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Things To Know About Provably Fair Games

What are provably fair games? An online game is provably fair when a system in location is present. This system in location will allow the gamers to verify the procedure`s fairness in a video game. The idea of “provably reasonable” is related to the growth of online cryptocurrency betting such as casinos and lottery games… Keep Reading

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The Importance of Blockchain in Service Industry

What’s the current situation of the service industry? The service industry is growing slowly. The service industry is trying to be advanced and updated like other businesses. But some issues are affecting the speed of its development. The first concern is cash. Having enough cash to start a new company or to extend the current… Keep Reading

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How a Lack of Trust Affects the Global Market Capitalisation of the Cryptocurrency Industry

Connecting Online Sentiment Towards the Cryptocurrency Industry with Global Market Capitalisation Recently, BlockchainDefender released a report examining the impact of online sentiment on the cryptocurrency industry, including how it affects the industry’s global market capitalisation. The report takes advantage of BlockchainDefender’s experience of analysing online sentiment.  Online Sentiment Affects Market Capitalisation The first study in… Keep Reading

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