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7bit casino
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7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino Review Are you looking for a legit online casino? 7 Bit Casino is the ideal platform for you. For more than 2 years, this casino has been helping thousands of people from all across the globe make money by playing various casino games. Its positive reputation is proof that it delivers on its… Keep Reading

mbit casino
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mBit Casino

mBit Casino Review mBit Casino is one of the leading bitcoin casinos in the world today. One of the aspects that give it a higher cutting edge in the market is that it offers hundreds of games to all players from bitcoin sports betting to blackjack and slots. Frequent Promotions mBit casino is known to… Keep Reading

btc casino
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Bitcoin Casino. us

Bitcoin Casino Review Bitcoin Casino is one of the accredited websites that you can join to play various casino games using bitcoin. The site has been around for several years and has a good reputation. One of the highlights is that the website is user friendly so you do not need any prior experience to… Keep Reading

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What is Blockchain Technology?

What is blockchain technology? Since blockchain technology was conceived in 2008, it has slowly but surely evolved into something much more complicated. For many people, perhaps yourself included, the big question is what blockchain exactly is. It’s easy to assume that blockchain innovation and Bitcoin are synonymous with each other. However, it’s important to understand that… Keep Reading

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ZeroBank Review

What is ZeroBank? started as a Chinese exchange. Now, however, it has moved its headquarters to Hong Kong. The move is due to the strict guidelines imposed by the federal government targeting all cryptocurrency-based entities. ZeroBank is one of the finest performing new exchanges regarding day-to-day trading volume. That’s according to stats from CoinMarketCap, ZeroBank… Keep Reading

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CoinEgg Review

What is CoinEgg? Welcome to ICOIfriend’s CoinEgg review. This exchange is based in the UK. The platform offers numerous altcoins, and you can trade them for Bitcoin and Ethereum. In this short article, we evaluate CoinEgg with the aim to give you all the basic details you need to get started. What can you trade… Keep Reading

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Gemini Review

What is Gemini? You might be tired of reading misleading Gemini reviews. Here is a precise review was written by a cryptocurrency professional. There have been many cryptocurrency platforms that have defrauded their users. Many have therefore increased the needed security steps to keep traders safe. There has been a great deal of interest surrounding… Keep Reading

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BitMEX Review

What is BitMEX? In recent times, BitMEX has gotten tremendous assistance among innovative cryptocurrency traders. The platform offers to take advantage of the contracts provided and bought in Bitcoin; if you trade in altcoins, your wins gains and losses will be in Bitcoin. BitMEX, which stands for Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange was launched in November 2014… Keep Reading

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What is EOS?

What is EOS? EOS is a platform that operates using blockchain technology. It has been compared to that of Ethereum by some experts. Lots of people think that it is far better than Ethereum, and will ultimately overtake their competitor. The platform is developed to enable for the production of dApps (decentralized applications). App developers… Keep Reading

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What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies around and released in October 2011 as a fork of Bitcoin It shares a variety of the very same characteristics as Bitcoin, however, aims to be lighter and faster and as an outcome, shows much shorter block generation times of roughly 2.5 minutes. This permits both more quick… Keep Reading

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