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How to Use Binance Exchange?

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What is Binance?

Binance is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges on the market right now. It was created by Changpeng Zao in China in 2017.

Zao funded the launch of Binance by creating a very successful ICO that generated $15 million by allowing investors to purchase the native Binance Coin (BNB) tokens which are based on the Ethereum network.

The exchange has today been relocated to the blockchain haven of Malta and is turning over $1 million every day in trades. Not only is Binance the largest alt-coin exchange, but also one of the fastest growing.

Why use Binance?

As the number one cryptocurrency exchange for alt-coins, you can be sure to find a huge selection of these tokens on Binance. There are currently over 100 different tokens that can be traded on the exchange. This is a lot of different cryptocurrencies compared to Coinbase, which only lists four.

Binance also has some of the lowest fees in cryptocurrency trading. The exchange only charges 0.1% for each transaction. This fee is further cut in half if you trade using Binance Coin. Depositing money on Binance is free of charge, as opposed to other exchanges where traders are charged.
Traders on Binance will also be delighted to know that there is the opportunity to win prizes. These prizes include everything from new cryptocurrency tokens to cool cars like a Maserati.
The trading volume on an exchange determines how hard it is to buy and sell a given cryptocurrency token. Binance is able to process almost 1.5 million transactions per second, which is another reason why it is so popular.

Finally, Binance is also known for taking security very seriously. The exchange offers users two-factor authentication in order to protect their account and their assets. The Binance website is also protected by the industry-standard CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

How do you open a Binance account?

In order to open a Binance account, you simply need to visit the website and register your email address. Once you’ve done this you’ll receive a confirmation email. Logging in for the first time prompts you to set up two-factor authentication with your mobile number.

How do you deposit funds into your Binance account?

Unfortunately, Binance does not accept traditional payment methods such as bank transfers and payment cards. In fact, you can’t use fiat money at all.

The only way to deposit money into your Binance account is to do it with cryptocurrency. If you don’t already have any tokens, then you can buy them with fiat money from other exchanges.

To deposit fund, simply click on the Funds button, and the Deposits. Then click Select Deposits Coin, and type in the code for the cryptocurrency token you’d like to deposit (ie. ETH for Ethereum). This shows you the deposit address unique to that cryptocurrency.

Click Copy Address, then go to your wallet and transfer the tokens to the deposit address. The deposit will be made within 10 minutes and you can view it by clicking on Balance.

How do you trade on Binance?

In order to make your first trade, click on the Exchange button and then select Basic. Select the token you deposited from the Favorite screen, then search for the token you’d like to trade your deposited tokens for.

Once you’ve selected what you want to trade for and with, you will see the current market rates. Either select Market for trading at that rate or Limit to set a limit for when you want to make the trade. Finally, select the number of tokens you want to trade, and confirm the trade.

Good luck in the trading game, and keep an eye out for more cryptocurrency exchange guides on our site!

Blockchain Venture Summit

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The Blockchain Venture Summit

The second Blockchain Venture Summit of the year will take place in London this November. Expectations for the event are high, given the first Blockchain Venture Summit held in Istanbul this March was such a roaring success. Although the London event is part of the same event series, the theme will be slightly different. The London event will focus on the future and how blockchain technology will influence the various markets going forward. There will be a number of high-profile speakers, experts, investors, industry leaders, and blockchain enthusiasts attending this spectacular conference. There will also be a string of new startup companies showcasing their innovations and plans for the future. As with the previous event, there will be plenty of opportunities to sponsor the event and advertise your business.

The theme of Blockchain Venture Summit

Topics being discussed at this summit will all revolve around the future and the role blockchain has to play in it. The speakers will analyze the current state of the global cryptocurrency market, and how other industries will be affected by the increasing presence of digital tokens and other blockchain-based innovations.

When and where will Blockchain Venture Summit be held?

8 Northumberland Avenue, London on November 21, 2018.

Where can you get tickets for Blockchain Venture Summit?

Tickets for the event can be purchased via the official website for Blockchain Venture Summit. Super early bird tickets are still available until 30th September, and all tickets include full access to the conference, as well as a buffet lunch. Please note that the event can only hold 500 attendees — don’t miss out!

Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018

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What is the Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018?

