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xapo card
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XAPO Bitcoin Debit Card Review

XAPO Review This claims to the pioneer Bitcoin debit card in the market today. But it isn’t true. It was Bitwala who first offered the debit card service for the general public. However, XAPO was the first to link their card with Bitcoin. It is no secret that being the innovator has its pros and… Keep Reading

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What is Blockchain Technology? (Updated 2019)

The latter part of 2009 introduced everyone to the world of blockchain technology. With Bitcoin as its front liner, the idea of blockchain technology was well received by everyone, and soon enough, the system responded with a simple complexity of its own. Surprisingly, most people often confuse the idea of blockchain and bitcoin as one… Keep Reading

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Bithumb Review

What is Bithumb? Popular in the Asian region, the Korean stock exchange cryptocurrency Bithumb entered the market in 2015. The service is owned by BTC Co. Ltd based in Seoul. Cryptocurrency trading on the site is available to registered users. Service in 2017 was attacked by hackers, resulting in a loss of several billion… Keep Reading

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What Are Cryptocurrency Debit Cards?

What Are Cryptocurrency Debit Cards? A few years ago, only a few initiates knew about cryptocurrency. Now, every day cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more popularity, so it is completely natural that crypto economics is expanding, occupying all new areas. For example, quite soon cryptocurrency debit cards may appear in circulation. Accordingly, it will also… Keep Reading

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How To Buy Ripple

How To Buy Ripple After Bitcoin, XRP is the largest altcoin. Ever since its acceptance, it has continued to grow and is preferred by many international clients worldwide. Why? For starters, its cross-border transactions take less than 5 seconds to be processed. It can be bought directly from a debit or credit card or through… Keep Reading

what is monero
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What is Monero?

What is Monero? At the moment, Monero can be considered one of the most anonymous cryptocurrencies. At the heart of her work is the CryptoNote protocol. It has also been incorporated into products such as AEON, ByteCoin, DigitalNote. The start of the Monero launch can be considered April 2014 as a fork from ByteCoin or… Keep Reading

what is ether
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What Is Ether? (Updated 2019)

What Is Ether? The fact that you want to know about ether means that you are interested in cryptocurrency and that you are committed to knowing more about it. By definition, Ether belongs to the Ethereum platform. It refers to the cryptocurrency token that is traded on the platform. Apart from being a token, Ether… Keep Reading

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The Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency Exchanges (2019)

The Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency Exchanges A cryptocurrency exchange is a special platform that offers a wide range of functions to users of a crypto network. Here you can exchange virtual coins between yourself and fiat money, buy and sell, and make money on the difference in rates. Unlike exchange offices, stock exchange participants get… Keep Reading

ripple wallets
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How To Store XRP: A Guide To Ripple Wallets

How To Store XRP: A Guide To Ripple Wallets The imbalances in the purchase and selloff in XRP has made it obvious that the demand and popularity of RippleNet are on the rise. All of this to the advantage of the various crypto sellers who capitalizes on the shift in the demand for XRP and… Keep Reading

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How To Analyze ICOs

How To Analyze ICOs With the massive proliferation of blockchain technologies, startups have a new way to raise capital – initial coin offer (ICO). During ICO, companies offer a wide range of investors their own cryptocurrency (tokens) to finance a project. Site Evaluation The ICO face of any project is his site, so the assessment… Keep Reading

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