Get Listed! Things That You Need To Know To Get Your Token Listed

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Many digital tokens are released every year. However, despite the growing number of currencies, only a few have succeeded. As part of an ICO team, it is very important that you take into consideration the factors influencing the success of these ICOs. One of the ways that you can distinguish yourself in the industry is to make sure that your tokens make it to the Token List on Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

The Token List

Every exchange has a token list. This token list contains all the coins traded in every exchange. You can also see other circulating cryptocurrencies.

Why get your token on the token list exchange?

Once your ICO is finished, the next step that you need to do is give value to your currency. This step is very important because this will add monetary value to your currency. It will not just keep your project afloat but will also make your investors happy.

In order to keep money coming, you need to add more utility to your currency. If your digital currency makes it to the list of token exchanges, more opportunities will definitely come your way.

ICO token listing sites that you should check out

One of the advantages of getting your token listed is that it adds more credibility and value to your currency. To get to this listing, your marketing team should explore some of the sites below.

•    ICO Alert

•     ListICO

•    ICO Hot List

•    The Tokener

•    Top ICO List

•    ICO Map

•     BestCoins

•    ICO Watchlist

•    CoinMarketPlus

•    Coin Schedule

 Where to get listed

As of this time, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies circulating in the market. It makes you wonder how and where you should start. However, there are some sites that will guide you on getting on the token list. You can check out The Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Aside from this guide, check out the other top exchanges for your token listing.

•    Kraken

•    Coinbase

•    CEX.IO

•    HitBTC

•    Bittrex

•    KuCoin

•     Binance

Things that you need to do to get listed

Each cryptocurrency exchange has its own terms and conditions. It’s a gamble on which exchange you wish to get your digital currency listed. However, you need to always remember that exchanges will always check the quality of every ICO project and their software. It is very important that you give them complete details on your digital token. It is vital that you equip your marketing team with the tools for marketing your digital token on the platform. You can also post your source code in Github. In fact, some platforms require you to post the source code there. Aside from that, make sure that your digital currency passes the Howey Test.

Applicable Fees

Most people usually think that getting their digital currency listed won’t cost them a penny. In reality, however, you need to shell out money for that. Crypto Exchanges have a list of fees in their platform. The fees depend on the popularity of your currency in the market. Some exchanges even charge 1,000,000 BTC just to get the token in the list.  Once you submit your ICO token for evaluation, it will take some time before you can get the results.

Listing services for Crypto Exchanges

Another way to get your currency is listed is to check crypto agencies that offer this service. It can mean less hassle on your end and can be very helpful. Although it can cost you a certain amount, these agencies’ platforms can help you market your currency. However, you need to take note that even if you get your listing, it is still not a guarantee for your currency to succeed.

If you wish to get the services of a crypto agency, make sure that you prepare the following information:

  • The details your company and the owner/s
  • The name and description of your token and your logo,
  • Name of your blockchain platform
  • The date of your ICO launch
  • YourGithub link
  • Listing fee (Note: The listing fee vary from site to site)

An ICO token listing is usually competitive. However, the tips listed above might just help you get the listing that you wanted.

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