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What Is The Tether Case?

Tether signifies real currencies. It is a cryptocurrency in the blockchain marketplace. Tether was designed in November of 2015. It was initially based on the Bitcoin blockchain structure. It was later transited to Litecoin in 2017. Tether used two tokens which uses two analogs EUR and USD in the blockchain world. In 2016, Tether’s capitalization… Keep Reading

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How Do Digital Money Transfers Work?

How Do Digital Money Transfers Work? For those who do not know or have never heard of them, virtual currencies / cryptocurrencies are simply digital money based on cryptographic protocols that are distributed and managed by their developers. In general, cryptocurrencies represent a new way to make money transfers in a virtual environment. Unlike conventional… Keep Reading

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Why Blockchain Might Be Good For Your Business Skills

If we were to make a list of the essential abilities any organization needs to have, we will surely have these five crucial ones on top. 1.    Critical Intelligence Critical intelligence is the foremost skills any business needs to acquire in order to strive for success. It often becomes difficult for businesses to pinpoint their… Keep Reading

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Bibox Review (2019)

What is Bibox? Bibox Exchange is a young Chinese cryptocurrency marketplace with big ambitions. It appeared in 2017 and is gradually gaining positions in the market with increasing trading volumes. There are several languages available on this exchange, including Russian. Localization allows CIS traders to easily start working with this platform. Bibox offers wide functionality… Keep Reading

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Decentralized Hedge Funds

Decentralized Hedge Funds Blockchain, cryptocurrency, trading, mining. In the company of these buzz words, one more thing recently appeared – hedge funds. The term that previously existed only in the financial market environment is now associated with high technology. There are engineers who build, manage and scale something called “hedge funds.” Many recommend them as… Keep Reading

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Bitfinex Review

What is Bitfinex? Millions of people today rely on cryptocurrency exchanges when trading digital currencies. When it comes to providing exceptional cryptocurrency services, the name Bitfinex comes to mind. As per its wiki, it has been a leader in the cryptocurrency market space handling $1+ billion exchanges on a daily basis. Ever since its launch… Keep Reading

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Blockchain And Finance: How Will It Work?

This is one of the most asked questions on many online forums worldwide. It is understandable since the question is an important one. Can this new innovation change financing forever or not? The primary goal of the blockchain innovation was to eliminate the need for any intermediaries when dealing in monetary transactions. For anyone new… Keep Reading

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Blockchain vs. Database: What Is the Difference?

Blockchain vs. Database: Understanding the Differences Like the internet, blockchain technology has also taken the world by storm. It has become a part of our daily lives. Though still in a state of infancy, it has open avenues for newer technological advancements to develop. Two of the most commonly associated words with blockchain innovation are… Keep Reading

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Litecoin Vs. Bitcoin: What’s The Difference?

Litecoin Vs Bitcoin: What’s The Difference? Contrary to misconceptions, Litecoin cryptocurrency is not the first fork of Bitcoin. Those were the digital asset and the Namecoin payment system of the same name. Although this did not prevent Litecoin from winning the title of virtual silver. It is safe to say that 2011 was a turning… Keep Reading

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5 Types of Ethereum Wallets You Need To Know About

When trading or dealing with cryptocurrency, users need a wallet to hold their Ether tokens. There are various cryptocurrency wallet types for Ether token storage –5 of which we shall review in this article below. But before we do, let us first understand how Ethereum wallets work. How do Ethereum Wallets work? Ethereum wallets are… Keep Reading

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