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bitcoin benefits
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8 Reasons to Choose Bitcoin

Any means of payment, be it gold or fiat money, simultaneously plays the role of a repository of values. In theory, money is what measures the value of a product in exchange. Bitcoin for many years has been the foremost cryptocurrency in the whole world, and it also has the status of a pioneer. But… Keep Reading

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How To Mine Bitcoin Cash

How To Mine Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin cash what is it? It is a completely independent cryptocurrency, which can be used for calculations and mining. Of course, it is currently inferior to Bitcoin in popularity, rate and capitalization. But if the creators say that the new crypt is more perfect, will it not become the main… Keep Reading

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ICO vs. IPO: What Is The Difference?

The big difference between IPO and ICO If you’ve ever been assigned to source for capital for a company or you’ve listened so much to the stories of young start-ups, you would realize that one of the toughest thing to do id to raise capital. The advancement in technology has grossly reduced the toils that… Keep Reading

What Is A Distributed Ledger
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What is a Distributed Ledger?

To understand distributed ledger, we will start by understanding a ledger. A ledger is a record in which commercial accounts are recorded, which can be considered the backbone of accounting.  Ledgers have existed in many forms, from when clay has been used to keep records, to stones, to the paper age and then this computer… Keep Reading

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Uquid Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Uquid Review Uquid is a UK-based firm known for its issuance of cryptocurrency debit cards. For those who don’t know, Quid is slang for GBP. Uquid offers both physical and virtual debit cards. The debit card’s wallet can hold 3 fiat currencies as well as over 80 tokens. This feature alone makes it one of… Keep Reading

best desktop wallets
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Here Are The Best Desktop Wallets

Any owner of Bitcoins or Altcoins, of course, thinks about where to put them. And since you have acquired a cryptocurrency, appreciating its advantages, you must also take time to study the issue of storage, so as not to fall for scammers and hackers. Most incidents in the world involving hacking and theft of cryptocurrencies… Keep Reading

shakepay bitcoin debit card
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Shakepay Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Card Review: Shakepay Bitcoin Debit The ShakePay card is one of the first among the growing offer of debit cards with Dash support. This is an optimized, simple map that works surprisingly well in its simple form. Shakepay is an easy-to-use debit card with a more traditional approach. In addition to Ethereum support, it allows… Keep Reading

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ERC-20 Tokens: Everything You Need To Know

What are ERC-20 tokens? Understanding how Bitcoin works is not easy for most people, and Ethereum is much more difficult. Even if you are with technologies on “you”, it will take a lot of time to understand how this system works. So, Ethereum is a decentralized platform on which smart contracts written in the Solidity… Keep Reading

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What Determines The Bitcoin Price?

What Determines The Bitcoin Price? Many are closely watching the price of Bitcoin, but few know how it is determined. Bitcoin is very different from traditional assets, such as stocks and commodities, so the calculation of its quotes is associated with some features. We will tell about them in more detail. What does Bitcoin price… Keep Reading

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What Is Crypto Trading?

What is crypto trading? Crypto trading is a classic form of cryptocurrency trading, which involves opening speculative positions to buy or sell a token of one or another digital cash. When investing through the stock exchange, you can earn solely on the growth of cryptocurrency, trading through a broker can increase your financial investments through… Keep Reading

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