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anxpro bitcoin debit card
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ANXPRO Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Card Review: ANXPro Bitcoin Debit The popularity of debit bitcoin cards is growing on the world market in direct proportion to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Along with them, the number of offers of debit bitcoin cards is growing. When choosing your card for the simple use of cryptoactive assets in everyday life, you should… Keep Reading

how to plan an ico
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How To Plan An ICO: Painting The Big Picture

How to how to plan an ICO In the case of cryptocurrency assets, transaction data is stored in the blockchain. The data on each new transaction is recorded in a block that stores the data of the block preceding it, and so on. Thus, a chain of data blocks is created – hence the very… Keep Reading

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How To Impress ICO Investors

A couple of years ago, when the era of the ICO was just beginning, the demand many times exceeded the supply. Companies collected the necessary amount within a few minutes, or even seconds – while the amounts could be tens of millions of dollars. Today, when ICOs are being conducted by hundreds of companies at… Keep Reading

Best Online Wallets
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The 5 Best Online Wallets

The Best Online Wallets Online wallet for Bitcoin is a program where keys (tokens) are stored that form the user’s capital. The program provides access to digital cash and provides the wallet owner with the necessary platform for managing digital finance and network accounts, and also allows the owner to carry out transactions of any… Keep Reading

spectrocoin bitcoin debit card
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SpectroCoin Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Card Review: SpectroCoin Bitcoin Debit SpectroCoin, a cryptocurrency payment service, announced today that the virtual service of a prepaid card is available again. Now users can convert cryptocurrencies to euros and spend them in any online store where major debit cards are accepted. On the SpectroCoin exchange, two cryptocurrencies are being traded – BitCoin and… Keep Reading

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What Is The Tether Case?

Tether signifies real currencies. It is a cryptocurrency in the blockchain marketplace. Tether was designed in November of 2015. It was initially based on the Bitcoin blockchain structure. It was later transited to Litecoin in 2017. Tether used two tokens which uses two analogs EUR and USD in the blockchain world. In 2016, Tether’s capitalization… Keep Reading

spend bitcoin
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Where Can You Spend Bitcoin? Here Are The Places

Where to spend Bitcoin Are you wondering where to spend Bitcoin or who takes Bitcoin? There are a couple of locations who have the answers to your questions. Such locations do not require any debit card or any ID. Rather you can just transfer the cash in both offline and online and off you go.… Keep Reading

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How to Use KuCoin Exchange?

What is KuCoin? Today, the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange is based in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. A large list of promising cryptocurrencies is currently being traded on the site. The CEO and founder of the KuCoin exchange, Michael Gam, is a technical expert of the world’s largest fintech company Ant Financial. A unique feature of… Keep Reading

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Bitpay Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Bitpay Review When talking about the big fishes in the cryptocurrency space, one can’t miss to include Bitpay Bitcoin debit card onto the list. Being a well-renowned company, Bitpay enjoys a good reputation. It guides its customers at every step of the way to ensure their utmost satisfaction. The card is Visa-powered and works whereas… Keep Reading

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The Best Bitcoin Debit Cards (Updated 2019)

What are Bitcoin debit cards? With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, many people have a question – how can Bitcoin be cashed? One of the most popular and already available methods is plastic bitcoin cards. Thoughts about creating a debit card, linked to cryptocurrency, appeared long ago – back in 2011. The prospects were obvious… Keep Reading

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