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basic attention token
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What is Basic Attention Token?

What is the Basic Attention Token? Blockchain and cryptocurrency are becoming more and more popular, and businesses are starting to look for new problems in the new technologies. Basic Attention Token, or BAT (can be translated as “Basic Attention Token”), was created by the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox in partnership with the creator of… Keep Reading

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What is EOS?

Introduction to EOS The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. He is also the progenitor of the blockchain technology, on the basis of which a huge number of alternative cryptocurrencies have already been launched. True, only a few have become popular and reliable. The top ten most capitalized cryptocurrency includes EOS. This project intends to permanently… Keep Reading

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What is Cardano?

Introducing to Cardano Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency, like many others – based on decentralized work and transparency. Launched in 2014 by a group of entrepreneurs and programmers. To be precise, Cardano is the general name of the project, and Ada is the token, the currency of the service. Cryptocurrency attaches increased importance to the… Keep Reading

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Introduction to Dogecoin

Introduction to Dogecoin DOGEcoin is a cryptocurrency founded in 2013 for the joke of enthusiastic programmers Jackson Palmer and Billy Marcus. It is actually named after an Internet meme with a Shiba Inu dog, seemed to have leaped from its leash.  The basis for the development of Dogecoin cryptocurrency served as the more famous and… Keep Reading

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Introduction to Litecoin

Litecoin is the No. 2 digital currency in terms of turnover and No. 5 in terms of the market value of its assets (capitalization). Like Bitcoin, it integrates workstations into a network, between which electronic money is exchanged. It also has such features as anonymity and the absence of a single control authority (decentralization), as… Keep Reading

vitalik buterin
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Who Is Vitalik Buterin?

The creator of the most successful Bitcoin analog project, a young genius from Canada with Russian roots, Vitalik Buterin is a legend of the cryptocurrency world. In 2008, someone Satoshi Nakamoto invented a revolutionary, completely different from anything before that moment, a monetary asset – bitcoin. In 2014, inspired by this development, the 19-year-old student… Keep Reading

buy ethereum
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How To Buy Ethereum

Ethereum is a blockchain platform with smart contract range of capabilities and purpose. Vitalk Buterin invented Ethereum as an underlying platform for developers in 2013 to develop decentralised apps. The platform’s popularity acquired tremendous fame, and so its currency Ether. The whole process runs on Ether which is the necessary cryptocurrency tokens. Read the article… Keep Reading

ICO Vs Venture Capital
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ICO vs. VC: Which One Is Best?

Which is the better between ICO vs VC competition? One of the foremost hardships startups experience is raising capital. And to solve this problem, any business can take advantage of ICO or venture capital (VC). But which ICO vs VC goals is better for any startups? ICO Vs. VCO Competition So in ICO vs VCO… Keep Reading

sell ethereum
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How To Sell Ethereum

There will come a time when you will decide how to sell your Ethereum once you’ve collected some Ether through buying tokens or mining them. At present, there is a minimal number of industries that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment so Ether can only be beneficial to pay for stuff on the Ethereum… Keep Reading

What Are Desktop Wallets
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What Are Desktop Wallets?

Are you trying to learn what desktop wallet is? Look no further. This is a program that can be downloaded to a desktop computer or laptop. Access to the wallet is only from the device where it is installed. They can be used to store bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrency and depending on your… Keep Reading

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