How To Mine Bitcoin Cash

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How To Mine Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash what is it? It is a completely independent cryptocurrency, which can be used for calculations and mining. Of course, it is currently inferior to Bitcoin in popularity, rate and capitalization.

But if the creators say that the new crypt is more perfect, will it not become the main competitor of the older brother? You can speculate for a long time (usually called analytics). But only time will tell how the situation will develop.

Who created the bitcoin cash?

Bitcoin cash is a product of miners who decided to abandon bitcoin. Getting coins BTC is becoming increasingly difficult. Many miners expressed dissatisfaction and supported the process of creating a new crypt. Bitcoin cash was very convenient for the so-called “schismatics”. Considering that the idea was supported by about 12 percent of miners, creating their own cryptocurrency did not become a problem for them.

Despite the advantages, BCH has serious drawbacks. The main disadvantage is that most of the mining capacities are concentrated in one pool. That is, you can deal a serious blow to the cryptocurrency, destroying the organization. Many people like Bitcoin for decentralization. Destroying this cryptocurrency is almost impossible. The power to create new coins is distributed among multiple pools.

How to mine bitcoin cash?

We speak at once – mining on the computer does not make sense. Given the requests for computing power, your income will be so small that you should not even bother.

What is the best way to mine BCH, you ask? There are several options:

  • On video cards. The most effective way of mining.
  • With the use of the processor.
  • Cloud technologies.

The most effective option – mining on video cards. You can install multiple modules on a farm to improve overall performance. Such a decision pays off much faster and you can start earning revenues.

Is Bitcoin Cash Mining More Profitable?

Mining Bitcoin Cash Today, the rate of the new cryptocurrency has exceeded $ 500, which is why the net price of the coin to be mined has also changed. Today miners began to allocate power for the blocks of this cryptocurrency. Calculations show that mining BCH is about 2% more profitable than ordinary BTC. Moreover, the possible profit may increase if the extraction of a new crypt becomes easier.

For example, at block 479.808 Bitcoin Cash mining will become half easier. Thus, if the cost of both cryptocurrencies remains at the same level, miners will be able to increase profits on BCH by about 50%, compared to a traditional coin. But when calculating the possible income, one should also take into account the difference between the principles of currency operations.

Blockchain BTC implies quite high transaction fees. Accordingly, miners will be able to receive an additional 1.5 BTC for each mined block. With current prices, it’s about $ 6,000. As for BCH, the transaction cost is significantly lower and one unit can only bring in $ 50.


Mine bitcoin cash need on powerful equipment, then the process will be really profitable. Creating new BCH coins is difficult, so most of the currency is mined on industrial farms. Please share the article on social networks, just click the button below. Subscribe to our portal updates to be the first to know about the release of materials.

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