Introduction to Dogecoin

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Introduction to Dogecoin

DOGEcoin is a cryptocurrency founded in 2013 for the joke of enthusiastic programmers Jackson Palmer and Billy Marcus. It is actually named after an Internet meme with a Shiba Inu dog, seemed to have leaped from its leash.  The basis for the development of Dogecoin cryptocurrency served as the more famous and coming on the heels of Bitcoin Litecoin. The development was presented in the 2013th year. A characteristic feature of Dogecoin was a quick mining period.

Short history of Dogecoin

Cryptocurrency dogikoin was created as a comic project, so it was not originally planned to be withdrawn to the global market for subsequent distribution among cryptoinvestors and miners. The developers of this coin, based on the Lightcoin software code, wanted to demonstrate the absurdity of the crypto market with the help of dogecoin, that now each dog began to create its own digital currency. Popular among Internet users, the Japanese dog breed Sibu Inu was chosen as the symbol of dogecoin. Due to its deliberate frivolity and playfulness, the cryptocurrency Doge continues to attract all new users who want to invest in this project with the hope of making money on its further growth.

Earning Dogecoin

Another reason for the popularity of Contracts can be attributed to the online wallet – – the link can register your own wallet, and the service is official and of high quality. Also on Dogcheyne, you can see information about the mined blocks and pools (the amount of production on the chart, respectively). It is very easy to buy on the exchanges – this is another plus, why you should buy dogs (as long as they are cheap).

Advantages of Dogecoin

Cryptoinvestors often want to find out what dogecoin is and what features this cryptomonet has. Due to the fact that Dogecoin is actually a fork of Bitcoin, the currency has received several similar features with its progenitor. So, Doge is also an end product that has no basis. This factor is decisive in the structure of the formation of the cost of 1 dogecoin.

From a technical point of view, dogs are not distinguished by innovative chips, which can be observed in a change in the rate of 1 doge, which varies according to the general rules of the crypto market. Dogecoin code is based on the Scrypt encryption principle. This is one real difference between forks and bitcoins using SHA-256. It is likely that this moment is the only factor that changes the rate of Podecoin in such a way that the currency maintains high positions in the global rating. In addition to the opportunity to buy dogecoin, owners of medium and powerful PCs can start mining this digital coin. The mining process is based on the traditional principle – Proof-Of-Work. In fact, there is no point in using extra maping equipment for mining dogs, since it will not provide the desired crypto-production speed.

Dogecoin capitalization

In general, not bad, the coin is currently 55th in terms of the amount of money invested in it and has every chance of rising higher, and we will explain further why. The currency, almost forgotten since its apogee in 2014, has increased in price by more than 400% over the last month, setting a new record on January 4 – above $ 0.01.

Dogecoin future perspectives

Dogecoin continues to exist due to the formed frivolous image and the desire of young people to everything unusual and new. What will happen next can not say any market analyst. Apparently, over the next couple of years, the cost of 1 doge will continue to grow to the delight of investors. This development will be assisted by a global crypto boom, as well as the instability of Bitcoin and other crypto-money. At the same time, the future prospects of dogs are not so bright, because it will be more difficult to maintain “freshness” and “novelty”. Therefore, it is not necessary to talk about the expediency of long-term investment in the Doge and it is more reasonable to give preference to other currencies.

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