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Hard Fork vs. Soft Fork

What is a Hard Fork? Knowledge of what hard fork is necessary for users who have contact with the cryptocurrency world. Consider how the forks pass, what are their pros, cons and how to benefit. A hard fork cryptocurrency is the introduction of significant changes in the program code of the blockchain chain, as a… Keep Reading

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What Is A Paper Wallet?

What Is A Paper Wallet? A paper wallet is a special document with which the storage of a virtual coin is ensured. Such storages are in demand among users of crypto networks who own a large number of cryptocurrencies and aim to protect the savings from intruders. The peculiarity of such wallets is the availability… Keep Reading

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How To Sell Ripple

Most Popular Ways To Sell Ripple Ripple cryptocurrency in recent months has risen sharply in value due to the increased interest of investors and traders. A positive role in this was played by the news about the beginning of testing the technology of interbank payments on the Ripple blockchain by Asian banks. On January 11,… Keep Reading

why use blockchains
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Why Use Blockchains?

Right now, we are living in the digital world where almost everything is advanced with innovations. The blockchain is one among many and currently, it is one of the leading platforms for digital possessions. This platform is becoming increasingly important to the modern world. But why should someone use blockchain? Well, there are several reasons… Keep Reading

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5 Crypto Trading Tips You’ll Love (Updated 2019)

5 Crypto Trading Tips You’ll Love At the initial stage, many experienced market participants are watching their colleagues’ hobby for digital money, which will pass in a short time. Virtual money that does not have real values, is not material incarnations, even now perceived by sceptics as a large-scale scam or a toy for visionaries.… Keep Reading

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What Are Non-Fungible Tokens?

What Are Non-Fungible Tokens? It is a virtual token that you create in order to prove authenticity and the right to own an asset using cryptography. For example, if you have a virtual property – a virtual work of art, you can create a non-interchangeable token to tokenize the piece. The NFT that you now… Keep Reading

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What Are ICO Bounties?

What Are ICO Bounties? In pursuit of new investors, the organizers of the primary placements of coins tried different ways: they placed advertisements in social networks and search engines (alas, now this method is practically unavailable), started topics on specialized forums and finally offered a kind of “partner programs” on mutually beneficial terms. The Bounty… Keep Reading

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The 5 Best Paper Wallets

Introduction to Paper Wallets Before you start working with cryptocurrencies, you need to understand where they will be stored. A variety of repositories allows you not to dwell on one thing, but now the paper wallet cryptocurrency is on the agenda as one of the most reliable options. The name already contains an explanation –… Keep Reading

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How Cryptocurrency Prices Work

How Cryptocurrency Prices Work In fact, the price of Bitcoin is determined by the supply and demand for it. This market law is primary here and is executed at 100%. The more attention to the cryptocurrency market, the more actively the same Bitcoin as an asset or payment unit is distributed, the higher its price.… Keep Reading

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What Are Bitcoin Futures?

What Are Bitcoin Futures? For a long time, Bitcoin remained outside the law. Now everything has changed. Two major US exchanges – the Chicago Stock Options Exchange (CBOE) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) – have launched bitcoin futures trading. So bitcoin as a financial instrument gained recognition from government agencies, and the launch of… Keep Reading

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