Best ICOs to invest

  • P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    What are P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges? P2P is a decentralized exchange of cryptocurrency directly between users. All logistics are carried out… Keep Reading

  • How To Mine Litecoin (2019)

    Mining the Litecoin Speaking as simply as possible, the mining of Lightcoins is the process of performing computational operations on… Keep Reading






Guide to Cryptocurrency Exchanges (Part 1 of 3)

The driving force behind the cryptocurrency market is of course trade, and that trade takes place on the many cryptocurrency exchanges. We are going to have a look at some of the most popular exchanges in this three part series. Have a look below and see if you are trading on the right exchange. Coinbase… Keep Reading


Another South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked

Hackers are having a field day with the cryptocurrency market. Another South Korean cryptocurrency exchange has now been hacked. This time, it was Bithumb, which is based in the South Korean capital of Seoul. More than $30 million worth of cryptocurrency tokens has been stolen. This comes hot off the heels of the Coinrail hack… Keep Reading


Cryptocurrency Classes in School?

Educational material about cryptocurrency has already been introduced to several universities around the world, and it is now also possible to take a degree where you specialize in crypto-finance. Now, however, some are debating whether or not the future of cryptocurrency is so certain that it would be wise to start teaching it in schools.… Keep Reading


Apple bans cryptocurrency mining on devices

Cryptocurrency mining has, up until recently, not been for everyone. In order to make a profit, one has to invest in an expensive mining rig, and be prepared for a huge electricity bill. As more tokens of a given cryptocurrency come into circulation, the processing power and electricity required to mine new tokens rises proportionally.… Keep Reading


How Apple is stopping crypto-mining malware

Apple recently tightened its guidelines for apps on the App Store. After experiencing quite a few apps that utilized the users’ devices to mine for cryptocurrency, Apple updated its official guidelines to include a section on cryptocurrency mining. Opinions are divided on whether or not this is a reasonable move. Some say that the revised… Keep Reading


What would a crypto-economy look like?

Despite the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency space, fiat money is still king in the real world. Even the most enthusiastic crypto-’hodler’ will, when they emerge from their dark caves to get some daylight, eventually have to use government-issued fiat money to pay for everyday goods and services. But much has changed in the world… Keep Reading


The future of cryptocurrency

It is never wise to make predictions about the future, particularly not in finance. And when it comes to crypto-finance, it is especially hard to predict what will happen in the future — let alone today. This is not stopping anyone from making predictions, however. Quite a few writers have speculated on what the future… Keep Reading


Coinrail is hacked, Bitcoin value plummets

The ever-volatile market for cryptocurrency has taken another hit after a prominent South Korean cryptocurrency exchange got hacked. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS are among the many cryptocurrencies that have dropped 10% or more in value as a result of the hack. According to the Wall Street Journal, the person behind the hack… Keep Reading

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