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How To Sell Ripple

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Most Popular Ways To Sell Ripple

Ripple cryptocurrency in recent months has risen sharply in value due to the increased interest of investors and traders. A positive role in this was played by the news about the beginning of testing the technology of interbank payments on the Ripple blockchain by Asian banks. On January 11, 2018, another well-known financial company providing the Moneygram international money transfer service also announced its cooperation with Ripple. They believe that the use of XRP technology and cryptocurrency will allow making transfers quickly and cheaply to any country in the world.

The market capitalization of coins in circulation (about 38 billion XRP) as of January 13 is 80 billion US dollars, with an average rate of $ 2.02.

How To Sell Ripple and XRP

Due to the sharp depreciation of the XRP rate, the volume of Ripple capitalization has noticeably decreased. This means that more and more people are choosing to sell Ripple. But not everyone knows how to do it most profitably and quickly. Let’s figure it out.

Although many do not recommend getting rid of their assets in XRP, predicting the upcoming growth of the ripple in the long run, some people still decide to sell Ripple. The easiest way to do this is to use the exchanger. Let’s see how to choose the exchange office that offers the most favorable exchange rate.

sell ripple

SBI MoneyTap

The most profitable way to sell XRP is to exchange them on a cryptocurrency exchange. We look, what platforms work with a coin, what methods of withdrawal and other conditions. Some exchanges can only work with cryptocurrencies (Binance), for example, you can exchange Ripple for Bitcoin and withdraw it to another wallet. There are exchanges that work with Fiat and you can sell Ripple for rubles, dollar or other currencies.

Sell Ripple on Bitstamp

Exchange Bitstamp provides an opportunity to purchase 12 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and others) and 1 token (KICK). Among the languages present are Russian and Ukrainian. The cryptocurrency exchange has been operating since 2013, it is registered in the UK, the number of clients at the end of 2017 exceeded 1 million people. Available currency pairs with Ripple: XRP / USD and XRP / BTC.

Sell Ripple on Binance

XRP sale and exchange on the cryptocurrency exchange. The most suitable option, since the courses will be better than in exchange offices. Which exchange to choose the final decision for you. The Binance cryptoexchange is popular, where you can sell cryptocurrency for rubles, dollars, euros, hryvnia and withdraw using available methods: advcash, payeer, perfect money, okpay, Yandex money, after verifying a bank transfer, to Visa or Mastercard, neteller and other.

What to know before you trade Ripple

In fact, this is part of the name of the company Ripple Labs (until 2013, OpenCoin). And, of course, it is often called the network created by this company, designed to process payments by financial institutions. But the token released by Ripple Labs and operating in the Ripple network is formally called XRP. However, since the word Ripple is easier to pronounce than the abbreviation of the three consonants, this name is likely to remain popular.

sell ripple

How safe is Ripple?

At the beginning of 2018, Ripple Labs owned about 60 billion XRP, while all these tokens can be produced 100 billion, that is, the company owns about 60% of the currency. Some people believe that in this connection, control over XRP in the Ripple network can be considered centralized, which is not suitable for some activists — they prefer unconditionally decentralized systems. Ripple Labs notes that even in the absence of centralized control, the presence of large players in the Bitcoin network and other networks leads to actual oligopoly. Moreover, the company believes that шеы XRP controlled emission plan gives it an advantage.

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