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George Soros – from Sceptic to Investor

The market for cryptocurrencies has matured, especially in the case of now well-established ones like Bitcoin, which has been in circulation since 2008. As a result, many of those who were once very sceptical about the concept of digital currencies are now slowly being won over. Some are even beginning to toy with the idea… Keep Reading


Asia Not Phased as Cryptocurrencies Plummet

Anyone following the news about cryptocurrencies will be aware that the market is extremely volatile at the moment – perhaps more than it has ever been before. This means many things. First of all, crypto-miners are having to revise their strategy (and energy bill) when it comes to the feasibility of their mining gig. Secondly,… Keep Reading

Bitcoin mining

Is the Crypto-Mining Rush Fading?

Mining cryptocurrencies has been a easy and profitable business or pastime for many people – but that may be changing now. For those in the know, mining cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, demands a lot of processing power from your computer, and will also very quickly rack up your electricity bill. Students are ‘dropping out’ For this… Keep Reading


What is Stablecoin?

There are many ways to describe the market for cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but “stable” is not one of them. One only needs to glance over any news relating to the popular currencies to see that the coin values go up and down, round and round. New types of cryptos constantly emerge, and some only last… Keep Reading


The U.S. Examines Cryptocurrencies And ICO Markets

According to emerging news, on 14th March 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee of Finance Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities and investments initiated a process of formulating regulations for the Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets. Official reports confirm that this is the first among a series of hearings that the U.S. is holding to deliberate… Keep Reading

Huawei Blockchain Smartphone

Huawei In Talks With Sirin Lab (SRN) To Develop A Blockchain Enabled Smartphone

Sources privy to Huawei Technologies have disclosed that there are ongoing talks with Sirin Lab (SRN) to develop a Blockchain enabled smartphone. The representatives of the two firms have also confirmed the meeting but failed to disclose further details. Based in Shenzhen, China, the Tech giant is the world’s third-largest handset manufacturer. The smartphone will… Keep Reading

UK to Regulate Cryptocurrency

Britain to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

UK Finance Minister, Phillip Hammond, has pledged to oversee the development of vibrant Cryptocurrency markets in the country. The Minister went on to state that the Cryptocurrency markets would be improved through a formulation of effective policies, which are customized for the UK markets. The world’s fifth-biggest economy (Nominal GDP) is one of the most… Keep Reading

Crypto Assets

Crypto-Assets: The 2018 G20 Summits calls on Global Financial Institutions to Devise Policies to Regulate Crypto-Assets by July 2018

In the 13th G20 Summit held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the G20 has called for further actions to regulate the Cryptocurrencies by July 2018. The world’s most influential Economics and, Financial Institution was expected by some quarters to draft an array of regulations, but they have instead passed over the task to the relevant global… Keep Reading


Are Cryptocurrencies Real Currencies Or Assets? G20 Summit To Answer The Question On Tuesday Afternoon March 20th

Reports have emerged that the G20 Summit is expected to deliberate on the Cryptocurrencies’ and ICO Markets’ activities in-depth. The Finance Ministers and Central Bank heads from the world’s top 20 wealthiest nations will be paying attention to the emerging use of Cryptocurrencies as security. The G20 communique draft read in part “cryptocurrencies lack the… Keep Reading

France ICO Markets

France Seeking To Legitimize ICO Market Activities

Paris, France. The l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the financial markets regulation body for the French government, is seeking to support the development of ICO markets in France’s capital markets. On March 15, the financial regulator initiated a process of drafting proposals to the National Assembly. A French news outlet Les Echos reported that the… Keep Reading

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