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The IoT, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology booms are very lucrative. Some institutions, such as Maverick Research, believe that these solutions, in addition with Artificial Intelligence, will replace today’s centralized platforms and business models. Demand for such products is outpacing their production. Market for blockchain is expected to exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030. There isn’t enough developers to meet the needs of the market. Crowd Machine’s App Studio will make it quicker and cheaper to create apps, no programming knowledge needed. Goal of this ICO is to create the Crowd Computer, a global, decentralized app execution engine, which would include a peer-to-peer network of Crowd Virtual Machines (“CVM”), that makes it easy for anyone with an idea to develop blockchain apps.

Description of Crowd Machine ICO

In addition to the aforementioned App Studio, Crowd Machine will allow to share the created apps via a Crowd Share repository, a GitHub-like system that can make it easier for developers to monetize their work. The lengthy whitepaper explores each service offered by the ICO in depth, making points about security and the current market situation. It can be a tough read, especially for someone not acquainted with the technologies touched upon in the document.


Regarding the token itself, I’ve had a hard time finding information about the sale. It turns out that it will begin on 21th February 2018. The token is named CMT. Price will be around 6000 CMT per ETH, with BTC payments accepted in addition to ETH. A presale discount will be available, and will amount to 60% to 70% The market cap is quite huge, and in my opinion there is absolutely no need for such a cap. It’s set at $200 million soft, $338 million hard. What makes me suspicious is that there is absolutely no description of how funds will be allocated post-sale. There no information about how CMT tokens will be converted into fiat or ETH, and the road map doesn’t include plans to list tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.


 Machine Team

Apparently, this project has 27 employees. However, I can only see resumes for 11 of them. There are no LinkedIn links on the website and I had to conduct a Google search to see what’s their work history. The CEO has his LinkedIn account deactivated. From the little information I’ve gathered, the team is solid, with experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency. But this is not enough. Crowd Machine lists their competitors: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Google. The company is trying to bite off more than they can chew. I don’t believe that a team of twenty-seven members can compete with these giants.

Crowd Machine Media Presence, Summary

Not much remains to be said about Crowd Machine. Less that 500 likes on Facebook, only a few on Twitter. Under five hundred Telegram members. A four-page thread on The only thing of note is that the CEO spoke at various blockchain and cryptocurrency related expos.

In my eyes, the project is underdeveloped. Reading the whitepaper made me feel that the ideas presented need to be fleshed out more in order to have a chance with the aforementioned industry titans. There is no real-life application demonstration for the key aspect of this project, Crowd App Studio. For Crow Machine to become successful, they need to fix all these glaring issues. A great concept isn’t enough to get to the top. I’d invest only if the ICO gets a total makeover.

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