How To Buy Ripple

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How To Buy Ripple

After Bitcoin, XRP is the largest altcoin. Ever since its acceptance, it has continued to grow and is preferred by many international clients worldwide. Why? For starters, its cross-border transactions take less than 5 seconds to be processed. It can be bought directly from a debit or credit card or through an exchange. Due to these reasons, it has bagged and continues to bag adoration from financial institutions such as banks and even the corporate sector looking for newer means of investments. To banks, it also allows easy loan transfers worldwide.

Interested? This guide will go on about how you can buy XRP in detail.

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Buy Ripple on Bitstamp

Bitstamp allows users to buy XRP via a saving account or credit card. It also makes it possible to purchase cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies like the USD or EUR. There are three sets of XRP trading offered by Bitstamp. These include:

  1. XRP/USD
  2. XRP/BTC
  3. XRP/EUR

To start using Bitstamp, users need to sign up and create an account.

Buy XRP on Bithumb

It is an ideal location to purchase XRP from. It is the biggest cryptocurrency trading firm in South Korea and among the top 10 largest crypto exchanges worldwide. It is favored by most users because it offers the lowest commission rates globally.

It also requires users to create an account in order to buy XRP. You are requested to fill in your personal details such as your country, email ID and password, etc. You will then be sent an email to validate the account.

Since there is always the risk of cyber-attacks, Bitthumb allows its users to pass a 2-factor Authentication. This additional layer of security makes it difficult for hackers and scammers to access their personal information and account details.

Once the account has been validated, funds can be transferred with ease. First, it will ask you to sign in to your account (level 1). Next, it will ask for your ID and mobile number, Sending ID and 1-PIN ID (level 2). It will then require that you submit a written approval and lastly to authenticate your residence.

Once your account is open, you can start trading. You will have to transfer Bitcoin into your account. Then, click “Exchange” and pick the coin you want to trade. To purchase ripple, go to the trading page and choose XRP from a list of available coins and press “Buy”.

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On Kraken

In order to purchase Ripple via Kraken, the user must have an account on the exchange. As one signs in to their account, the website shall send an email on the registered email ID to validate the account. If you wish to deposit funds in the account, you must satisfy the Tier 2 verification requirement. Sometimes, users may have an issue with depositing funds as Kraken may only allow users with Tier 3 requirements fulfilled to transfer funds.

And there you have it. You have successfully learned how to buy ripple (XRP) and start trading.

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