How to Market Your ICO Product: Tips on Creating the Best ICO Website

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How To Create A Website For Your ICO

In ICO marketing, a great website is a prerequisite. Cryptocurrency traders often check the websites of many ICO companies. They usually decide on whether or not to invest in it based on the information that they get from the website. As an ICO company, it is important that you impress your prospective investors with your website.

Creating an ICO websiteM

Having a website is a must for any business models. Traditional or not, businesses are now using websites to expand and reach out to their market. For ICO companies, your website is a portfolio for your possible investors to check.

In creating a website, all the information it contains should be accurate. The website should contain the project’s information, the white paper of the project and the token you are marketing. You should also add information about the team members so you can build your profile’s credibility.

Finally, link your website to social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram.

Languages for your website

English is the language commonly used in many websites. However, there are countries that don’t usually use English as their first or second language. It is best that you add other language options for your website such as Spanish, Chinese, or Russian. This feature helps your website attract prospective investors from non-English speaking countries. In this way, clients can easily understand technical terminologies without using online translators.

What your Homepage should look like

When opening your website, the first thing that your client sees is the homepage. It is very important that your investors will see the kind of services you are offering. For ICO websites, your homepage must have a preview of your ICO product or service.

Once you have given a preview, make sure that you also add a boilerplate of the project. Add a countdown timer to catch the attention of the visitors. In this way, your visitors will anticipate the kind of product you are offering and when it is going to be launched.

Make sure that the website is also mobile friendly. In this way, users can also access it with their mobile devices.

Project Preview

The project preview is another important detail that your website must have. It contains the basic and most important details of the project. It must be written in the simplest way possible. This is to make sure that your project is easily understood by others.

Down below are some of the information that your project preview must contain:

•    Goals of the ICO

•    Innovations made by your company

•    Where your business is located

•    Business Roadmap

Digital Currency of Your Website

In ICO, always remember that the digital token made by your company is your main product. It is very important that you entice investors to buy or invest in your currency.

You can do this by giving important information that will answer these questions:

•    What is the name of your cryptocurrency?

•    What is its ticker?

•    How is it used?

•    What is the price your cryptocurrency?

•    Does it have a bounty? If so, what is it?

•    Does it have airdrops?

•    What is the total supply of your cryptocurrency?

•    When will the ICO start?

•    When will it end?

•    What is its soft and hard cap?


Another important section that your website should have is the documentation of the ICO and its token. Make sure that you put the white paper of your ICO, the business roadmap, and other legal documents that are required in establishing an ICO company.

Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is another way of promoting your crypto currency’s visibility. Make sure that you link your ICO website to your social media accounts. It will help you get a good number of followers.

The ICO Team

In one of the pages of your website, make sure that you add the members of your ICO team. It helps build your token’s credibility. It is also important that you add your members’ portfolio, positions in the ICO team, as well as links to their LinkedIn profiles.

ICO Website Development

Many ICO owners usually make their own ICO websites. You can create a website by simply using an ICO website template. These templates are available on the internet. If you are not comfortable with your coding skills, you can hire an ICO website developer instead.

ICO Web Design

If you haven’t decided on how you want your website to look like, here are some of the web design examples that you should check out:

•    Eligma

•    AdHive

  • Bloom

•    Sharpay

Your ICO website plays an important role in making your ICO Company grow. Make sure that you put a lot of consideration on developing your website to be. In this way, you will be able to build a strong and capable digital presence of your ICO Company.

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