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What is NEO?

What is NEO? Many may be interested in such currency as NEO. Another of its name was “Chinese broadcast.” Note that during the deep correction and the fall in value in 2019, this currency perfectly resisted the downturn in the market and kept its value. At the same time, Bitcoin rapidly collapsed to a cost… Keep Reading

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Should You Invest In Cryptocurrency?

Should you purchase cryptocurrency? While the people of the “old school” carry their savings to the bank in order to place them on deposit at a meager interest, the more advanced invest their money in the cryptocurrency, since they are well aware that this asset will bring a good income that no other investment asset… Keep Reading

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What Is Crypto Margin Trading?

What Is Crypto Margin Trading? Margin trading is one of the most profitable and at the same time the riskiest strategies for a trader. This tool is designed for professional traders, and therefore inexperienced players who are not aware of the possible risks and intricacies of margin trading can lose all their funds as soon… Keep Reading

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How To Mine Ethereum

Mining Ethereum Many people often question how to mine Ethereum. They wish to understand the procedure involved in its mining and how it works. For starters, those who are aware of the procedure needed to mine Bitcoin will not find it very different. In fact, it is very similar to how Bitcoin is mined. Despite… Keep Reading

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What Is A Hardware Wallet?

What Is A Hardware Wallet? The main difficulty for users of Cryptocurrency is security. Crypto exchanges are ideal places to trade cryptocurrency, and they offer garage offerings, but there is a risk one suffers the loss of their asset in the event such websites get hacked. In the case the government takes the exchange down,… Keep Reading

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What Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

What Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges? As in the case of traditional financial assets, exchanges play a key role in the cryptocurrency market. Exchanges can become an obstacle to the rapidly emerging world of digital assets. At first glance, they are very similar to stock exchanges – they reduce sellers with buyers and participate in the pricing… Keep Reading

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Blockchain Oracles

Blockchain Oracles looks like something of ancient Greek folklore, and somehow, they are doing a similar job. Legends have it that oracles were depended upon by people to provide data beyond their comprehension, as there were no sufficient data to settle on choices. Likewise, Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains do not organize access to out-of-chain information.… Keep Reading

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How To Use Smart Contracts

How To Use Smart Contracts We tell how smart contracts appeared, how they work, where they can be used and what are their advantages. What is a smart contract? A smart contract (or smart contract) is a special protocol designed for parties who can participate in negotiations, check their conditions, implement agreements and monitor contract… Keep Reading

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Hard Fork vs. Soft Fork

What is a Hard Fork? Knowledge of what hard fork is necessary for users who have contact with the cryptocurrency world. Consider how the forks pass, what are their pros, cons and how to benefit. A hard fork cryptocurrency is the introduction of significant changes in the program code of the blockchain chain, as a… Keep Reading

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What Is A Paper Wallet?

What Is A Paper Wallet? A paper wallet is a special document with which the storage of a virtual coin is ensured. Such storages are in demand among users of crypto networks who own a large number of cryptocurrencies and aim to protect the savings from intruders. The peculiarity of such wallets is the availability… Keep Reading

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