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Triwer Review

It took me two attempts to order my office desk. The first attempt failed, because I did not pay attention to the name of the delivery company. They are terrible, and consistently fail to deliver parcels. Not only did they not deliver it, but they sent it to a storage unit an hour’s drive from where it was supposed to be delivered. Needless to say, I’m never going to order anything that is delivered by them again. But this is not about my online orders. This is about the future of online orders.

As more and more high street shops close for good, people are getting used to ordering everything online. It’s quick and easy for the customers, and it saves businesses a lot of money in various expenses related to running a physical shop. This means that the online shopping and delivery model is set to grow year on year. So what does this have to do with blockchain? Good question. Let us have a look at Triwer.

What is Triwer?

Triwer is a delivery service platform, and does all the same things as your average courier service – except it does much more than that. Triwer offers its users to compare prices for delivery, and choose between standard and express delivery services. Users will be able to create an online profile, where they can fill in their details, such as address and contact information. This profile can then be used on multiple online shops, such as Amazon and eBay. The platform will also allows users to choose a pickup delivery point, should they not be home to collect their parcel. They will also be able to track the delivery, communicate with the driver, and monitor their agreements on the Triwer platform.

How does it work?

The Triwer platform is based on blockchain technology, which means that everything is decentralised. Agreements between users and delivery service providers will be facilitated by smart contracts and the native Triwer token TRW. Users will have a Triwer app on their smartphone or tablet, and will be able to control anything related to their delivery via the app. Once a shipment has been ordered, it will be recorded on the Ethereal blockchain, and a smart contract will be created. The service providers delivering the parcels will all consist of experienced drivers that know the markets they are in. Finally, there is the green aspect of Triwer. The platform will be integrated with PickPack, which means that users can receive paperless deliveries. The Triwer team wants to invest in low emission transportation, and pride themselves on reducing carbon emissions.

What are the features?

The platform will offer more than simply deliveries and tracking. Both sender and receiver will have more control over what happens to the parcel. A diverse range of transportation will ensure that users not only get a good deal on price, but also that the delivery itself will be safer and involve less risk of damaged parcels. Should anything happen to the parcel, users can rest assured that everything is insured for the full value of the item. The platform will also have a customer service phone support, as well as live chat. Everything will be done with the environment in mind, so carbon emissions are kept at a minimum and paper is rarely used for packaging.

What about the token?

The TRW token will be based on the ER20 network, and is a utility token. The TRW will be the native currency used on the Triwer platform, and is available during the crowd token sale. The total limit for the TRW tokens will be 1,000,000,000, of which 375,000,000 will be for sale. If you are looking to invest, $0.08 will get you one TRW token. If you don’t want to pay in fiat money, Triwer is happy to accept your Ethereum and Bitcoin as well.

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