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BITBOSE – The Future of Crypto-Trading

Bitbose ICO Review Trading is not easy. Whether it is fiat money, cryptocurrency, assets, commodities, or real estate, there is a lot of red tape and expenses involved. Today’s market features a lot of transaction fees, paperwork, and intermediaries who all want a slice of the pie. This not only makes trading more difficult but… Keep Reading

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CHANGENOW – Limitless Cryptocurrency Exchange

ChangeNOW ICO Review There are over 1500 different kinds of cryptocurrency in circulation. That is a lot of different tokens, and unsurprisingly there are a number of cryptocurrency exchanges available for holders to change one token for another. Cryptocurrency exchanges, however, often require users to register their personal details. While this should not be a… Keep Reading

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LENDSBAY – Lend Money to Only Approved Borrowers

Lendsbay ICO Review Lendsbay is a digital lending platform for the informal lending market. The informal lending market is a market in which friends, relatives, acquaintances, and other individuals lend money to each other. Banks, credit card issues, mortgage lenders, and leasing providers are not a part of this market. These entities make up the… Keep Reading

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MOOLYA – Connecting Entrepreneurs Globally

Moolya ICO Review There has never been a better time to start a company. Why? Because the Internet has allowed us to be located anywhere in the world, and collaborate with others across borders and timezones. This means that there are now more startup companies popping up than ever before. But new businesses and the… Keep Reading

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HUMANCOIN – Cryptocurrency for Charities

HumanCoin ICO Review Charities around the world have begun to open their eyes to the possibilities offered by cryptocurrency. In the cryptocurrency community there is an untapped resource of donors that charities could have access to if they have a method of accepting donations in cryptocurrency. Like most businesses, the majority of charities are not… Keep Reading

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VANIG – The Future of Shopping

Vanig ICO Review Shopping has undergone an immense transformation over the past couple of decades. Physical retail stores are in a constant race to compete with online stores, which have lower overheads and more flexibility. The shopping wars will probably go on for some time to come, but in the meantime, developers are working on… Keep Reading

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BGX – Mobile Gaming Payment Processing

BGX Review In the world of cryptocurrency, it is, obviously, all about the money. In the world of mobile gaming, money is definitely a deciding factor as well. As a matter of fact, the industry reached a total revenue of $30 billion last year alone. The projections for this year are even bigger, and experts… Keep Reading

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NEXTPAKK – Crowdsourced Parcel Delivery

NextPakk Review NextPakk is the next generation of parcel delivery services. Too often, customers who order products online miss their deliveries, because the parcel delivery services are unable to deliver at a time that is convenient for the customer. Most people have a nine to five job, and are only able to receive deliveries during… Keep Reading

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U RUN IT – Letting Users Control Online Casinos

U Run It Review The market for online casinos is one of the few industries that sees a rapid and consistent growth. Based on the growth of the industry from 2017 to now, the market capacity is expected to have doubled in just five years by 2022. Whilst the gambling industry has come a long… Keep Reading

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EIPlatform – Connecting Brands and E-Sport Fans

EIPlatform Review E-sports is a huge global phenomenon, and it is growing faster than any other sport. For that reason, many global brands are keeping an eye on the market for e-sports, as the huge audience is a potential customer base for them. However, up until now, the major brands have run largely ineffective marketing… Keep Reading

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