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REDBUX – Biggest Payment Revolution in Adult Fun Today!

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RedBux is an online currency that is believed to be one of the major contributors in the world of adult entertainment. It has enabled some of the world largest firms such as IWantEmpire and Wicked Pictures to introduce this new platform into their system, coming up with over six thousand various types of points of payments.

More About RedBux ICO

The public token pre-sale of the RedBux ICO began on the 22nd day of March 2018.
Individuals will be able to take part in this pre-sale period are only the users who are whitelisted.

They will be awarded a bonus of 35% of their amount for signing up in advance. The RedBux token has been created on the ERC20 utility token and would be applied for the purposes of guaranteeing all kinds of payments in the ecosystem.

The token is known as RedBux and is believed to possess more than six thousand points of payment for a number of adult-rated websites. The tokens will be able to make payments much faster and provide an avenue of working out any kinds of technical hitches on the spot.


The Team at RedBux

There is a team that consists of a dozen members working tirelessly to ensure that RedBux provides the services it is designed to offer, and in the best manner possible.

This team is headed by Tobias Platte, who is also the current Chief Executive Officer of the company. In addition to the dozen-member team, there are also a number of advisors that work under the leadership of Mr. Platte. One of the largest industry sectors in the entire globe is porn, and the introduction of RedBux is a step towards advancing operations in this space.


With the Virtual Reality technology receiving positive adoption around the globe, there is a promising future for this new service provider.

This is how RedBux Operates

The main idea behind the creation of RedBux platform is to introduce an engine booster that will enhance the development of the most responsive and advanced Virtual Reality that has ever been witnessed in the world of porn.

This is the latest technology that integrates the use of Virtual Reality in collaboration with AI {Artificial Intelligence} Avatars. Their main intention is to come up with the most interactive experience in the world of porn.

It will be comprised of some of the most renowned names in the world of porn, and it will run on the RedBux token.

In summary

RedBux is the perfect bet for anyone who is in search of an investment that is fully guaranteed. It is one of the best investments that are on the market as of now. It has been anchored on the idea of connecting users to their best porn actors and actress in a virtual reality experience.

The experience, according to those who have used the services, is not only attractive but also very lifelike. RedBux has a very promising future, and in the next couple of years, it could become the few mega billion-dollar companies dealing in the world of porn.

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