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You know a phenomenon has become truly embedded in our society when it makes an appearance in pop culture. The first comic book series dealing with cryptocurrency has now been launched, so fans of both manga comic books and cryptocurrency can rejoice. Shonen Crypto, which is the title of the comic book series, has just released its first issue, and aims to both entertain readers, as well as educate them about the wonders of cryptocurrency.

crypto comics

The first comic book to focus exclusively on cryptocurrency

In an interview with the editor-in-chief Taro says he has never heard or been told of another comic book series that deals exclusively with cryptocurrency. The comic is currently only available online in a digital format, but there are plans to expand the reach by a lot. Taro wants to publish physical copies of the comic, as well as produce music and accompanying videos to complement the comic book format.

Taro’s team has already grown from a modest group of ten employees to twice the size. The people working for him fill various roles. Naturally, there are artists and writers to create the actual comic series itself. But he has now also enlisted musicians to compose the music, and researchers to discover new cryptocurrency tokens they can work with.

Education and entertainment

One of the rationales behind the comic book series is to educate the masses about the world of cryptocurrency. Taro mentions the numerous scam artists in the cryptocurrency world as a reason for the educational aspect of the comic book series. He understands that many people are sceptical about investing their own time and money in cryptocurrency. The comic book series will try to clear up some of the misconceptions people might have about cryptocurrency.

Taro is of the opinion that whilst there are a lot of articles on cryptocurrency being written on a daily basis, a comic book series might reach a different audience. According to the creator, many people simply find the language being used to explain cryptocurrency too complex, and a comic book might be able to explain the concepts better than technical jargon.

What can you expect from Shonen Crypto?

The first volume in the Shonen Crypto series is divided into six separate parts. Part one, called “Crypto Heroes”, sees the main character of Bitcoin Senpai leading the others characters into a stand-off with the evil fiat money. The villains Bitcoin Senpai and his team has to fight off are the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen, and the European Euro.

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The second part is a bit more educational than the first one, and introduces the reader to Crypto-kun. Crypto-kun explains what is currently going on i the world of Bitcoin, and educates the reader about various scam artists and technical glitches. The third part of the comic book goes into investment advice and explains how nodes work in relation to the blockchain.

Parts four, five and six further elaborate on the intricacies of the cryptocurrency universe, and does so in very captivating manner. Be sure to check it out online!

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