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Triple A studios no longer play as important of a role as they did in the 2000’s. With greater awareness and powerful creation tools, it’s easier than ever to start an indie gaming studio. A lot of these independent productions don’t stray away quality-wise from these large, corporate products. Still, what will perhaps never change is that game production is an extremely high effort task that is very time-consuming. Great amounts of money are required to develop a game, and a lack of visible community support can be discouraging. LIX knows a solution to these ails, and wants to provide a decentralized platform where everyone can crowdfund their game.

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LIXCOIN Description

In addition to being a platform for game crowdfunding, the coin is supposed to be an in-game micro-transaction currency. The company claims to be composed of avid gamers, but as an avid gamer myself, I can’t help but hate the whole concept of micro-transactions as they shallow out the gaming industry. Not only games are more expensive than ever, with a $100 price tag for a brand new title at times, we’re required to pay for DLC and in-game content! A cheap way for dishonest devs to make a ton of money. But I digress. Game development on LIX will be easier than ever, as LIX will provide a decentralized platform for management and creation of gaming assets. Actually, this sounds like the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace to me, but decentralized. Though, later on in the whitepaper we find out that they rather mean in-game assets, such as weapons and collectibles, instead of assets to produce the game. What strikes me is that despite being colorful and having a professional look, the whitepaper doesn’t read professional at all. And the idea feels like a money grab. I remain sceptical to this project.

Regarding the ICO, unlike most other ICO’s, this is not an ERC20 token, but a standalone cryptocurrency, which I presume is somehow based on Ethereum. Usual 100,000,000 coin supply, name LIX, 69% of funds go to the ICO, rest gets distributed to the team/platform costs, et cetera.

LIX Team

I’d say that I’m not surprised by the composition of this group. For this money-grabby idea with little subtlety, there isn’t a single face that stands out. The Co-Founder has a sociology degree, which, to be frank, doesn’t have a positive connotation in my mind when we’re speaking about a gaming project. Other members have linguistics and psychology degrees. There is very little development or financial education on board. This fortifies my perception of LIX being a money grab, or even downright scam. I sense no shred of serious competence in this project.

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LIX Social Media, Summary

Quite good for an ICO like this, LIX has over 1.5k likes on Facebook, and high post engagement. Yet, a short post history, dating only to 12th December of 2017. Comments are littered with semi-gibberish like “nice project”, “good project”, “awesome project”, giving me the impression that the team bought the likes and comments. Yikes! Twitter has over 3.5k followers, but only 122 likes. Seems like bots don’t like content on this platform. With all of this in mind, I’d stay away from this ICO. It could possibly be a scam.

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