Google Lifts Ban On Bitcoin Ads

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Bitcoin volatility down

One of the main reasons a lot of investors are hesitating to invest in cryptocurrency tokens is the volatility of the market. Bitcoin famously reached an all-time high in December 2017, only to crash down to one of its lowest points in recent history. 2018 has in other words not been a very relaxed year for Bitcoin traders.

Now things are looking up, however. For the past three months, Bitcoin has been at its most stable since the crash of last year. This is the most stable Bitcoin has been in the past 21 months, according to research by Bitcoinity.

They have used an analysis tool called Bollinger bands to estimate the level of Bitcoin’s volatility to compare it to the previous months. The device looks at Bitcoin’s moving average price point across a 20 day period and corresponds it to 20-day chunks of price movements.

These findings are good news for anyone currently trading, or considering trading in, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin takes another step towards becoming mainstream

The key to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in general, going mainstream is public awareness. Although Bitcoin has been around for nearly a decade, public awareness of it is still nowhere near enough to make it a mainstream phenomenon. This has very much changed in 2018, however.

Merriam-Webster has just released the latest update to their dictionary, and Bitcoin was included among the new entries. Eminem also mentioned Bitcoin on his latest surprise album Kamikaze. There have also been numerous mentions of cryptocurrency in other music, film, and popular media, indicating that there is a growing awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

More public awareness will lead to more people investing in cryptocurrency, which will, in turn, lead to the growth of the industry as a whole.

Google scraps Bitcoin ad ban

Just earlier this year we were covering how all the internet giants, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Reddit, were banning all ads related to cryptocurrency, ICOs, and blockchain projects. The reasons cited for the bans related to how there were too many criminal elements in the cryptocurrency community, and that scams and money making schemes were everywhere.

Now the tune has changed. Due to the regulations being developed to rein in the cryptocurrency market, companies like Google have decided to lift the ban on advertisement partially. It will not be possible to advertise Bitcoin on Google — but only in the US and Japan. There is still a ban on advertising ICOs, trading tools, and hardware wallets.

Google is careful, but it is difficult to see how they can maintain a band on these aspects of the crypto-sphere. ICOs are the future of crowdfunding for startups who can’t secure venture capital. Likewise, trading tools and wallets for cryptocurrencies will only become more popular and make their way further into the mainstream.

Since Google has lifted its ban on Bitcoin advertisement just three months after its implementation, it is possible we could see ICOs and other tools being allowed on the platform before 2019.

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