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What Are Desktop Wallets
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What Are Desktop Wallets?

What are desktop wallets? Desktop wallets help you store your coins securely. However, they can also send and receive coins to and fro other addresses. Each cryptocurrency has a desktop wallet, which runs just like any other app on your laptop or PC. You’ll have to download and set up a desktop wallet that matches whatever… Keep Reading

Open Cryptocurrencies in Africa

The Need For Open Cryptocurrencies in Africa

CoinDesk recently featured an editorial highlighting the growing counternarrative from banks trying to catch up to the cryptocurrency phenomenon. Why the banks are scared Those of us who have been interested in cryptocurrency for a while know the benefits of digital coins. There is increased safety, no central authority, more anonymity, and greater convenience. Banks… Keep Reading

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Bitstamp Exchange Review

Bitstamp Exchange Review Bitstamp is a cryptocurrency exchange that enables users from around the globe to purchase and offer their favorite coins using either fiat or virtual currencies. Considering that its inception in 2011, the exchange has grown to reach other regions and later on turning into one of the Big Four exchanges. How to… Keep Reading

crypto trading tips
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5 Crypto Trading Tips You’ll Love

5 Crypto Trading Tips You’ll Love Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. That much is as apparent from the significant popularity that so many of the coins and tokens enjoy. It is essential to make tactical decisions if you’re an investor in the crypto market. Here are five great cryptocurrency investing tips that you’ll love.… Keep Reading

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Amon Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Amon Bitcoin Debit Card Review In regards to cryptocurrencies, the most significant challenges that users face is volatility and real-time conversion that affects liquidity and practicability of utilizing tokens as currencies. Amon is a next-level multi-platform and multi-currency network that integrates the benefit of using a traditional debit card, and a smart tokens exchange platform… Keep Reading

Bits Blockchain Review
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Bits Blockchain Review

Bits Blockchain Review Bits Blockchain is a Chinese exchange that enables individuals to buy, sell, and trade virtual currencies. Considering that its inception in 2017, the exchange has enabled many individuals from all over the world to get involved in altcoin trade. The exchange is not hostile towards United States investors. It could be one… Keep Reading

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ICO vs. IPO: What Is The Difference?

What is the difference between ICO vs. IPO? For several years, services have created different ways of raising capital. Just recently, initial coin offering (ICO) has become the most recent approach for start-ups to activate resources. Whereas both ICO and initial public offering (IPO) are utilized to bring in investment, they are various in numerous… Keep Reading

ICO Vs Venture Capital
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ICO vs. VC: Which One Is Best?

What is best — ICO vs. VC? Raising capital is one of the primary difficulties that startups face. However, to overcome this difficulty, such organizations can use ICO or venture capital (VC). ICO has been around for just a couple of years, thanks to the introduction of blockchain innovation and Cryptocurrencies. Equity capital includes raising funds… Keep Reading

UpBit Review
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UpBit Review

UpBit Review UpBit exchange was established in October 2017 and swiftly became popular amongst crypto traders in South Korea. By January 2018, the South Korean exchange had grown to end up being the most extensive virtual currency exchange in the country by daily trading volume. Very few businesses have been so successful in such a… Keep Reading

Buy ICO Tokens
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How To Buy ICO Tokens

How To Buy ICO Tokens Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or token sales have emerged as the favorite way for blockchain-based startups to raise capital. Given the newness of blockchain innovation, the majority of companies in the sector have found it challenging to raise funds through the readily available approaches in the traditional banking system forcing… Keep Reading

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