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Cryptocurrency calendar – Evidence-based & community-driven

Thanks to growth of cryptocurrency industry, event organizers have being scheduling events such as conferences and summits in various cities across the globe to discuss blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, most of these events are not captured by the mainstream media and so most people don’t get information about them. By the way CoinMarketCal content does not expose only conferences and summits, those ones are only a small part of their events list, including releases, community events, forks, airdrops, exchange listings, ecc.

coinmarketcal is determined to solve this problem by creating a community driven platform where details of upcoming and ended events can be listed. 

Apart from conferences and summits, information related to blockchain projects and new coin launches is also published on the site on a daily basis. Unlike other similar sites, CoinMarketCal is fully community based, with not only people who can add events that are yet to be listed, but also their  team reviewing each and every submitted event to ensure the best quality of information.


This feature greatly helps to ensure that details of all events relevant to the industry are published. The developers have also gone an extra mile to incorporate a voting system that is designed to help separate the real events from the fake ones. Events that accrue the lowest votes are eventually delisted from the website. 

Another aspect that gives CoinMarketCal an upper hand is that there is an option for persons who upload details of upcoming events to be paid by other website users using Bitcoin. All one has to do is leave his/her BTC address in the post. Never miss anything that happens in the crypto market, visit for accurate information about all upcoming conferences and summits.

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