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Fidelity Discreetly Creating its Own Crypto Exchange Platform

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One of the largest financial investment firms in the world, Fidelity Investments, is reported to be quietly positioning itself to take advantage of the lucrative cryptocurrency industry by creating its own exchange platform. As noted by CCN, the company is in first stages of launching the platform as an internal job positing circular leaked online this week.


This MA based firm is rumored to be scouting for a DevOps System Engineer who will work for the company full time. His/her main role will be to come up with a digital asset exchange for both public and private cloud. Once the exchange is ready, the engineer will oversee the deployment process to ensure that it is done properly.

Another anonymous source that has been actively posting online about this company’s intention to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform has stated that the investment firm is valuated to be worth more than 2.4 trillion in assets that it manages. The source has also revealed that the firm has been debating on whether to launch the exchange platform for more than year now. The leaked recruitment circular is enough proof that the management board has finally agreed to set up the exchange.

Fidelity is also looking for professional staff who have the skills and experience required to help it provide stellar first class custodian services for various digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Experts who will be hired for this position will be deployed in the Fidelity Digital Asset Service department whose main role will be to directly deal and monitor the provision of all services related to cryptocurrencies.

At the time of writing this article, the investment firm clients can link their existing Coinbase accounts with the Fidelity accounts to view all their digital assets on the Fidelity beta platform. The assets are listed alongside all the other investments that a client has accrued in the company over the years. One of the benefits of this collaboration is that it gives Fidelity the ability to hold cryptocurrencies first-hand or directly.

It is also not clear if the exchange platform will be an independent entity but under the company’s umbrella or if will be hosted on the primary Fidelity platform. Only time will tell if the platform will be separate or part of the company.

It will be remembered that it is during the tenure of Abigail Johnson as the CEO that the firm started to take a positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies. In the just concluded cryptocurrency industry conference, Abigail openly stated that he is proud to be one of the experts from the renowned financial institutions who have not yet given up of cryptocurrencies.


Fidelity Investment Firm is also reported to have invested in several companies that are directly dealing with cryptocurrencies as well as set up a medium cryptocurrency mining facility. Johnson is on record stating that even though the primary objective of setting up the mining facility was to research, the facility is actually making profits for the firm.

Finally, ones the exchange platform is launched and fully functional, the company’s charity department will be able to get contributions from donors in form of bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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