PROJECT SHIVOM – The Future of Healthcare

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The future of healthcare?

Ever since the Human Genome Project, which for the first time allowed people to have their genomes sequenced, massive leaps have been made in healthcare.

Hereditary diseases of all kinds have been combated more efficiently, improving and saving the lives of countless people around the world.

Similarly, artificial intelligence has aided healthcare professionals by improving their systems and saving time as well as resources.

Genomic medicine and artificial intelligence has been revolutionary for medicine. The same could be said for the impact blockchain technology will have on the global economic system.

But could blockchain technology also be used in healthcare? Up until now, few have toyed with this idea.

Project Shivom is the ICO that will combine genomic DNA sequencing with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to once again revolutionise the way we think about healthcare.

About Project Shivom

The main aim of Project Shivom is to make healthcare more personal, whilst protecting the identity of patients, as well as their personal data.

The team behind it claim that their platform will “allow the transition to value-based precision healthcare”.

The foundation of this ambitious project is the database: the Shivom team aims to build the world’s largest genomic and health database.

Using their platform, everyone will be able to have their genome sequenced and stored in the database.

Why would this be a good idea?

Because healthcare professionals and researchers can make use of the genomic data stored in the database to improve healthcare treatments.

In addition to contributing to this research, patients will also have access to the latest healthcare technology relevant to their specific condition.

Shivom wants an open web-marketplace, an eco-system if you will, where everyone can contribute to the advancement of medical science.

This includes governmental organisations, non-profit organisations, as well as for-profit businesses.

How does it work?

Imagine a place where patients, healthcare professionals, medical insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, charities, scientific researchers, public institutions, and tech developers all can communicate, and trade knowledge, products and services.

A patient will have their genome sequenced, and be able to monetise their DNA data by receiving OMX tokens in return for adding it to the global database.

By using blockchain technology, the patient will not only remain anonymous, but also own their data and be in full control of what happens to it.

Researchers will then be able to access this data and use to further their scientific studies.

Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare insurance companies will be able to use these new findings to improve their products and services.

The limits for what can be achieved in healthcare research and development will be removed as the project goes global and includes people from all over the world.

Even low-income countries will be able to both contribute to the advancement of medicine, as well as benefit from it.

Have a look at the details, and check out the official video for Project Shivom on the right hand side of this page.

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