The Blockchain Leadership Summit is a conference that draws all the top experts and prominent investors in the blockchain industry to one place where they discuss the present and future state of the market. The topics being presented and discussed will range from innovation to regulation. If you want to hear about the latest news in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralization, then this event is not to be missed.

What will be discussed at Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018?

The event will feature talks from thought leaders in the blockchain space, each bringing with them years of experience in this exciting field. You will as an attendee learn about how you can tokenize your business, the best practices for launching your own ICO, and what the latest investment trends are. You will also learn about how blockchain technology will impact the world economy as a whole, and how regulation will change the finance industry.

When and where will Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018 be held?

The Blockchain Leadership Summit will take place at the Congress Center Basel in Switzerland on the 23-24 of November.

Where can you get tickets for Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018?

You can get your tickets by visiting the official website for Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018. Prices start at €590 for the basic package and go up to €2585 for the exclusive VIP package.

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

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blockchain summit

The Largest International Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference of the Region

As known, Netherlands-based banking giant ING published a customer report recently where it was declared that Turkey is the leading cryptocurrencies owner among all European countries. The fact that the people in Turkey are heading to more technological innovations and current economic circumstances serve as an increasing factor for it.


Investors and engineers, mostly from the Middle East and Central Asian countries as well as from Turkey, who are interested in blockchain and who deal with cryptocurrencies will be participating in this conference. Attendees will better understand Blockchain, the greatest technological and financial revolution of the 21st century, with the expression of expert speakers in the sphere. Thus, “Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit” rolls out the distinction of being the largest-scale event of the region, ever held in this field.

istanbul summit

More than 5,000 attendees from 20 countries will attend the conference and more than 10,000 people will be watching live. By associating investors, entrepreneurs and professionals for discussing  current cryptocurrency market and future of blockchain technology.

International Blockchain & Cryptocurrency conference, will be held on February 20, 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Summit Subjects:

  • Future of Payments with Cryptocurrencies: Why do Current Banking Solutions Fail
  • Panel Discussion: Will States Make Peace with Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain or will They Struggle Against?
  • Redefining Human Value: a New Epoch of Individualized Economy
  • People vs. Power: Shifting Away from Centralization
  • Bitcoin and the Other Cryptocurrencies: What are the Investors’ Next Step?
  • Understanding Economic Crises: Blockchain based Economical System
  • Summit web:

Blockchain Expo

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What is Blockchain Expo?

As the world of blockchain technollogy continues tog ain steam, more and more events and conferences are springing up across the world. Blockchain Expo is one of the biggest event series centered around blockchaint echnology. So big, in fact, that it will be hosted in several different places this year. The Blockchain Expo events have European, North American, and Global variants. Each event further consists of multiple co-located events, which makes it a paradise for blockchain enthusiasts.

Previous and Future Blockchain Expo events

The previous Blockchain Expo events have received a lot of praise from online critics, and future Blockchain Expo events will only grow bigger each year. The Global and European events have already been held in April and June, respectively, so there is now only the North American event to attend this year. Blockchain Expo Global 2019 will be held on April 25-26 in London, and Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 will be held ion 19-20 June in Amsterdam. Despite these two next event not being held until next year, it is not too early to secure your early bird registration, as well as any speaking or sponsor engagements you might want.

blockchain expo

Blockchain Expo North America 2019

The event taking place the soonest is Blochain Expo North America 2019, which will be held in the Santa Clara Convention Center in California on November 28-29. Early bird tickets are still available until September 21. You can save $450 by registering before then by going to the booking site HERE.

The event is set to be huge. As a matter of fact, it is branded as the largest blockchain event in the world. Over 13,000 people will be attending to hear more than 500 speakers share their wisdom and experiences. The speaking engagements are spread across 24 conference tracks, and over 350 companies will be exhibiting their latest products and innovations.

Which topics will be covered?

There is a little bit for everyone at the Blockchain Expo. Entrepreneurs will find a lot of talks on enterprise development and strategies for business. Those interested in the money side of things will find both cryptocurrency and financial services in general being discussed. Creative minds will be interested in the talks on the different platforms and applications being developed. Finally, there will also be a lot of investors present, so there will be a chance to pitch your ideas and network.

Where can you find out more?

You can find out everything you need to know on the Blockchain Expo website right HERE. there you will find a full list of speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors, as well as the conference agenda.

Where do you buy tickets?

