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Upcoming ICOs

EIPlatform - Connecting Brands and E-Sport Fans

EIPlatform Review E-sports is a huge global phenomenon, and it is growing faster than any other sport. For that reason, many global brands are keeping an eye on the market for e-sports, as the huge audience is a potential customer base for them. However, up until now, the major brands have run largely ineffective marketing… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

EQUI CAPITAL - Cryptocurrency Venture Capital

EQUI Capital Review Venture capital fundraising has traditionally been the domain of a small select group of influential firms and individuals. This could very easily be about to change with the introduction of cryptocurrency, however. EQUI Capital is essentially trying to tokenize the traditional venture capital model by creating a platform where investors can fund… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

SWISS ALPS MINING - Combining Mining Industries

Swiss Alps Mining ICO Review Anyone in the cryptocurrency community is probably familiar with how mining for coins and tokens work. You invest in an expensive mining rig and prepare yourself for the largest energy bill you have ever seen. Depending on which cryptocurrency you are mining for, you might make some profit. Meanwhile, actual… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

INGOT COIN - A Complete Financial Ecosystem

Ingot Coin Review Since the financial crash of 2008, and the subsequent introduction of cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin, numerous developers have worked furiously at putting together innovative projects that could revolutionize the financial industry. Whilst many ICOs were off to a rocky start, if they did not fail entirely, some have managed to… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

PAYPORTAL - Payments Made Simple

Payportal Review Payments and transfers is the reason cryptocurrencies were invented in the first place, so it is no wonder that there are a lot of ICOs out there specialising in this area. Today we are going to look at Payportal, which is an established company in India about to launch their new blockchain-based platform.… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

TRIWER - Blockchain-Based Parcel Delivery Service

Triwer Review It took me two attempts to order my office desk. The first attempt failed, because I did not pay attention to the name of the delivery company. They are terrible, and consistently fail to deliver parcels. Not only did they not deliver it, but they sent it to a storage unit an hour’s… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

DECOIN - The Coin of the People

Decoin Review Are you trading in cryptocurrencies? If so, you are probably familiar with more than one cryptocurrency exchange. Like traditional exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges make their money from various fees and commission derived from the cryptocurrencies being traded on their platform. Given the rapidly growing community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this is a booming business. But… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

ONLINE.IO - Better Browsing Review Internet browsing is constantly changing, and the days of only being able to surf using Internet Explorer are over. With a multitude of browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, users have a lot of choices. However, what all these browsers have in common is that they do not protect the anonymity of their users.… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

MOBILE BRIDGE MOMENTUM - True Customer Loyalty

Mobile Bridge Momentum Review The world of marketing constantly evolves, and what captures the attention of your prospective customers today might not capture it tomorrow. For a business, getting hold of people online is becoming increasingly difficult. Marketing emails end up in the trash. Ad-blockers hide most of your affiliate marketing. Social media campaigns don’t… Keep Reading

Upcoming ICOs

TRAXION - The End and/or Future of Banking?

Traxion Tech Review Ten years after the financial crash of 2008, and we are still facilitating the same financial system that led to the crash - and the crashes before it. But now financial experts have predicted that the banking system as we know it will not be around in 10-15 years. The emergence of… Keep Reading

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