IDAX Adds a Listing for DasCoin

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The Currency of Trust, DasCoin, is now listed on another public cryptocurrency exchange: IDAX. The announcement of this most recent listing took place on 16th August 2018, making IDAX the fifth public exchange to include DASC.

DasCoin IDAX

This listing extends the reach of DasCoin, giving more people access to the coin itself and all the technologies associated with it.

What to Know About IDAX

The exchange in this recent announcement, IDAX, is well-respected and a project that comes from the International Global Blockchain Research Centre in Mongolia. IDAX is among the top 50 exchanges, a fact that should significantly assist with the accessibility of DasCoin and its name recognition. IDAX already has a roster of coins and tokens that includes 40 different options, and continuously adds support for more.

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DasCoin is among the most recent additions to the platform.
The fact that IDAX has support for four different languages and high trading volumes also makes it an excellent choice for listing DasCoin. This helps more users utilize the exchange and, therefore, access DASC without scalability concerns.

The Other Listings

Although IDAX is the fifth public crypto exchange to list DasCoin, it was not the only listing to be announced in August 2018. In the same month, DasCoin announced that CoinBene would be listing the coin. Prior to the CoinBene listing, DasCoin was already part of three public cryptocurrency exchanges, all of which it joined in April 2018 as part of the ‘DasCoin: The Evolution of Money’ event, which took place in London. This is when DasCoin announced it was listed on CoinFalcon, EUBX, and BTC-Alpha. Additionally, you can buy and sell DASC via the orderbook on DasExchange, the DasCoin platform’s exchange.

Not the Only Recent Milestone

The fact that DasCoin is now on five public crypto exchanges is certainly significant in terms of global reach, but it is not the only recent milestone that this project has achieved. DasCoin has halved the block time associated with its blockchain, bringing it from the already great 6 seconds down to 3 seconds, an industry-leading time. Blockfolio has also listed DasCoin, making it easy for users of this free cryptocurrency portfolio management application to track DasCoin and compare it to other coins.

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