What Is A Multi Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway?

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What Is A Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology appeared on time. Our world is rapidly shrinking, and the distances in it almost do not play a role. People from all over the globe communicate regardless of borders. The blockchain technology may well replace all traditional payment and remittance infrastructure by providing anonymity and security to its users. It also helps to remove unnecessary intermediaries, thereby reducing the price of transactions. However, despite the advantages of decentralized payment gateways, there are challenges and problems that need to be solved.

Payment systems based on blockchain and cryptocurrency

Storm on the cryptocurrency market and legislative difficulties, of course, do not stop entrepreneurs and enthusiasts: various payment systems, processors, services and applications that offer services to receive payments and organize transfers, already appeared enough. The application is available both on stationary and mobile devices, with the ability to transition to remote access, since there are no restrictions on IP – no. The wallet is presented on both Android and iOS. At the same time, a two-factor safety check is maintained. The pre-sale of the ERO will start in less than a week, and the ICO from October 11. Thanks to enhanced security, innovative services and user-friendly interface, ErosCoin can be the next revolutionary step in this area.

Payment systems on the blockchain – who needs it?

Payment systems

The ubiquitous transition from cash to payments in a cashless form leads to an avalanche-like expansion of the structure of payment systems. Increasing complexity, reduced security, monitoring and maintaining the health of channels, network nodes and data centers require serious resources.

The peculiarity of the blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies is secure transactions, for which you do not need the institution of third, trusted persons. A distributed registry reliably stores transaction data and is deprived of the need to confirm transactions from a payment operator – this is the solution to the many problems of old payment systems.

To consumers

For transfer or payment via the blockchain and the cryptocurrency system, it does not matter at all how many state borders it crosses – this will not affect either the speed or the cost of the transaction.

Blokchain and cryptocurrency payments can be used by people who do not have accounts in the banking system – the presence of the Internet is enough and in most cases a simple smartphone.

To business

Sales points, online stores, retailers – for any type of commercial enterprises, the introduction of settlement systems in cryptocurrency or using the blockchain is easy and does not require significant investments.

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