VOXXO – New Promising Ico For Music

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Artists are free souls. What guides them is their passion. They hate all limits, as limitations hinder their creativity and ultimately, the quality of the art they make. Our world ended up in a situation where artists are completely in the hands of financial behemoths – recording labels and streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music. Ultimately, it is up to these entities whether their compositions get published and whether they gain any recognition. Musicians are chained by the regulations of these companies. Fees can be high, cutting a lot of profit from musicians. For an up and coming artist, this can make the road to stardom very tough. VOXXO is an ICO that wishes to release artists from these restrictions.

The Goals of VOXXO

VOXXO attempts to integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to the music world. It aims to halt filtering of content, so that every artist can become heard, not just the ones with large label support. The ERC20 token will grant extra bonuses to its users on the VOXXO platform. There will be options to pay with other cryptocurrencies, but without the extras. If you do not want to pay, you will still be able to listen to music freely, but with ads every two songs. Otherwise, there will be no limitations, unlike Spotify, which doesn’t let you play specific songs as a free user when your trial time runs out, only compositions from random playlists, hopefully based around your interests.


Payments would be based on as many hours as you want to listen, without any monthly subscriptions. There will be chances to win free concert tickets and the option to listen to live gigs. For musicians, there are licensing options, which require no complex paperwork. Artists would earn funds when users listen to their songs with VOXXO. Thanks to collaboration with organizations like ASCAP, BMI and PRS, a cryptocurrency revenue collection system will be established. It’s a big deal, because small time artists find it difficult to earn money off copyright.



Team of this project is quite small. While we’re at it, I’d like to point out that the whitepaper is littered with spelling errors and bad formatting. Apparently, the list it going to be updated after sale #1 finishes, but I believe that a mere four people is not enough for something as complex as an ICO. It could be justified if it was a squad of 4 prodigies, but it isn’t. Unimpressive resumes with no achievements that stand out. No real experience in managing companies. I wouldn’t trust these people with my money. Not mentioning that the LinkedIn profiles aren’t even in English, and I had to use Google translate to make sense of them.

Social Media, Summary

I don’t need to bother with a lengthy description. VOXXO has less than thousand likes on all social media. I can only see them talked about in forums like bitcointalk.org, with only 8 pages in the thread since November. To pad this section out a bit, I’ll mention that I can’t shake the feeling that VOXXO isn’t really trying to “free the artists”. The project to me seems like simply replacing the current model with a copy, but with cryptocurrency and blockchain functionalities added. Features like users voting for the songs to just get inside the platform, or paying with your tokens to have a higher power vote during live event votes doesn’t seem quite fair to me. The one with the most money wins. Nothing changes. As an artist and a musician, I’m suspicious of this project. I wouldn’t invest a penny in this.

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