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Qompass Review

Qompass is an ambitious project with an even more ambitious vision: to revolutionize how the financial markets operate.

What is Qompass?

Qompass is a system that aims to provide users with a new way of accessing financial markets. Qompass comprises of three things: it’s a blockchain platform, it’s a mobile app, and it’s a debit card. It’s the Kinder Surprise of ICOs. The platform will be using Qompass tokens (called QPS), and the mobile app will function as a digital wallet, with which users can load credit onto their cards. The aim of the Qompass is to eliminate corruption on the global financial market by transforming it with blockchain technology.

Who is behind it?

The CEO of Qompass is Emmanuel Lim, who has over three decades of experience in data encryption and cryptography. Educated in Computer Science at Singapore Institute of Technology, his past experience includes working for Standard Chartered Bank as a head of their cybersecurity. Along with CTO Vladimir Okhrimenko and CFO Selena Neskovic, he founded Qompass in Hong Kong last year.

How does it work?

By using a combination of active leverage, artificial intelligence, and neural networks, Qompass aims to create an ecosystem of applications and protocols. In other words, the system will contain a number of services and products that will benefit users interacting with financial markets. As with other kinds of cryptocurrencies, Qompass is completely decentralized and protects the anonymity of its users. One of the added benefits is that the Qompass system will function much faster than current ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. As a matter of fact, the developers promise that it will be able to process 30,000 transactions every second. One of the ways it will do this is by harnessing artificial intelligence. This will, in turn, lower the cost of usage, which will translate into lower transaction costs for its users. While the platform is built with financial transactions in mind, it is also designed with user customizability in mind.

What are the services and products?

Qompass promises quite a few interesting products and services for its users. The Qompass Trader uses artificial intelligence to analyze movements in the financial markets, and then provide the user with recommendations on what to trade when for maximum profit. The Open API Platform allows for financial institutions around the world to link up with the platform. The Crypto P2P Exchange is a peer-to-peer exchange that will allow users to cash out their QPS earnings through the financial institutions linked to the platform. The Blockchain-Based Financing will allow users to put down their QPS as guarantees on loans in other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Finally, the Crypto Payment Cards will be the “debit card” that allows users to access the blockchain.

How much can you invest?

Qompass offers investors packages in three different tiers, that each come with different benefits. The Alpha Package (the smallest one) can be bought for just $1, and gives users the opportunity to double their investment each month, whilst paying a quarter of their earnings back into the platform. For those investing $10,001 or more, the Delta Package will allow for 200% return on investment each month, whilst only requiring 20% of the earnings to be paid in fees. Finally, the Omega Package ($100,001 and more) will give investors up to 300% back on their investment each month, and only requires 15% in performance fees.

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