Why Use Blockchain Technology?

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The Excitement of Blockchain Technology!

Blockchain technology and the digital world go hand in hand.  Blockchain technology is one of the most important platforms for keeping up with digital assets.  Since blockchain technology is becoming an exciting part of the digital world, it is important to understand why using blockchain technology is so crucial.

With blockchain technology being all the hype, it is important to understand why this type of technology is becoming popular and the answer lies in the exploration and revolution of blockchain technology.  Blockchain can offer better security than a conventional database can offer and with improved security, this type of technology could benefit countries and nations that have problems with censorship.

Blockchains are also valuable beyond just security, but they offer practical uses such as a payment portal, communication links, data recording and other distributed ideas, across different nations.  Blockchain offers ways for people to transfer money and to inventory financial business with many different industries.  Check out www.cognizant.com for more information on the value of blockchain technology.

Why is Blockchain Technology Useful?

There are many different reasons why people and companies are choosing to use blockchains over conventional databases and these include peace of mind, reduction of costs, transparency, and quicker transactions.

Peace of Mind

Having protection is one of the most important factors when conducting business.  With blockchain technology, there is more protection of data information than that of conventional databases.

Hacking seems to happen everywhere, but with blockchain technology, there is much less chance that transactions and information can be hacked and that targeting a blockchain will cause the blockchain to decline the transaction before any potential harm can be done.  When a network is full of nodes, the network will be more secure and will be safer for the user.

One exciting blockchain that most people know about is bitcoin and this is one blockchain that is considered to be secure and reliable.  IBM talks about how blockchains provide better security and is a better place to make transactions that are both recorded, encrypted and approved so that information is difficult for hackers to retrieve. Read more.

Reduction of Costs

The DevOps system can be maintained if blockchain technology is being run over different nodes and this will help to reduce costs because it will cut down on the additional staff that is needed to maintain the program.

When companies are small, savings are important and by using blockchain technology, small companies can take out the middle man for both jobs and financial services.


Blockchain technology can be changed to fit the company that is utilizing it.  With different organizations, the need for transparent business transactions is important and with blockchain technology, this is possible.

With the different network nodes, blockchain technology can be modified to fit the information that the company is looking to save.  Modifying blockchain technology is possible for any company.

Blockchains are simple and can keep perfect records of data both securely and easily.  Find out more about this here.

Quicker Transactions

Banks and other financial institutions can take days or even weeks to completely make a settlement or transaction.  This happens because the bank uses software applications that have advanced protocols and since the banks are only open during regular business hours, the transferring only takes place during these times.

When organizations are in different time zones, transactions can become more complicated and that is where blockchain technology really comes in handy.

Blockchain technology works around the clock, 24 hours a day and seven days a week and so the transactions take much less time than a regular bank transaction does.  Blockchain users can make transactions on the internet without having to use a bank or other third parties and this helps transactions to work in real time.  More can be found on https://www.happiestminds.com/Insights/blockchain/.


Even though there are certainly limits to using blockchain technology, most studies have proven that blockchain can be very beneficial compared to contemporary databases and that it can provide better technology and better quality for our busy and innovative lives.

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