difference between ripple and bitcoin

What Is The Difference Between Ripple and Bitcoin?

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What is the difference between Ripple and Bitcoin? Bitcoin is not just the earliest but likewise the largest and most popular cryptocurrency. In 2015, Ripple, a San Francisco based tech business developed XRP virtual currency. “The next Bitcoin” is a term that is often used to refer to XRP.

Why was Ripple created?

Bitcoin was created to replace fiat currencies such as USD and EUR. As a transaction currency, the users can pay for products and services and even pay taxes with it. XRP was not developed to replace fiat currencies however to help with worldwide loan transfer. Whereas Bitcoin was designed to battle banks, XRP was developed for such 3rd parties. The banks, corporations and any other monetary institution can use XRP to move loan worldwide. XRP looks to improve transactions and global money transfers. The currency does not seek to change the existing system.

difference between ripple and bitcoin

Ripple is not decentralized

Regarding governance and ownership structure, XRP and Bitcoin are various. As a highly decentralized currency, no main company, the federal government, or business controls the coin. A private business called Ripple, on the other hand, owns XRP. Ripple has over 100 clients worldwide and has workplaces in San Francisco, New York, Luxembourg, Singapore, India, Sydney, and London.

Ripple is the second largest cryptocurrency

Regarding size, Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $67,789,694,922 at the time of writing this short article. The coin is likewise more pricey than XRP with each unit trading at $3,888.14 at the very same time. XRP has continued to experience growth in current times with its market cap reaching $14,627,478,151 according to coinmarketcap.com. The currency is now the second largest cryptocurrency. Regarding rates, XRP was selling at $0.358568 at the time of writing this short article making it much cheaper than Bitcoin.

Ripple transactions are much faster than Bitcoin

The performance of both XRP and Bitcoin is various. On average, verifications of Bitcoin transaction take about 10 minutes. XRP transactions are much faster taking only less than five seconds. With the transaction cost being less than $0.01, XRP is more affordable than Bitcoin. Whereas Bitcoin procedures about seven transactions in a second, XRP handles approximately a large 1,500 transactions in the very same time.

Ripple has a larger supply and is easier to mine

The highest number of Bitcoins that can be in supply is 21 million coins. Just 83 percent (around 17.37 million) coins are in circulation. Bitcoin’s mining system has been accused of being power-hungry with some ecologist claiming it might be a significant cause for global warming. The coins are brought into flow-through mining, which becomes more difficult as time goes by. The last coin will be mined in 2140. XRP has a supply of 100 billion coins, which is much higher than Bitcoin. No mining is needed as they are currently pre-mined. Ripple Company holds about 60 percent of the coins in escrow. However, provided that XRP tokens are damaged with each transaction, they will drop to a percentage with time. Besides, XRP system is not as power-intensive as the Bitcoin system due to its mining-free system.

difference between ripple and bitcoin

Ripple is more popular among banks

Both people and organizations utilize Bitcoin as a transaction currency. Many people prefer to use it for payment as it is less expensive and faster especially in settling cross-border transactions. Lots of services worldwide are accepting the currency for the payment of their items and services. XRP is generally popular among the banks. This is since the Ripple system mainly works as SWIFT but minimizes both the expense and time for transactions. That’s why XRP has a little number of consumers. Already, Japanese and some international banks such as Fidor Bank and American Express card are checking making use of Ripple’s payment system.

Ripple has a much larger reserve than Bitcoin

The creators of both cryptocurrencies hold some of the coins in reserve. Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s founder, is thought to hold 980,000 BTC. In spite of that the real identity of the creator( s) is not understood, it is clear that he/she/they might be the only one( s) with access to such a high number of coins. Ripple, the business behind XRP likewise holds a high quantity of the coin. With around 60 billion XRP in reserve, the company maintains about 60 percent of the total supply. Some individuals think that this figure is quite high. Unlike Bitcoin, which has never launched any of its coins, Ripple regularly releases some of that supply.

Bitcoin is more accessible on exchanges than Ripple

When it concerns investing, Bitcoin is simple to deal with as you can get it from various cryptocurrency exchanges or people. You can buy it using fiat or perhaps other cryptocurrencies. Just a couple of exchanges enable people to acquire XRP using fiat currencies making it a little more challenging to get. Nevertheless, you can also purchase it in other Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin in many of the trading platforms.


Unlike Bitcoin, the coin has strong financial support than any other cryptocurrency. Whereas guideline remains a concern with Bitcoin, traders are comfortable dealing with XRP due to its openness and operating in a regulated environment.

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