mainly based on the idea of coming up with an advanced network of payment that would be widely used by both sellers and buyers. Its main hope is to be the main promoter of the application of the virtual currencies in use cases that involves payments.

Coti’s token sale is ongoing at the moment, just as the private sale is coming to an end. It has been revealed that a total of 80% of the tokens that had been earlier issued will be offered for sale as well as reserves.

Here are the main strengths of the COTI platform

As a payment platform, COTI is much aware of all the weaknesses that this industry has been facing for a long period. It is therefore determined in offering the users what they have been long waiting for. It has a mission of accomplishing a total of eleven objectives, which would, in turn, ensure that their main payment platform is effective than others that are currently used.

The hedging services and mediators will ensure that various businesspeople are convinced to begin using XCT, COTI’s native currency for digital currency payments.

COTI platform has been strongly built on the Trust Scoring Engine, which will give the merchants the peace of mind and confidence they need as they continue with their services.

COTI’s Team

COTI is made up of a diverse group of persons that have a good background in engineering, particularly software engineering. The current CEO is Shahaf Bar-Geffen, who also co-founded WEB3, a top ranking service provider for digital media adverts.

The Department of Software Engineering and Research is headed by a mathematician known as Erol Hallufgil. Erol has helped several fintech firms to come up with CRM solutions.
The team also has a myriad of advisors.

Last Word

Coti’s main commitment is to offer a positive user experience to its customers. This would, in turn, give the sellers and buyers an opportunity of transacting on a payment platform that has the most reduced fees and improved security.

Although it might take COTI considerable amount of time to be accepted as the best payment option for cryptocurrencies, it would definitely be the leading method across the globe.

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