Best ICOs to invest

  • Hard Fork vs. Soft Fork

    What is a Hard Fork? Knowledge of what hard fork is necessary for users who have contact with the cryptocurrency… Keep Reading

  • sell ripple

    How To Sell Ripple

    Most Popular Ways To Sell Ripple Ripple cryptocurrency in recent months has risen sharply in value due to the increased… Keep Reading

  • why use blockchains

    Why Use Blockchains?

    Right now, we are living in the digital world where almost everything is advanced with innovations. The blockchain is one… Keep Reading





how to create a product for your ico

Creating an ICO Product: How to Make It Successful

The rise of cryptocurrency is one of the reasons why many ICO teams and companies flourish. They were able to conceptualize projects like WAVES, NEO, and Bancor. These ICO products are among the top ten ICO projects. It is no wonder that many ICO teams would want to create their own successful ICO product.  Accomplishing… Keep Reading

ico team

ICO Team: How to Build One

How to build an ICO team Behind every successful cryptocurrency project is a great ICO management team. Many investors often consider funding ICO teams because of the high rates of return that they bring and their high success ratings. However, investing in ICOs can also be risky. If are interested in organizing your own ICO… Keep Reading

bitcoin transactions
News/Use Bitcoin

Inside Bitcoin Transactions: How It All Works

If our readers are planning to start trading cryptocurrencies it is useful to understand that, in fact, there is no Bitcoin as such. They do not lie somewhere in a flat pile and are not even on the hard disk. The owner of the virtual coin can’t pick up a bill or point to a… Keep Reading

popular bitcoin mining pools
Use Bitcoin

Top 10 Bitcoin Mining Pools

Getting Started: Bitcoin mining pool Bitcoin mining implies participation in the work of the system in order to assist in the computation of cryptographic keys (hashes) that sign blocks of transactions in the blockchain. For finding each key, the system gives a reward in the form of emitted bitcoins. Due to the high complexity of… Keep Reading

bitcoin chart
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Bitcoin Charts Explained

The cryptocurrency market also works in the same way as the world stock exchange. On the chart, you will see exactly the same price fluctuations as on securities or Forex, although there is a distinct feature. To know how to read cryptocurrency charts, you first need to master the understanding of what “Сandlestick chart” or… Keep Reading

bitcoin cash
News/Use Bitcoin

What Is Bitcoin Cash?

Introducing to Bitcoin Cash What is Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin cache is considered a fork of the bitcoin. In fact, a new monetary unit exists according to the same rules as bitcoin itself, since it has the same blockchain. The separation took place for the reason that the community of people using Bitcoins could not reach… Keep Reading


Top 15 ICO Service Providers

Top 15 ICO Service Providers The process of launching an ICO can be a tough ask. Apart from the development process involved in manufacturing and launching a product, there is also the little issue of marketing and ensuring that your launch complies with the law. Thankfully, there are numerous ICO development companies that specialize in… Keep Reading

News/Use Bitcoin

How To Use The Kraken Exchange (Updated 2019)

What is the Kraken exchange? Are you interested in cryptocurrencies? If you are, would you like to invest in or trade with these virtual currencies? Then you need to choose a trusted digital currency platform that is secure yet easy to use.  Why not consider the Kraken Exchange?  The Kraken Exchange Kraken is one of… Keep Reading

btc casino
News/Play Bitcoin

Bitcoin Casino. us

Bitcoin Casino Review Bitcoin Casino is one of the accredited websites that you can join to play various casino games using bitcoin. The site has been around for several years and has a good reputation. One of the highlights is that the website is user friendly so you do not need any prior experience to… Keep Reading

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