There is a range of different conference passes available, as well as various add-ons. There is an option of getting a free pass for the conference, but you can also pay for some of the more exclusive passes. These passes include the Expo Gold, Plus, and Ultimate Passes. Some of the benefits of them include being invited to take part in exclusive networking events and interesting workshops.

Ticket price:


Blockchain Game Summit 2018

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Blockchain Game Summit 2018

Blockchain technology has without a doubt been a game changer for many different industries. One ICO after another brings with it a new promise to transform a new industry, whether that be real estate, betting, deliveries, fundraising, or trading.

blockchain summit

The gaming industry is one of the many fields that could benefit massively from blockchain technology. Many game developers have already adopted the technology and are working on fascinating online games that will be completely decentralized.

Blockchain Game Summit 2018 is the first ever blockchain conference that will focus on the gaming industry and how it will change with the blockchain technology.

How gaming can benefit from the blockchain

Online gaming is a rapidly expanding industry, and with that kind of growth comes a lot of issues. Security has long been a concern for the gaming community, and the use of the blockchain will be able to remedy this issue. Certain game developers will also be rewarding gamers with cryptocurrency to incentivize their engagement. This has also been seen in other industries and will revolutionize the way we think about consumption of online media.

Blockchain Game Summit will host speakers that will present their thoughts on these subjects and many more.


When and where will Blockchain Game Summit be held?

The event will take place in the Confluence Museum in Lyon, France, on September 25-26. Blockchain Game Summit will host thought leaders, investors, developers, blockchain experts, and many more interesting people in the gaming and blockchain industries.

What will happen during the Summit?

In addition to the talks by industry leaders, there will be panels and live demonstrations on stage. There will be ample opportunity to learn about new innovations and network with the many attendees. You can also participate in a roundtable discussion and playtest some of the developers latest innovations.

Who will be speaking at Summit?

The impressive line-up of speakers can be found HERE. The list includes Marguerite deCourcelle (CEO, Neon District), Daniel Kraft (CTO, Xaya), Nicolas Pouard (Blockchain Initiative Manager, Ubisoft), Alex Amsel (Head of Blockchain Strategy, Fig), and Ben Heidorn (CTO, Blockade Games).

BGS - Banner

More about the Blockchain Game Summit

Follow them on Twitter HERE.
Like them on Facebook HERE.
Follow them on LinkedIn HERE.
Join their Telegram group HERE.

Where can you get tickets?

You can buy your ticket for €650-€750 by going to the Eventbrite booking site HERE. You can get yourself a nice 20% discount if you use the code SteelmediaxBGS18.

Who is behind the Blockchain Game Summit?

The company behind this amazing event is the video game studio B2Expand, which has worked with Ubisoft’s startup program. Beyond the Void was their first game, and used a money system built on Ethereum’s blockchain. B2Expand has enlisted the help of Exoflow to organize the event, as they have created very successful events in the past.

Blockchain Unchained

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blockchain icofriends

What is Blockchain Unchained?

This is the conference for both crypto-enthusiasts and the uninitiated alike. Kicking off in Geneva today, blockchain experts and fans from all over the world will gather to share their knowledge and introduce new members into the world of blockchain technology. It will be the perfect opportunity to learn what the hype is about, network with peers in the industry, and explore the fantastic city of Geneva in Switzerland.

icofriends summit

What will happen at Blockchain Unchained?

The aim of the conference is to “educate and entertain“. With that in mind, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn from some of the most prominent speakers in the world and participate in ICO (initial coin offering) pitches.

What is the purpose of Blockchain Unchained?

Although blockchain technology has been around for over a decade now, there are still a few people who understand it — or even know about it! The organizers of Blockchain Unchained recognize that the technology can be difficult to understand at times. That’s why they’ve put together this amazing event that aims to raise awareness about the wonders and possibilities of the blockchain. The conference is aimed not only at people already working in the space but also members of the general public who are eager to learn more.

Bridging the off-chain world with the on-chain world

The event will focus on how blockchain technology can improve the world of banking and finance, as well as help launch new and exciting tech startups. Even startup companies who have not yet considered how they can utilize blockchain technology are invited to join the festivities and learn more. As an entrepreneur, you might even be inspired to launch your very own ICO — which you can pitch directly to investors at the conference!

Who is organizing Blockchain Unchained?

