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Who Created Bitcoin? An Overview of Satoshi Nakamoto

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Who created Bitcoin?

The enigmatic developer of Bitcoin has become an urban myth in blockchain circles. Very little has been learned about Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity — or if he’s one or more people. It could be a lone programmer, but it might also be a collective. What is understood, however, is that Satoshi Nakamoto composed the protocol for Bitcoin in 2007. The official white paper for Bitcoin was released a year later, and the very first Bitcoin block was mined in early 2009.

Nakamoto was significantly involved in the Bitcoin community for the next two years. Then, suddenly, Nakamoto announced that he would withdraw from the Bitcoin community in December 2010. The reins were turned over to Gavin Andresen, with whom Nakamoto had a close relationship. A few months later on, in the spring of 2011, Nakamoto further mentioned that he had moved on to other things and would not be involved any longer.

satoshi nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto nationality

Numerous people have hypothesized on the national identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. His P2P profile specified that he was a Japanese male born on April 5th, 1975. Several Bitcoin-enthusiasts, nevertheless, have claimed this to be unlikely given the fluency of Nakamoto’s English in the white paper. A Swiss coder by the name of Stefan Thomas went through over 500 of Nakamoto’s posts on Bitcoin. Thomas discovered the possibility of Nakamoto being a Japanese man living in the GMT zone.

Satoshi Nakamoto prospects

Some prominent people in the Bitcoin area have been believed to be using the pseudonym.

Dorian Prentice

A Japanese-American man called Dorian Prentice living in California is the most popular prospect. Prentice is a  likely choice, seeing as his birth name was Satoshi Nakamoto. His background as a physicist and systems engineer likewise led people to think he was the Bitcoin founder.

Nick Szabo

He has repeatedly denied being Nakamoto; Nick Szabo is considered one of the candidates. Szabo wrote a white paper on something that looked like cryptocurrency before Bitcoin was a truth. A researcher by the name of Skye Grey linked Szabo’s composing style to that of Nakamoto.

Hal Finney

Finney was a cryptographic pioneer, and one of the first individuals to utilize the Bitcoin software. As with Szabo, Finney’s writing style carefully matched that of Nakamoto.

Craig Wright

People have also linked an Australian academic by the name of Craig Wright to the Bitcoin creator. The reason for that was because Wright was in cahoots with some interesting Bitcoin experts. These included  David Kleiman, Jon Matonis, Ian Grigg, and Gavin Andresen.

satoshi nakamoto


What is known is that Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the code for Bitcoin in 2007. Nakamoto was heavily immersed in the Bitcoin neighborhood for the next two years. A Swiss coder by the name of Stefan Thomas went through over 500 of Nakamoto’s posts on Bitcoin to report these findings. Different reports declare that Nakamoto holds Bitcoin worth $7 billion. If that’s true, then the probability is that Nakamoto, whoever he is, probably does not require another slice of the Bitcoin pie.

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