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What would a crypto-economy look like?

Despite the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency space, fiat money is still king in the real world. Even the most enthusiastic crypto-’hodler’ will, when they emerge from their dark caves to get some daylight, eventually have to use government-issued fiat money to pay for everyday goods and services. But much has changed in the world… Keep Reading


The future of cryptocurrency

It is never wise to make predictions about the future, particularly not in finance. And when it comes to crypto-finance, it is especially hard to predict what will happen in the future — let alone today. This is not stopping anyone from making predictions, however. Quite a few writers have speculated on what the future… Keep Reading


Coinrail is hacked, Bitcoin value plummets

The ever-volatile market for cryptocurrency has taken another hit after a prominent South Korean cryptocurrency exchange got hacked. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS are among the many cryptocurrencies that have dropped 10% or more in value as a result of the hack. According to the Wall Street Journal, the person behind the hack… Keep Reading


Dennis Rodman, PotCoin, and North Korea peace talks

The world has been on edge since Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un started to throw barbs at each other. What was first an early indicator of an impending nuclear war has now been dialed down to peace talks between the United States and North Korea. The situation is no longer as tense as it… Keep Reading

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Fidelity Discreetly Creating its Own Crypto Exchange Platform

One of the largest financial investment firms in the world, Fidelity Investments, is reported to be quietly positioning itself to take advantage of the lucrative cryptocurrency industry by creating its own exchange platform. As noted by CCN, the company is in first stages of launching the platform as an internal job positing circular leaked online… Keep Reading

crypto comics

Crypto Comics

You know a phenomenon has become truly embedded in our society when it makes an appearance in pop culture. The first comic book series dealing with cryptocurrency has now been launched, so fans of both manga comic books and cryptocurrency can rejoice. Shonen Crypto, which is the title of the comic book series, has just… Keep Reading


Cryptocurrency Could Be The Next Step In Evolution

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has made some more interesting observations about the phenomenon that is cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, the Managing Director of IMF talked about how the introduction of cryptocurrency could very well be the catalyst for the complete overhaul of the world economy. Although we are yet quite far away from the… Keep Reading


All Exchanges Trading with ICOs Need to Register with SEC

SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, has affirmed its pervious directive that all ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are indeed categorized and securities. Therefore, all companies that are currently running an active ICO or planning to launch one need to get in touch with the regulator and register. As noted in an article posted on CNBC, one… Keep Reading


Cryptocurrency Trading Terms to Learn (Part 1)

If you have only recently become interested in the world of cryptocurrency, you will probably have come across a few terminologies that seem unfamiliar to you. If you have experience in trading on the stock market or foreign exchange, you will recognize some of them. However, it is always good to refresh one’s memory when… Keep Reading

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