The organizers behind the event is a Swiss fintech company called SwissBorg. Based in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland, they are the world’s first blockchain-based cryptocurrency wealth-management firm. A team of financial experts are behind the project and aim to inspire local communities of cryptocurrency traders to push the boundaries for what is possible.

When does Blockchain Unchained take place?

The conference runs from today (September 12) at 8 am to Friday (September 14) at 5 pm.

Where does Blockchain Unchained take place?

The event will be held at the impressive multi-purpose venue Uptown Geneva, on Rue de la Servette 2, Geneva 1201, in Switzerland.

Where can I learn more about Blockchain Unchained?

You can find out more about the event on their website: or email the organizers on

Where can I get tickets for Blockchain Unchained?

You will be able to get tickets at the Eventbrite page:


Let us know how it went!

We always love to hear about your first-hand experiences at blockchain events like Blockchain Unchained. If you’re currently attending or are planning to, please share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

Cryptocurrency Attracts the Youth

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Cryptocurrency Attracts the Youth

Interest in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, continues to grow amongst the young. As a new study, conducted by Qriously in conjunction with the exchange, Coinbase, shows the rise in interest among students. It has been suggested that Bitcoin is on the same trajectory as the internet and social media before it. Up to one-fifth of students already own Bitcoin, whilst two-fifths of Universities offer courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain. Stanford University is currently leading the way with over ten courses on the subject. And with student interest and enthusiasm flourishing, this trend amongst universities continues to grow.

This bolstered the recent study conducted by Imperial College London, who touted cryptocurrency as the next logical step. Researchers suggest as cryptocurrency moves beyond being a store of value to a readily exchangeable commodity it will elevate itself towards the mainstream. However, as the researchers state, there are several obstacles cryptocurrency must overcome. Regulation, usability, and scalability are the main three hurdles if cryptocurrency manages to straddle these it may very well be on it’s way to winning the race.

Meanwhile in Asia

Mainstream interest continues to pick up in Asia as more people look to work in Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Since 2017, job opportunities in the sector have exploded, increasing by up to 50%. Blockchain, which is the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies has seen a particular interest. Data from Indeed shows a heightened interest in Blockchain jobs all across Asia, from Australia to India, down to Singapore. It’s not just interest that is growing but opportunities too.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain positions are attracting people from all sectors. As the industry grows beyond just development and trade there is a need to round out their operations. Where once the sector mainly attracted individuals from more technical backgrounds, in software development, and financial backgrounds, in banking, it now reaches further afield. As the sector moves towards more distributed applications they are beginning to resemble internet and tech-based companies.

Rakuten Everybody’s Bitcoin

Japan’s largest e-commerce company, Rakuten, believes in the future of cryptocurrency as it continues to expand into new sectors. Rakuten, see’s cryptocurrency based payments to grow exponentially and have been considering entering into the cryptocurrency exchange for some time. Today, 31st August, Rakuten announced their acquisition of Everybody’s Bitcoin, signaling their commitment to the future of cryptocurrency.

Rakuten covers over 70 services, ranging from e-commerce retail to financial services. And they believe that cryptocurrency will become integral across all services. Although they had already begun accepting Bitcoin payments back in 2015, the organizations believe that this is the next step. By providing their own cryptocurrency exchange they will be able to provide better processes for cryptocurrency payment across the board, providing a more streamlined and secure service. Rakuten looks to bring their extensive experience and knowledge of various financial services to Everybody’s Bitcoin. And with Everybody’s Bitcoins knowledge and experience of the cryptocurrency exchange they look to expand and develop cryptocurrency services for customers.

Have you begun investing yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Cryptocurrency Miners vs. Utility Companies

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The standoff between cryptocurrency miners and utility companies continues but some may be looking for a way to work together.

Mining is becoming more popular

As cryptocurrency mining grows, so does the need for more power. Mining is a power-intensive process, utilizing large numbers of servers. Bitcoin mining alone absorbs more power than the country of Ireland. Therefore, Crypto-miners are always seeking the cheapest rates in order to maintain profitability. In fact, the cost of power can make or break a mining operation.

The hunt for cheap electricity has led to many confrontations with the utility companies. In, March, Chelan County, Washington, utility regulators had to suspend applications from cryptocurrency miners because the impact their power-intensive operations were having on the small county of Washington was becoming untenable. As 100’s of new mining operations look to set up in rural Washington, due to their cheap utility rates, the tensions have increased. One public utility company even had to beef up security as would-be miners have been harassing their staff. These tensions have led to some companies deciding to set up their own power grids. A Canadian company, DMG Blockchain, have invested in building their own sub-station in British Columbia.

