What Are Online Wallets

What Are Online Wallets? (Updated 2019)

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Online crypto wallets make storing and sending cryptocurrencies online possible. It is accessible wherever you are. But a third party managed your private keys since it is stored online that makes it risky and prone to hackers.

A lot of online cryptocurrency wallets offers plenty of features such as its possible to connect to all online devices like desktop computer, tablet and even mobile phone. If you are using a bit of cryptocurrency, we suggest preferring these wallets.

How does it work?

Research is the first key and we’re doing the first step now. Choose the best online crypto service that you prefer, after that you can use cryptocurrency as a payment on the items/products you buy online. The server of your wallet service provider will keep your private keys. You will receive a  crypto code after your keys have been saved which allows you to access your online wallet and make transactions. Don`t forget that when you use your online crypto wallets, its information will be accessible to third parties, thus your private keys will own by the company and they can access your wallet. Therefore we highly recommended that you choose your provider carefully.

How to get the full benefit of your online wallet?

Users that are unable to make transactions from their online wallets is a possible case. We highly suggest that you must prefer an online wallet company that has been for a long-serving on this kind of business. They are more trustworthy on protecting client’s crypto money.

Choosing a reliable one on using online wallets is a must. Additional security functions for your coins is one of the features that you should consider. Reading the reviews of different suppliers is a good way to know their pros and cons.

What are the pros of online wallets?

Online cryptocurrency wallets guarantee fast transactions that make buying goods online more convenient. It is always on the go that also makes it perfect for active trading. Most of them are not limited to only single cryptocurrency, in that case, it is easy to manage.

What about the cons?

Higher risk of online security breaches such as scams and hacks when using cloud-based wallets is its drawback. Third parties can also access your funds and can be a reason for online cryptocurrency wallets are less attractive.


Even though online wallets are convenient and practical to use, they are not safe for cryptocurrency most especially for a small number of coins.

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