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Should You Launch An ICO?

Should You Launch An ICO? Starting your own business venture can be quite stressful, most especially when it comes to raising the capital for it. Most people usually opt to borrow money from financial institutions like banks, while some would save for years for their capital. Some would even secure a loan or two from… Keep Reading

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What is Stellar Lumens?

What are Stellar Lumens? This review will be devoted to Stellar Lumens (XLM) – in this article, we will talk about what Stellar is, what features are typical for this project and its Lumens cryptocurrency (with XML designation). Stellar (XLM) is a fully decentralized compliance platform. It is designed to support any type of currency.… Keep Reading

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Security Token Exchanges

Security Tokens Many financial analysts criticize cryptocurrencies due to the lack of their intrinsic value. To counter this criticism, many exchange firms introduced stable coins. Stable coins are nothing but tokens with some value attached to it. The asset for the cryptocurrency token can be anything such as diamonds, land or even gold. The value… Keep Reading

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What is a Hard Fork?

Hard Fork vs. Soft Fork: Understanding the Difference Any cryptocurrency enthusiast must have come across the two terms hard fork and soft fork at least once. They are frequently used and often synonymously by users in the cryptocurrency space. The innovation blockchain that is the core of cryptocurrencies is a type of dispersed ledger consisting… Keep Reading

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Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: What Should You Invest In?

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: What Should You Invest In? With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, the number of users and the number of transactions conducted increased every year. Against this background, the main problem of cryptocurrency became increasingly noticeable – a limited block size of 1 MB. Until 2017, there was the talk of increasing… Keep Reading

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Gemini Review

What is Gemini? The exchange is located in the United States and began its operations in 2015 after it was approved by the State Department of Financial Services of New York. The owners of the site – brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss immediately set a goal to make it a fully regulated global digital asset… Keep Reading

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How Ethereum Works

How Ethereum Works Only the best developments survived and continued to develop, those that were able to offer consumers new, interesting ways of working, wide application possibilities and attractive prospects for the future. One of these “stars” is undoubtedly the cryptocurrency Ethereum, here we call Ethereum or simply Ether. Despite the fact that you cannot… Keep Reading

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BitMEX Review (2019)

What is BitMEX? BitMEX Cryptocurrency Exchange is one of the leading platforms in terms of daily trading volume. Every day more than 3 billion dollars are traded here. The main audience of the founders of the exchange sees professional traders. It will be difficult for a newcomer to the cryptocurrency world to understand here. But… Keep Reading

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What is the ICO Law: The Beginners Guide to the ICO Law

ICO law 101 Are you planning to launch your own ICO business? If so, there are so many things that you need to consider – from creating the product, hiring the right team, and marketing it. It can be quite overwhelming and frustrating at the same time. At the same time, there are some regulations… Keep Reading


How To Write An ICO White Paper

To ensure a successful ICO campaign, one needs to prepare an informative white paper that clearly and concisely presents important information pertaining to the project. However, many people believe that preparing one is a difficult undertaking. Although it definitely takes a lot of research and study to create a successful white paper, you can actually… Keep Reading

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