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vitalik buterin
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Who Is Vitalik Buterin?

Who is Vitalik Buterin? The Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin created Ethereum. He started composing for Bitcoin Magazine back in 2011 and came up with the idea for Ethereum just two years later when he wrote the white paper. Ethereum is the second highest ranked cryptocurrency and is today worth $65 billion. How Vitalik Buterin grew… Keep Reading

what is ether
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What Is Ether?

What Is Ether? What is Ether? Ether is the cryptocurrency token native to the Ethereum platform. It’s is the currency used on Ethereum, just like we utilize fiat money to make purchases on the Internet. Ether has a few more usages than Bitcoin, due to the nature of the Ethereum platform. It has been referred to… Keep Reading

sell ethereum
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How To Sell Ethereum

You might be wondering how to sell Ethereum. We’ve previously covered how to get your hands on some Ether tokens. Now we’re going to cover how you get rid of your Ether tokens. The channels you can utilize to sell Ethereum through are the same as the ones you used to buy it with. It’s… Keep Reading

buy ethereum
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How To Buy Ethereum

The whole job runs on Ether, which is the native cryptocurrency tokens (Read “What Is Ether?”). Ether has lots of usages, consisting of assistance the creation of dapps and system updates. How do you get your hands on some Ether?   Get an Ethereum wallet You will need a wallet to keep you Ether before… Keep Reading

what is ethereum
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What is Ethereum?

What is Ethereum? Ethereum is a platform based on blockchain technology. The system was inspired by the Bitcoin protocol but aims to be much more the means of transferring funds. The Ethereum team has created a network that facilitates the creation of decentralized apps (also known as ‘dapps’). Dapps are apps like any other, except… Keep Reading

what is ethereum classic
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What is Ethereum Classic?

What is Ethereum Classic? If you’ve been going into the literature on Ethereum, then you’ve no question discovered something called Ethereum Classic. Instead of being the initial Ethereum, as the name indicates, Ethereum Classic is an off-shoot from the initial Ethereum. Simply put, Ethereum Classic is a different cryptocurrency from Ethereum. It ‘s similar to… Keep Reading

security token
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Security Token Exchanges

What is a security token? One of the main criticisms that skeptics have leveled against cryptocurrencies is that they lack intrinsic value. That led to the rise of stable coins, which are cryptocurrency tokens backed by something of value. That something could be gold, diamond, or even land. Security tokens are essentially stablecoins. Their value… Keep Reading

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