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Online Decentralized Search Engine

A decentralized online search engine makes use of a distributed ledger technology.

When it comes to looking for products and services online, blockchain offers an additional layer of privacy. Unlike standard search engines which decide which sites are most relevant/irrelevant for you and place ads based on the information they secretly collected via cookies, blockchain gives users the right to decide what details they wish to share.

As a result, users see targeted ads of their interest. Blockchain allows users to retain the ownership to their personal info.

Since placed ads are of particular interest to the users, it also improves conversion rates and helps with lead generation.

How Does It Work?

Its functioning is no different from that of a regular search engine.

Blockchain offers you a platform to search via the internet. It saves relevant searches clicked by you. When you continuously search via a blockchain search engine, you build a purchaser personality and an online identity.

But Isn’t It How Regular Search Engines Work Too?

Yes, but with a decentralized platform, it is you who controls what information goes out and who is it shared with. You can secure your information with a private key and remain confidential and protected unless you choose otherwise.

You can also make this data available to a few specific retailers. You do so by getting into a smart contract with them. This also cuts down the advertising costs of intermediaries who continuously bombard the internet with useless sponsored ads and pop-ups. So, in a way, you are saving big corporations millions of dollars that go into advertising.

One example of such a platform is the BitClave’s active search ecosystem. BASE compensates its users with relevant searches using a digital currency Consumer Activity Token. The digital currency can be used for online purchasing. The biggest perk of such an ecosystem is that it enables users to make money from their online searches and receive data about products and services they are interested in.

Do We Need A Decentralized Search Engine?


We all know that the online marketing sphere is reigned by a few giant corporations like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. These determine how marketing campaigns need to run and stay competitive.

The biggest drawback of a centralized search engine is that a lot of personal information is sold to third-party sellers, tracked and used without our permission. These big corporations than use that information and device specific advertising campaigns accordingly –giving rise to a billion-dollar advertising industry.

Therefore such a system requires an interruption.

It is platforms like BitClave that gives back the power to the people and allows them to choose what they wish to see and don’t.

Applications in Real Life

Suppose you looking for summer clothing online. Blockchain-based platforms secure information about your specifics and show targeted results without bogus site displays.

On one hand, it allows you to achieve your goal in less time and on the other, enables merchants to target you with customized deals based on the parameters you set.

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