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How Decentralized Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Change Medicine

How Decentralized AI and Machine Learning Can Change Medicine An expert system is an advanced computer system. It is used to perform tasks that otherwise will not be performed using only human intelligence. We are talking about tasks such as speech recognition, translations between languages, visual perception or decision-making, etc. Artificial intelligence (AI) utilizes algorithms… Keep Reading

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What Is SegWit2x?

What Is SegWit2x? Everyone has already heard about such a concept as SegWit2x and that in the coming months, bitcoins are waiting for dramatic changes. Let’s try to figure out what SegWit2x is, what will happen to Bitcoin in the coming months and whether it is worth selling Bitcoin now. It is such a technology… Keep Reading

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How To Read Cryptocurrency Price Indexes

How To Read Cryptocurrency Price Indexes We tell what a cryptocurrency price index is, how it differs from the traditional index of the stock market, what information can be learned from it and where the data for it come from. A cryptocurrency price index is a website or platform that provides data on prices and… Keep Reading

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The 5 Best Ethereum Debit Cards (2019)

The 5 Best Ethereum Debit Cards Cryptocurrency owners often experience difficulties in spending money, and entrepreneurs try to solve this problem by using debit cryptocurrency cards. It is assumed that you have a certain cryptocurrency – Bitcoin or Ethereum, which only grew at a price of 10%, and you would like to spend profits on… Keep Reading

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Why Review Sites Need Blockchain

A Shift towards Evaluation Factual data states that 58% of consumers look for product/services reviews online prior to buying them. This gigantic demand for evaluation can’t be ignored. Moreover, researchers also claim that 98% of buyers believe that online reviews impact their buying. But why are online reviews that impactful when the buyer doesn’t even… Keep Reading

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Blockchain and Virtual Reality

Blockchain And VR –What’s The Connection? If we were to question the popularity of VR today, we will come across tons of articles, blogs and statistics in its support online. And they aren’t wrong. It has proven to be an up and coming pattern –all set to take over the world. Everywhere, more and more… Keep Reading

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What Is SegWit?

What Is SegWit? We decided to write an article about one of the most important step in Bitcoin history, in which we will try to convey to you the idea of how scaling the Bitcoin network will affect the cost of this cryptocurrency. Yes, you understood correctly, today we will talk about the very SegWit,… Keep Reading

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How To Store XRP: A Guide To Ripple Wallets

How To Store XRP: A Guide To Ripple Wallets The imbalances in the purchase and selloff in XRP has made it obvious that the demand and popularity of RippleNet are on the rise. All of this to the advantage of the various crypto sellers who capitalizes on the shift in the demand for XRP and… Keep Reading

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How To Analyze ICOs

How To Analyze ICOs With the massive proliferation of blockchain technologies, startups have a new way to raise capital – initial coin offer (ICO). During ICO, companies offer a wide range of investors their own cryptocurrency (tokens) to finance a project. Site Evaluation The ICO face of any project is his site, so the assessment… Keep Reading

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A Guide To Bitcoin Cash Wallets (Updated 2019)

Bitcoin Cash Wallets Bitcoin cash is a new separate Blockchain and its currency code is BCH or BCC. The Bitcoin Cash is sent to a Bitcoin cash wallet address. Using the wrong wallet address may cause the loss of your Bitcoin Cash. It is compulsory that one has a wallet before one starts transactions that… Keep Reading

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