The Ultimate Guide To Launching An ICO

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The ultimate guide to launching an ICO

The road to a successful ICO is long and hard. Fortunately, ICOfriends has done the heavy lifting for you and research everything you need to know about launching your own ICO. We’ve compiled a list of relevant articles to guide you every step of the way.

We hope you enjoy our Ultimate Guide To Launching An ICO.

What is an ICO?

ICOs are the weapon of choice when it comes to securing funding in the blockchain space. Initial Coin Offerings allow investors to purchase some tokens related to the ICO project. If you’re unsure of what’s involved, then read our article What Is An ICO?

Should you launch an ICO?

ICOs are not for everyone. If your business idea is not rooted in blockchain technology, then the chances are that you shouldn’t launch an ICO. If, on the other hand, your product can incorporate cryptocurrency then an ICO is perhaps the best way. Read Should You Launch An ICO?

How to create a product for your ICO

The product or service you’re trying to raise funding for is what will make or break your ICO. If there is no demand for it, or it is not of sufficient quality, then your ICO will fail. Your ICO token is only worth as much as the product, so read our guide on How To Create A Product For Your ICO.

How to build an ICO team

A team is only as fast as its slowest member, so make sure there are no weak links in your ICO team. It should be treated like any other business, and you need to source the best talent in the crypto-sphere. Read our guide on How To Build An ICO Team.

How to create an ICO token

Your Initial Coin Offering won’t get far if you don’t have a coin to offer. Although most ICOs launch their token on the Ethereum network, there are also other options like Stellar Lumens. Read this article on How To Create An ICO Token.

ICO law 101

Blockchain technology has been around for a decade, but the lawmakers are still playing catch up. That means you’re in an uncertain space when it comes to laws and regulations. Make sure you cover all bases by reading up on ICO Law 101.

How to write an ICO white paper

A good ICO white paper not only helps build up your credibility but is also a great way to sell potential investors on your project. Your white paper should be part marketing, part legalese, and part technical jargon. Learn How To Write An ICO White Paper.

How to create an ICO website

In the digital era, sites are pretty much the closest thing your business will get to a storefront. Treat it as such, but creating a slick and inviting design. Be sure to include all the relevant information investors could be interested in. Read our article on How To Create An ICO Website.

ICO marketing 101

You’ll want to get as many eyeballs on your ICO as possible to maximize investment in your project. There are a million ways to market your ICO online, including PR campaigns and social media. Head over to ICO Marketing 101 to learn about your options.

How to get your ICO token listed on exchanges

There are over 500 cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe. What they all have in common is that they list the top cryptocurrency tokens. There are a few hurdles to get past to get your ICO token into the big boys’ club. Read our article on How To Get Your ICO Token Listed On Exchanges.

Top 15 ICO Launch Services

If all this seems too much to handle, it’s not uncommon to enlist some help. There are some great ICO service providers out there who can make your launch a success. We’ve listed some of the best ones in our Top 15 ICO Service Providers.


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