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What Is Crypto Trading?

What is crypto trading? Crypto trading is a classic form of cryptocurrency trading, which involves opening speculative positions to buy or sell a token of one or another digital cash. When investing through the stock exchange, you can earn solely on the growth of cryptocurrency, trading through a broker can increase your financial investments through… Keep Reading

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SEC Ruling on the DAO and ICO

What’s all that SEC decision everyone’s discussing? The world of cryptocurrency exploded with relief – US regulators made a decision on the ICO (initial placement of tokens), stating that companies should receive through the sale of electronic assets that must comply with federal securities laws. For this year it was decided by the prices. Nevertheless,… Keep Reading

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What Is A DAO?

What Is A DAO? DAO – a decentralized autonomous organization is a type of future organizations for ideal workers who are fed up with unproductive meetings, trips to work only to see someone in person, or the execution of boss orders, whose expertise is not particularly believed. We are now in the early stages of… Keep Reading

What Can Blockchain Technology Do
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What Can Blockchain Technology Do? Here Are 3 Things

Open source platforms have come to the fore, and their global recognition is testament to the changing paradigms. The Internet, open source platforms and blockchains have a glue ring that can be easily identified. Several advantages of the blockchain technology can be illuminated in this light from different angles. Blockchain as a distributed ledger that… Keep Reading

what is ripple
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What Is Ripple?

The world of digital money is so diverse and changeable that it is hardly possible to physically embrace and illuminate all the cryptocurrencies that represent it. Often, you just notice somewhere in the depths of consciousness the emergence of a new representative of this large pleiad and safely forget about it, until you accidentally come… Keep Reading

what is dash
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What is Dash?

This cryptocurrency was created on January 18, 2014, by developer Evan Duffield, who took Litecoin / Bitcoin code as a basis. It was originally released under the name XCoin, and ten days later, on January 28, 2014, it was renamed Darkcoin (“dark coin”) to emphasize its purpose for secret payments. Finally, in March 2015, it… Keep Reading

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Ethereum Scalability

Can Ethereum Scale? The Ethereum platform was launched in 2015 in order to simplify the creation of decentralized online services, as well as to facilitate the process of implementing the blockchain technology. Unlike the Bitcoin network, Ethereum provides for the use of smart contracts – self-executing algorithms designed to enter into and maintain commercial contracts… Keep Reading

what is ethereum classic
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What is Ethereum Classic?

What is Ethereum Classic? It all started with the largest ICO in history, which was conducted by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This is a venture fund based on Ethereum, which raised $ 150 million. After that, an anonymous attacker took advantage of a previously unknown vulnerability in a smart contract and withdrew $ 55… Keep Reading

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Reliable Bitcoin News Sources

Reliable Bitcoin News Sources If you are interested in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, then you just need this list. In it, we have collected the most reliable, proven over the years, media resources. Publications on key cryptocurrency issues ICOFriends – reviews, news, analytics and opinions of experts on cryptocurrency. CryptMarketCap – capitalization of… Keep Reading

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Are The Public and Permissioned Blockchains Same? chains?

Are The Public and Permissioned Blockchains Same? The blockchain technology can transform many industries and economies, allowing you to quickly transfer data (do transactions) so that, if necessary, you can check and track them. Since its inception, the blockchain concept has undergone tremendous changes. Now, thanks to constant research, technology can be used almost everywhere:… Keep Reading

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