Miners vs. utility companies

It seems on the surface that there is money to be made on both sides, so why the standoff? From the point of view of the utility companies, it would involve a massive investment on their part in an industry with an uncertain outcome. Kevin Nordst of Grant PUD, Washington, states that the infrastructure is not there and it would require millions if not billions of investment to meet the massive demand. The risk of investing in an industry with no track record and a lot of unknowns leaves much to be desired. The utility companies would be building power plants to serve a single industry in an area that does not require that kind of power. If crypto-mining were to disappear, for whatever reason, the utilities would be left footing the bill with an abundance of power they can’t sell. With these concerns in mind and money to be made, both sides are looking for suitable solutions.

Utility companies are looking to start from the ground up. Their first concern is on how to regulate and asses crypto-mining operations. Grant PUD, has created a new classification, known as the ‘evolving class’, this would include not only crypto-miners but any other emerging technologies with power-intensive needs. From this starting point, they would develop effective policies tailored towards these growing industries.

Solutions on the horizon

Crypto-miners, on the other hand, are looking for solutions in the existing system which they believe can benefit all. Power companies keep an excess of power at any given time in order to meet especially high demands. The majority of the time this power goes unused. What crypto-miners are suggesting is to have access to this excess power during the periods where it is not needed and when it is needed they are happy to close down operations. This would give utilities the opportunity to sell off unused power whilst still having the capability to meet the demands of their population base.

As the industry continues to grow we will no doubt see the confidence in certainty rise and more partnership solutions between utilities and crypto-miners.

Earn Cryptocurrency By Watching Adult Entertainment

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The adult entertainment industry has always been at the forefront of new technological developments. Back in the 1970s, it was the adult entertainment industry that brought the VHS tape technology into the mainstream. In the 2000s, it did the same thing with DVDs. A few years after that, the adult entertainment industry was crucial to making streaming a mainstream phenomenon. Today, the industry is looking at tokenizing porn viewing — and this is good news for the cryptocurrency industry.

Tube8 is the website that will lead the way

Tube8 is a subsidiary website of the behemoth PornHub and boasts of 10 million members with 150 million page visits every single month. That is a huge amount of traffic. But rather than seeing this as an opportunity to charge people to watch porn, the Tube8 management is seeing a very different opportunity. Robin Turner of Tube8 is very enthusiastic about these latest developments. He mentions in an interview with Hard Fork that it has always been a dream for many people to get paid to watch porn. Up until recently, everyone had to pay for magazines and videos. The streaming revolution enabled people to watch all the adult entertainment they wanted to for free. Soon, the many online enthusiasts will be able to actually earn money for viewing their favorite pass time.

What is the Vice Industry Token?

The cryptocurrency token that users of Tube8 will be rewarded with is the Vice Industry Token (VIT). The token has recently been involved in some controversy, but it hasn’t stopped Tube8 from deciding to work with the team behind it. There are other blockchain projects out there doing the same thing as VIT, but they are not fully decentralized. The content found on Tube8 will be monetized through the VIT protocol. Although the token isn’t specifically designed for the adult entertainment industry, it is designed to monetize all kinds of streamed content online. Previously, people would log into the Tube8 site, watch a video or two, and then log off. With the introduction of the VIT tokens, they will be incentivized to engage more with the content by liking, commenting, and sharing. The VIT token has also formed a partnership with prominent figures like Stormy Daniels.

Technological hurdles ahead for Tube8

There are a few hurdles the project needs to overcome before the dream of getting paid to watch porn can become a reality. One of these is the scalability issue. There has long been a growing concern that the blockchain network is not fast enough to meet demand.

Networks like Ethereum can at present only handle 15 transactions per second. This is very little compared to credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard, who can handle tens of thousands of transaction each second. Given that Tube8 has 150 million page views every day, tokenizing this traffic will become an issue. Rather, Tube8 is looking t the Steem blockchain, which is able to handle 100,000 transactions per second. If Tube8 is successful in their experiment, it could see the entire PornHub Network becoming tokenized. This includes sites like PornHub itself (2.8 billion visits), as well as YouPorn (360 daily visits) and RedTube (510 million daily visits).

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