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Centra Bitcoin Debit Card Review

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Card Review: Centra Bitcoin Debit

The debit card for Bitcoin is the trend of the last few years. Such means for storing cryptocurrencies are not very popular, but some users, nevertheless, prefer to keep their digital coins on their usual piece of plastic. In this article, we will talk about one exact bitcoin debit card that we think is worthy.

The bitcoin debit card issued by the Centra exchange currently supports most popular cryptocurrencies and among them Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ERC20, Ripple, and Dash. The Centra card allows users to spend their money in real time with a 0% exchange. Centra Tech has individual licenses in 38 states: Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and other states.

Wallet of card

Of course, the debit card comes with its own crypto wallet called Centra Smart Wallet. Wallet allows not only to store whatever cryptocurrency user may have but also allows its users to register for Centra debit cards.

You can also use the application to perform normal banking functions – for example, turn on and off your card, for this you do not even have to spend your precious time going to the bank. Or you can use the app to send money in more than 5 currencies in more than 100 countries without any fees. There are no fluctuations in interbank exchange rates or excessive fees. All funds stored in your Centra wallet are safe, protected and protected against theft, hackers and scammers.

Centra Bitcoin Debit Card

Transaction fees

As many other cards on the market Centera card has some fee that company charges for different reasons. The cost of card activation is $ 20. The annual fee for each card varies from $50 in the CTR for the Blue version to $500 in the CTR for the Black version. Also, a fee of $2.50 is charged when withdrawing USD from ATMs and $1.00% + $3.00 for withdrawing other currencies. Commissions for making purchases and exchange operations for all three cards are 0%.

Mobile app

In bundle with the wallet Centra’s ecosystem contains a mobile where users can find many useful information and functions. First and the main function is checking the balance online and sending and receiving funds. Also, it has some security features for example in case of loss of card itself users can disable the card from the mobile app.

Centra Bitcoin Debit Card

Types of cards

Unlike other cards, the company decided to issue one regular (blue cards) and two premium cards (gold and black). You do not need anything special for getting blue, but premium cards are available only to the company’s investors. If you are a holder of a Centra Black or Gold card, then these restrictions increase.

Centra Black has a spending limit of $ 100,000 per day, for example, a cash withdrawal limit of $ 5,000 and a 2% reward for a token for each purchase.

The gold card has a spending limit of $ 50,000, a cash withdrawal limit of $ 2,000, and 1.25% remuneration for each purchase.

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