CryptoPay Review (Updated 2019)

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CryptoPay Review

Cryptopay is a payment platform and wallet that was invented in 2013, and it serves as a link between the seller and the buyer. The Cryptopay company has upgraded its system of operation and proceed to issue Bitcoin debit cards owned by the company; this development met reasonable achievement until Visa halts its operation with WaveCrest in January 2017. At present, the issuance of the Bitcoin debit card is only available in the Russian Federation. Negotiations are on-going with some other new card company, and will soon be in collaboration with Visa as soon as possible. The master plan and foresight behind this negotiation is to get the debit cards used all around Europe and America so that non-Russian users will as well benefit from the virtual debit card, and serve a transactional purpose by shopping online.

Advantages of the CryptoPay Bitcoin debit card

The Cryptopay debit card has a reasonable degree of openness and easy accessibility; there is affordability in the fees incurred to get their service, which gives them an edge over some other business rivals. In addition to their merits, the company makes provision for some other well-known cryptocurrencies, i.e. all other altcoins are also involved not limited to only Bitcoins.

For the easy accessibility, you will be able to access Crypto without going through a rigorous verification process, but for security purpose, you won’t have the chance of accessing the card without any proof of identity.

Disadvantages of the CryptoPay Bitcoin debit card

As efficient and innovative CryptoPay is, it also has some disadvantages to its effect. Currently, the issuance of the physical card is limited to only Russia, as other people outside Russia does not benefit from its efficiency.

Compare to some other card providers available in the market, CryptoPay is more expensive. There are limitations on the certain amount of withdrawal you can make per day through ATMs. Only verified users have the chance of withdrawing up to $2000 in a day.

The issue on whether issuance of the card is also available for unverified users is still vague. It’s what the CryptoPay company have done in the past, but since the requirements and verification process has changed things have been a little complicated for unverified users.

CryptoPay Bitcoin debit card fees

The CryptoPay makes its charges based on the type of transaction you intend making.

To convert Bitcoin to Fiat money, 1% of charges are made, the same thing is applicable for converting Fiat money to Bitcoin.

Foreign transaction attracts 3% charges.

Irrespective of the card you choose, $1 is the charges applied to the monthly service.

For the issuance of the plastic card, $15 charges are being made. For some other people in different part of the world, Express delivery attracts $70 charges, about other cards, domestically ATM withdrawal attracts a flat rate of $2.50, while it attracts $3.50 internationally.

Summary of the CryptoPay Bitcoin debit card

  • Virtual card: Yes
  • Card type: Visa
  • Physical card: Yes
  • Mobile app: Yes
  • Support fiat currencies: GBP, EUR, and USD
  • Cryptocurrencies support include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.


CryptoPay company as a reputation to reckon with internationally and also work efficiently in Russia. People outside Russia who are willing to benefit from this great innovation will have to exercise patience for CryptoPay to relaunch the physical card. The customer support is ever ready to see to your request, talking about the Wave crest and Visa issue, CryptoPay is not the only company that suffer their cause. Hopefully, CryptoPay and the Debit card are coming back powerfully into Europe and the United States.

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