Cryptocurrency Attracts the Youth

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Cryptocurrency Attracts the Youth

Interest in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, continues to grow amongst the young. As a new study, conducted by Qriously in conjunction with the exchange, Coinbase, shows the rise in interest among students. It has been suggested that Bitcoin is on the same trajectory as the internet and social media before it. Up to one-fifth of students already own Bitcoin, whilst two-fifths of Universities offer courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain. Stanford University is currently leading the way with over ten courses on the subject. And with student interest and enthusiasm flourishing, this trend amongst universities continues to grow.

This bolstered the recent study conducted by Imperial College London, who touted cryptocurrency as the next logical step. Researchers suggest as cryptocurrency moves beyond being a store of value to a readily exchangeable commodity it will elevate itself towards the mainstream. However, as the researchers state, there are several obstacles cryptocurrency must overcome. Regulation, usability, and scalability are the main three hurdles if cryptocurrency manages to straddle these it may very well be on it’s way to winning the race.

Meanwhile in Asia

Mainstream interest continues to pick up in Asia as more people look to work in Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Since 2017, job opportunities in the sector have exploded, increasing by up to 50%. Blockchain, which is the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies has seen a particular interest. Data from Indeed shows a heightened interest in Blockchain jobs all across Asia, from Australia to India, down to Singapore. It’s not just interest that is growing but opportunities too.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain positions are attracting people from all sectors. As the industry grows beyond just development and trade there is a need to round out their operations. Where once the sector mainly attracted individuals from more technical backgrounds, in software development, and financial backgrounds, in banking, it now reaches further afield. As the sector moves towards more distributed applications they are beginning to resemble internet and tech-based companies.

Rakuten Everybody’s Bitcoin

Japan’s largest e-commerce company, Rakuten, believes in the future of cryptocurrency as it continues to expand into new sectors. Rakuten, see’s cryptocurrency based payments to grow exponentially and have been considering entering into the cryptocurrency exchange for some time. Today, 31st August, Rakuten announced their acquisition of Everybody’s Bitcoin, signaling their commitment to the future of cryptocurrency.

Rakuten covers over 70 services, ranging from e-commerce retail to financial services. And they believe that cryptocurrency will become integral across all services. Although they had already begun accepting Bitcoin payments back in 2015, the organizations believe that this is the next step. By providing their own cryptocurrency exchange they will be able to provide better processes for cryptocurrency payment across the board, providing a more streamlined and secure service. Rakuten looks to bring their extensive experience and knowledge of various financial services to Everybody’s Bitcoin. And with Everybody’s Bitcoins knowledge and experience of the cryptocurrency exchange they look to expand and develop cryptocurrency services for customers.

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