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Bitcoin Wallets
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Bitcoin Wallets: Everything You Need To Know

What are Bitcoin wallets? You need somewhere to store Bitcoin before you can own it. Unlike a real coin, you can’t just hold a Bitcoin in your hand. Those cool 3D printed Bitcoins you’ve seen aren’t the Bitcoins themselves. They’re Bitcoin wallets. You require a wallet too, and thankfully, there’s a lot to select from.… Keep Reading

mine bitcoin
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Want To Mine Bitcoin? Here’s How To Set Up

Want to mine Bitcoin? If you’ve read our short articles on how Bitcoin works and what mining is, you may be thinking about mining some Bitcoins of your own. It will require hardware, software applications, and a source of energy that will not cost a lot. The primary two things you must concentrate on when… Keep Reading

Accept Bitcoin
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How To Accept Bitcoin Payments For Your Business

Why accept Bitcoin payments? Increasingly, more individuals want to spend their Bitcoin on everyday products and experiences. That means the time to strike is now! As a company, a small company specifically, you’re in an ideal position to use the Bitcoin market. The variety of companies that accept Bitcoin is still so little that you’re… Keep Reading

bitcoin cash
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What Is Bitcoin Cash?

What is Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin Cash is not, as the name would imply, a cash version of Bitcoin. In truth, it’s not even Bitcoin as you probably know it. Instead, Bitcoin is an entirely different cryptocurrency. It utilizes various blockchain, it is priced differently, and it’s run by a diverse community. It even has a… Keep Reading

can bitcoin scale
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Can Bitcoin Scale?

Can Bitcoin scale? It usually takes less than a minute for the money to arrive when you make a Bitcoin transaction. That’s fast. It’s only that fast, however, because creative developers have found a way to make Bitcoin run so smoothly. But Bitcoin has a scaling problem. It moves along because the people using it is… Keep Reading

popular bitcoin mining pools
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The Most Popular Bitcoin Mining Pools

How to sign up with a Bitcoin mining pool Each mining pool will have their requirements for you to join. The huge majority will require you to do the following: Register an account with the mining pool. Configure your mining software application to link with the mining pool. Offer the mining pool with a Bitcoin… Keep Reading

what is bitcoin
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What is Bitcoin: Understanding The Basics

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first, most valuable, and most well-known cryptocurrency. Some would claim that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency and that all other tokens are ‘altcoins.’ Bitcoin is not so much an alternative currency, but rather a record of a transaction between two parties. Who created Bitcoin? The creator of Bitcoin is a… Keep Reading

spend bitcoin
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Where Can You Spend Bitcoin? Here Are The Places

Where to spend Bitcoin Where can you go shopping with Bitcoin? Who accepts Bitcoin? There are rather a couple of locations, both online and offline, that accept Bitcoin. No requirement for a debit card or ID. Just transfer the cash and off you go. One solution is to sign up for among the lots of… Keep Reading

discuss bitcoin
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Bitcoin Forums: Where To Discuss Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a hectic space where you can quickly lose track if you’re out of the loop for a brief time period. If you’re serious about using or trading Bitcoin then it’s an excellent idea to sign up with at least one online forum. We’ve put together a list for you so you can easily… Keep Reading

satoshi nakamoto
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Who Created Bitcoin? An Overview of Satoshi Nakamoto

Who created Bitcoin? The enigmatic developer of Bitcoin has become an urban myth in blockchain circles. Very little has been learned about Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity — or if he’s one or more people. It could be a lone programmer, but it might also be a collective. What is understood, however, is that Satoshi Nakamoto… Keep Reading

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