What Is A Paper Wallet?

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What Is A Paper Wallet?

Digital assets can be stored in paper wallets, software wallets, or hardware wallets. Here’s a guide on the commonly misconstrued coin storage technique, paper wallet.

Definition Of Paper Wallet

A paper wallet can be defined as an offline cold storage system for saving or storing Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to name a few. This coin storage approach includes printing public and private keys together on a paper. Apart from a document, such information could also be printed on a plastic material or any other substance that is considered durable.

Given that these keys are printed as QR codes, you only need to scan them throughout any transaction. As long as the paper is kept in a safe place, there is no danger of losing your funds. As a user, you have full control of your keys and funds when using a paper wallet to keep your Cryptocurrencies.

How To Create A Paper Wallet

As mentioned, a paper wallet includes printing the info stored in a digital wallet. The two sets of information that are written are the general public key and the private key. The private key enables one to spend the funds while the public key (wallet address) makes it possible for the other individuals to send out funds into that wallet.

To develop a paper wallet, you require internet connecting, printing product (mainly a paper), and a printer. Go to any open-source wallet generator site of your option. WalletGenerator.net, BitcoinpaperWallet.com, and BitAddress.org are a few of the websites you can visit to generate a paper wallet.

When generating the keys, it is recommended to disconnect web connection. After producing the keys, you ought to also wipe your internet history. Use a new computer system or run a malware look at your device before starting this procedure. Once the keys have been produced, print them on a piece of paper, and store it in a secure location.

When To Use A Paper Wallet

Due to its simplicity and low cost, the paper wallet is the best coins storage approach for newbies. Utilizing software application wallets is risky for those merely signing up with the Crypto sector as they may have trouble even when selecting the finest ones. Hardware wallets are expensive and only perfect for severe Crypto traders.

Offered that the paper wallets are the safest wallets in the market, they ideal when you want to keep your coins for a long time. You need to make sure the paper is without any damage by water, fire, or perhaps theft. Regardless of the variety of coins you have stored, you will have little to fret about when utilizing a paper wallet.

Paper Wallet Risks

In spite of being considered as the safest locations to store Cryptocurrencies, there are threats of losing your coins from your paper wallet. Some of the most prevalent risks of this coin storage technique include;

Human mistakes

No individual is ideal. You might forget where you have stored your paper wallet causing the loss of your funds. You might also mistakenly tear the paper making it nearly challenging to recuperate your funds.

The quality of printers utilized

While printing a paper wallet, the kind of printer used will determine the quality of the details printed on the paper. Although the laser printer is the very best one to use, those without might utilize low-quality printers that cause the ink to run when the document enters into contact with water.

Exposed to disasters

Natural disasters such as fire or floods can destroy the paper wallet leading to the loss of the saved funds.


Someone might steal your paper wallet by reading it or taking its image. It is always suggested not to walk around bragging about your Cryptos as you might become a target for crooks.

Use and tear

Although a paper can store details for a long time when it is inadequately saved, it’s lifespan significantly decreases. You could print your set keys in a more durable material like plastic. Making several backups can also minimize the possibilities of losing your funds when the wallet is damaged.

How To Keep Your Paper Wallet Safe

No matter the type of wallet that you are utilizing, the private key is the most crucial detail that you ought to not lose. You must secure it at any cost given that losing it indicates losing your funds. Here are some pointers to ensure your wallet is safe;

Engraving Into Metal

One of the most significant issues of using a paper to print your set of keys is that it weakens. You could utilize a more durable product like metal. Such an outcome can withstand both water and fire.

Encrypt Before Storing Online

The existing cloud storage options such as exchanges are vulnerable to hacking. You can securely store your information online by encrypting it yourself before publishing it. Encryption makes the raw data unattainable to other people.

Keep The Wallet Under Lock And Key

If you desire to keep your paper wallet in a physical place, guarantee such a location is not readily available. Considered that little home deposit boxes are a high target for home invaders, utilizing a safe, which you have sole access is suggested.


Using an offline wallet such as a paper wallet eliminates the dangers associated with relying on a 3rd party. Although no method is 100 percent secure, making use of a cold wallet such as a paper wallet decreases the opportunities of losing your funds through ransomware attacks, exchange closure or any other cybercriminal activity. Paper wallets are protected, you must keep your private keys to yourself and those you think matter.

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