How To Write An ICO White Paper

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To ensure a successful ICO campaign, one needs to prepare an informative white paper that clearly and concisely presents important information pertaining to the project. However, many people believe that preparing one is a difficult undertaking.

Although it definitely takes a lot of research and study to create a successful white paper, you can actually do it yourself. So, how do we really write one?

White paper – what is it?

A white paper is the main document of your project. It presents an outline of the problem that your project can solve. The solution is written and presented in a detailed manner. This includes a detailed product description, its system, and how it interacts with the users.

The white paper also includes the structure of the company and the members of the ICO team. It also presents the goal of the company and its plans for the future.

A successful white paper is made up of three different parts

•    Technical Aspect

•    Marketing Aspect

•    Legal Aspect

Why should you write one?

Your white paper will either bring your ICO Company up or down. The white paper will act as a business proposal to your potential investors. They will judge whether your ICO Company is worth their investment or not.

It is very important that you present your ICO very well. The white paper should be simple and concise. Your white paper should present the structures and other technical details. Also, it should be both written in an informative way that would convince people to invest in your business.

Benefits of having an ICO white paper

Your ICO white paper is an integral part of your ICO. It will convince your possible investors to invest in your project. It is the document that your prospective investors would want to read to have a better understanding of your proposed venture. Your white paper will:

  • Define the problem that you want to address
  • Present the solution/s that will solve the problem
  • Build rapport and trust with the potential investors
  • Establish your professionalism and expertise
  • Generate investor interest in your undertaking                       

Things to be included in your ICO white paper

The white paper is usually written in a technical manner. However, it is very important that you also simplify it. In this way, it would be easier for potential investors to understand your white paper.

Some ICOs usually write different white papers for the legal, technical, and marketing aspects of the business. Your main goal in writing a white paper is to discuss the technology you will be using in the business. It should also contain your marketing strategy and your competitors.

To create a good white paper, here are some of the details that you should include.

  • Introduction of your ICO
  • Table of contents
  • Description of the problem
  • Describe how your ICO can solve the problem
  • An in-depth description of the platform and its system
  • Discuss the digital token and how it will work
  • Discuss how the funds raised from tokens will benefit the business
  • Introduce your advisory board and ICO team
  • Give an outline of your business roadmap
  • Mention the terms and conditions of the business

What are the characteristics of a good white paper

Your white paper is an integral part of your campaign. Make sure that:

•    It is concise and clearly-written

•    It attracts your target audience

•    Your research and proof to support your claims

•    The layout and design of your white paper is attractive but professional-looking

Can you use an ICO white paper template?

You can make your own white paper for your ICO. However, there are some who are unsure about how to proceed. You can look for ICO white paper templates on the internet. It does not actually matter if you use a template or create one, what is important is that you present the key information pertaining to your ICO.

If you are still unsure, however, you can hire the services of professionals to write your ICO white paper. Make sure, though, that you screen them before you hire them.

ICO White Paper Writing Service

Due to the popularity of ICOs, many writing companies offer white paper writing services. A white paper specialist can help you put your business plans into words. Hiring a white paper specialist is worth your money. It is best that you include this in your budget. In this way, you can easily hire one when the need arises.

Your white paper contains the essence of your project. Write it well and put your heart into it. It will help you attain the goals of your ICO that you have been dreaming of!

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